Effective medical treatment or just the new fad?
Quick List of Facts
 Gall stones formation
 Due to several factors, including:
 Super saturation of bile with cholesterol
 Bile stasis
 Delayed gallbladder emptying due to impaired
gallbladder motility.
Detoxification Plan
 1. Monday thru Saturday
noon drink as much Apple
juice or Apple cider as
your appetite will permit
 2. At noon Saturday eat a
normal lunch
 3. 3 hours later take 6
capsules of Disodium
Detox Plan Cont.
 4. 2 hours later repeat the
6 capsules of Disodium
 5. For the Saturday
evening meal have a
grapefruit, grapefruit
juice, or other citrus juice.
Detox Plan Cont.
 6. At bedtime take ½
cup of warm unrefined
olive oil, followed by
small glass of grapefruit
juice or fresh lemon juice
to cut the taste of oil.
 If you should vomit, it
need not be repeated
Detox Plan Cont.
 7. Go to bed
immediately, lie on
your right side with the
right knee pulled up
close to chest for 30
 8. Sunday morning
1 hour before breakfast
take 6 Disodium
Detox Plan Cont.
 9. Take your coffee
 3 cups of brewed coffee
 3-4 tbsp plain Dannon
Biological Relevance?
 Apple juice
 Contains malic acid
 Thought to weaken adhesion between solid
 Disodium Phosphate capsules
 Blood buffer salt – “stimulates gallbladder
Biological Relevance?
 Olive oil
 Causes gallbladder contractions
 Oleic acid in oil shown to increase bile cholesterol
 Yogurt
 Contains L. acidophilus, which reduces serum
cholesterol levels as well as produces lipases that
digest fat
Biological Relevance?
 Citrus juice
 Thought to clean the gallbladder indirectly by
cleaning the liver.
 Coffee enema
 Caffeine thought to stimulate the liver and bile
ducts, resulting in the releasing of toxins in the
liver ducts.
 This allows other toxins in the body to undergo
processing by the liver.
 Alkaloids stimulate production of glutathoine-Stransferase.
Alternative Medicine Support
 Everyone seems to love it
 The enema is said to leave a ‘clean and refreshing
feeling’, can’t harm you
 Don’t need to wait to be diagnosed, there are sites
that list the symptoms for you
 The sooner the better
 All natural
Example of the Treatment
 Slightly different regime
 Epsom salt used instead of Disodium Phosphate.
 Subject noted that when drinking the oil and
lemon juice to alternate and drink in small
 When mixed the two congeal.
 Claims that this is not observed with the grapefruit
 Apple juice focus completely absent, and no
coffee enema either.
The Results
Subject’s results
 Was very pleased
with results
 Claimed that
‘chaff’ continued to
pass for 8 months
after the ‘treatment.’
Skeptics of Treatment
 The detox ‘flush’ is referred to as a folk
 The patients of these treatments often
experience diarrhea and abdominal pain
 Next morning they pass soft green/brown
spheroids that are presumed to be gallstones.
Skeptics of Treatment
 They question this claim
 Most spheroids not chemically analyzed
 Patients had no follow-up to record that they no
longer had gallstones.
Skeptics of Treatment
 One group analyzed showed spheroids
consisted of mainly fatty acids and no
cholesterol, bilirubin, or calcium
 Were found to be “soap stones” that were created
by internal reactions between digestive
compounds and certain components
of olive oil & lemon juice.
Replicated Results
 A study successfully
created the
observed ‘stones’
outside of the
human body using
equal parts oleic
acid, lemon juice,
and a few drops of
potassium hydrate
 Many users of these alternative medicines
continue to use them because it ‘worked.’
 “Neither the healer nor the client can know,
without a control group for comparison,
whether the recipient would have recovered
just as well without the treatment.”
- Barry Beyerstein, PhD
 Lots of misinformation available
 Medical community cautions that, if the
treatment is viable and results in passing of
gallstones, then there is the risk of the stones
lodging in bile duct
 Medical emergency requiring immediate surgery.
 Consult with your medical physician if
considering starting any alternative
 Individual components of treatments have
shown effect on gallbladder in scientific
 As of yet there is not enough evidence to
determine if treatment as a whole is
effective, more case studies of the treatment
are needed
 Possibly unknown, unexpected interactions
between the different components.
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