Simon Sinek’s Message for Teachers and the Golden Circle

Simon Sinek’s Message for
Teachers and the Golden
Compliments of Northern Valley Regional High School
Simon’s Incubator for Learning: Alma Mater
A Message From Simon Sinek
NVRHS District Alumnus
September 2, 2012
Close your eyes and think back to when you went to high school. Think of the name of the teacher who took you under
his/her wings. Who believed in you. Who saw something in you that no one else saw. Who proved to you that you were
capable of more than you thought you were. This teacher may even be partly responsible for who you are today. Got the
name of that person?
We all remember the names of the people who believed in us and helped us become not just better students, but better
versions of ourselves. We can't remember the names of the rest of the teachers we had those days, but we remember the
chosen few.
This is the power of being a teacher. It is the ability to impact someone on such a deep level that they will literally carry your
name with them for the rest of their lives. You don't teach curriculum, you teach people. It is not about the lessons, it's about
the impact you can have in someone's life.
Every single day, remember, your job is not to teach, your job is not to count grades or to meet standardized metrics...your
job, your service, is to help these young men and women become better human beings. Exams aren't just a test of
competency, they are also tests of character. Who cheats or not. Lessons aren't just for learning subject matter - they build
character and discipline. The classroom is not just a place for learning. It is a place to develop character and opportunity to
help individuals learn the courage to express doubt or confusion. The classroom is also an environment that can teach young
men and women how to work together, cooperate and help each other.
Your job, your cause, is not to make better students - it is to make better human beings.
Do that, and you will change the world. Because a future President who works towards world peace or a future CEO who
puts people before profits or a future scientist who cares about cures and not fame when asked how they became the person
they became, will close their eyes, think back to high school and mention your name.
Inspire on!