The Effects of Drunk Driving someone chose to drink and drive…

The Effects of Drunk Driving
The destiny of a young girl, because
someone chose to drink and drive…
This is Jaqueline
This is Jacqi and her father in 1998
This is Jacqi on vacation in Venezuela
One of Jacqi’s birthday parties
Jacqi with her friends
Jacqi’s car, after she was hit by a 17year-old male student who was driving
drunk in December 1999
After the accident Jacqueline
needed over 40 operations.
Jacqi was caught in the burning car
and 60% of her body was severely
burned for nearly 45 seconds
Jacqi with her father in 2000
Jacqi getting treatment
Three months after the accident
Without a left eyelid, Jacqi needs
eye drops to keep her vision
Now 20 years old, he cannot forgive
himself for driving drunk on that night
3 years ago. He knows he has
devastated Jacqui Saburidos’ life.
Not everyone who gets hit by a
drunk driver dies. This is Jacqui, 4
years after the accident.