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Postgraduate Research Student Achievements 2009
Sally Hartnell
New starters in 2009
PhDs awarded in 2009
Basmah Al Buhairan
Patient Safety Walkrounds:
A Case Study in a Healthcare
Successful Upgrades
Robert Akparibo
Nick Bansback
Nutrition and child survival in Ghana: Effectiveness of out-patients treatment for
severe-acute malnutrition in children under five years
A comparison of condition specific versus generic health state utilities in patients
with rheumatoid arthritis
Mubashir Arain
Brian Crosbie
Evaluation of GP- led walk in health centre
How is gender deployed in nursing settings in relation to the use of technology?
Nuru Bwanga
Katie Dhingra
Effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy in treating depression of patients
with multiple sclerosis
Is self-injury reinforcing? An examination from a standpoint of affect regulation and
addictive behaviour
Hannah Fairbrother
Sally Hartnell
Family shapes: A study of health inequalities and obesity
The socioeconomic determinants of health inequalities in ethnic minority
communities: A multidisciplinary approach
The Impact Of Disease Adaptation On General Population Values. McTaggart Cowen,
Tsuchiyi A, O’Cathain A, Brazier J. ISPOR 14th Annual International Meeting, May 2009,
Florida, US.
Hina Patel
Simon Palfreyman
Conceptualisations of Traditional and Western Medical Acupuncture: A qualitative
Development of a preference-based, disease-specific quality of life instrument for use
with venous ulceration. Palfreyman SJ, Brazier J, Michaels JA. European Wound
Management Association, 2009.
Spencer Boyle
Evaluation of physical activity
levels among adolescents in
the south-west and
Heather Brown
The Economic Causes and
Consequences of Obesity:
Three Empirical Applications
Clare Relton, Simon Palfreyman and Basmah Al Buhairan
at the Graduation Reception Jan 2010
Jason Madan
Modelling methods for exploiting routine data in the evaluation of breast cancer
screening programmes
Anna Moran
A study to examine the contribution of support workers to the delivery and
outcomes of community rehabilitation and intermediate care services in England
Simon Palfreyman
The development of a preference based, disease-specific quality of life instrument
for venous ulceration
Paolo Gardois
How does a Stroke Prevention Team deliver evidence based care? A qualitative
analysis of collaborative information behaviour
Lucy Gell
Alcohol and health inequalities
Clare Relton
Claire Hill
Identifying the key elements of effective leadership in Interdisciplinary Healthcare
Teams - Their impact on services, staff and clinical outcomes
Validity and reliability of the otheogenesis imperfect (01) specific assessment tool
Rachel Tattersall
Jenni Lai
Incorporating survival analysis into economic evaluations of Advanced Cancer
Treatments to inform resource allocation decisions
Tracy N'Diaye
Patient and public perception of paediatric research: A drive to increase
recruitment into paediatric research projects
Paul Richards
Bayesian decision analysis in clinical research programmes – adding costs and
benefits rules and design
Robert Gordon
Elizabeth Taylor-Buck
Research into the emerging practice of dyadic art therapy for the treatment of
attachment disturbances in children
Thomas Locker
Predicting emergency department length of stay
To change or not to change: Understanding why members of the general population
alter their values for rheumatoid arthritis states. McTaggart -Cowen H, Tsuchiya A,
O’Cathain A, Brazier J. Health Economics Study Group, July 2009, Sheffield, UK.
Tony Smith
Nick Latimer
Exploring the potential barriers and facilitators to FOBT based screening for
colorectal cancer in socioeconomically deprived areas of South Yorkshire
Helen McTaggart-Cowen
An exploration of the relationship between daily activity and health
Sarah Hargreaves
A new design for pragmatic randomised controlled trials: A Patient Cohort RCT of
treatment by a homeopath for menopausal hot flushes
MDs awarded 2009
Bayesian Parametric Schild Analysis of Data from a Whole Blood Stimulation Assay.
Freedman, Immanuel; Liu, Feng; Austin , Daren ; de Boever, Erika ; Craigen, Jenny;
Davies, Marie; Brewis, Neil.
Poster/presentation: American conference on Pharmacometrics, 2009.
Evaluating Quality of Life for Venous Ulcer Patients. A Systematic Review of Studies.
European Wound Management Association, 2009.
Seasonality and environmental triggers of asthma episodes in children
The Development of a Preference Based Paediatric Health Related Quality of Life
Measure for use in Economic Evaluation
Marian Peacock
Feng Liu
Divided societies and the experience of shame and depression
Clare Relton
Katherine Stevens
Reconsidering Ethnic Group Classification in the Health Survey for England 2004:
Balancing the Utility and Validity of Aggregated Ethnicities. Society for Social
Medicine, September 2009, Newcastle, UK.
Armando Vargas Palacios
Economic analysis of the A (H1N1) or swine flu vaccine in Mexico: A dynamic
cost-effectiveness model
Penny Watson
The social, political and organisational dynamics of prescribing governance in
rheumatoid arthritis
Conference Presentations
Joseph Akunuwe
Carl Tilling
Does the EQ-5D reflect lost earnings? Evidence from a Dutch online survey.
HESG, January 2009, Manchester UK.
Measuring the value of life: exploring a new method for deriving the monetary value
of a QALY. IHEA , July 2009, Beijing, China.
Measuring the value of life: exploring a new method for deriving the monetary value
of a QALY. HESG, July 2009, Sheffield, UK.
Poster presentation at the Society for Social Medicine Conference, September
2009, Newcastle, UK.
Clare Bale
Sexually Explicit material and adolescent sexual health. Paper presented at Centre
for the Study of Childhood and Youth postgraduate research seminar day,
March 2009.
Opportunities and challenges: Working within and across disciplines. Sheffield
University & at Porn Cultures: Regulation, Political Economy, and Technology
conference, June 2009, Leeds University, UK.
Kate Doran
Using 'Beating the Blues' to effect therapeutic psychological change: Service users'
perceptions and experiences. Evidence, Effect & Qualitative Research. Aarhus,
Bayesian decision analysis in health economics and clinical research design –
a case study in systemic lupus erythematosus
Doing a PhD: Peaks, pitfalls & managing the everyday. Learning & Teaching
Conference, Sheffield, UK.
David Wood
Doing a PhD: Developing spaces to think about the process. First ESCalate Student
Conference, Birmingham, UK.
Risk society, recreational drug use and sexual behaviour among young professional
Evaluating healthcare by a homeopath for Fibromyalgia Syndrome using the ‘Patient
Cohort’ RCT design’. Developing Research Strategies in complementary and
alternative medicine, April 2009, University of Middlesex, UK.
Publications from PhDs
Almuammar H, Dryden, C, Burr, J. Factors associated with late presentation of
cancer: A literature review. Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice, in press.
Doran K. (2009). Perceptions and uses of supervision among School X PGRs:
An exploratory study.
Relton C, Torgerson D, O’Cathain A, Nicholl JP. Rethinking pragmatic RCTs:
Introducing the ‘cohort multiple RCT’ design. BMJ, in press.
Other achievements
Kate Doran Successfully completed the PCHE programme within the School of
Education, achieving the status of Associate of the Higher Education Academy.