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Search Engine Optimization – An Introduction
• What is SEO?
• Three Major Factors
• Popularity
• Link Building
• Content
• SEO and Social
What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is the practice of
increasing the visibility of a website within
search engines in a natural, non-promoted or
advertised way.
A holistic approach to the development of a
website. Design & content, social media, and
beyond are all required to truly take advantage
of SEO
Three Major Factors of SEO
• Popularity of a site
• Link Building
• Content & Keywords
Site Popularity
• How many people have previously searched for (and clicked
on) your site vs. another website with similar content?
• More unique visitors = higher priority in search results
• Amount of control: Low
• Strategy? = Link building
Further Resources:
• Google Analytics -
• Alexa -
• Wildfire -
Link Building
What’s linking to you? What are you linking to?
• Embrace relevant and meaningful social media platforms
• Build a community of fans and with others in your industry
• Embrace blogging
• Encourage others to link to you
• Amount of control: Medium
• Add content to your site that is useful, descriptive, informative, and
relevant to what people are searching for.
• Content should be useful (and keyword rich)
• Site Design should be clean and as simple as possible from a codebase perspective
• Your site should load quickly. (No big images or laggy script)
Content (Continued)
• Amount of control: High (It’s your site after all)
<Title>: Untitled Document = Bad!!!
<Meta> Descriptions
Text: Keep it direct and to the point
Keyword rich content
Links: Keyword rich as well
<img>: Don’t get lazy
Video & Audio: Use Schema’s
Update content on your page over time! If your don’t,
your page rank will drop.
Content (Continued)
Further Resources:
• Google Keyword Tool
• Google Webmaster Tools
• Schema -
Source: HTML & CSS – Design and Build Websites Copyright John Wiley & Sons 2011
Social SEO
Social media platforms provide a unique arena to post
content, drive traffic, and continue link building. If
social isn’t a part of your SEO strategy, it should be.
Social SEO
Your social media SEO strategy should mirror your
traditional web SEO strategy for most intents and
• Popularity – Official page > Fan page
• Link Building – All social media should point back to
your homepage
• Content – Content should be similar in tone and
utilize similar keywords in posts
• Add keyword rich content (Mind blowing right?)
• Links: Add additional keywords to link descriptions
• Commonly link to you main page in general posts
• Complete your About and Info Pages
• Add links to your main website
• Descriptions and links on ALL images
Create a concise and focused bio blurb
Mix it up with text, image, and video/vine tweets.
Again, be descriptive (as best you can in 140 characters)
Complete your profile
Add image descriptions
Links within image descriptions
• Complete your personal account
• Fill out your skills section
• Add a keyword rich bio
• Link to your other social platforms and websites
• For brands, create a Linkedin Business page with
company info, contact resources, and links to employee
• Hash Tags
• Alts Tags
• Add to descriptions
Social Location: Foursquare, Yelp, Etc.
• Make sure YOU have control your business page
• Add a basic description, address, URL, and any other
relevant info for your business.
• Encourage reviews and tips
• Give people a reason to check-in
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