Utilising Microsoft software assurance benefits to deliver training in a downturn 1

Utilising Microsoft software assurance
benefits to deliver training in a downturn
Short comings of the SA benefit
A&N Media training requirements
Chosen solution
Project planning
Implementation specialists
Implementation process
Pilot programme
Internal marketing strategy
User experience
Portal management & reporting
Why this was an effective solution
Training activity
Summary of success
Bytes Software Services
The UK’s leading software licensing provider
“Bytes believe in adding more value to the customer
than just selling a license they enable the client to
realise the full potential of their software assets.”
Amanda Sleight
Head of Licensing, Microsoft (UK)
The Complete Package
A & N Media
 Part of the Daily Mail and General Trust Plc
 Leading multi-channel media company encompassing
some of the UK’s most-loved brands
 Connect with 60% of adults in the UK alone through
their presence across print, online, television and
mobile platforms — nationally, regionally and locally
Daily Mail & General Trust plc
Our National & Regional
National office HSK
South West & Wales
Edvantage group
People with a unique set of skills
 Experience working with over
400 organisations
 Multi-disciplinary teams with
unique breadth and depth of
 Partnerships with world class
content providers
 European focus with local
market knowledge
Managed Learning Services
Short comings of the Software
Assurance Benefits
 Centralised service centre and self registration
eLearning site with few corporate management tools
 Basic management of consultancy, training vouchers
and e learning credits
 Individuals are responsible for activating eLearning
access and course administration
 Lengthy process which can take some time to complete
Activating eLearning account
Create live ID
Access codes
Visit MS Site
Enter codes
Assurance site
Accessing a course
Visit site
Add to
Sign in Win
Live ID
Select courses
Visit my
learning to
A&N Media Training Requirements
 Source a cost effective training method in difficult
economic conditions
 Increase companywide user knowledge of new
technology features
 Deliver training to a large audience working at various
locations in UK
 Deploy something fast, that was easy to use and
accessible to all
SaaS Chosen Solution
 Best option for rapid deployment of eLearning
 Minimal customisation with few touch points
 Welcome text
 Organisational units & user groups
 Targeted learning paths
 Simplicity of interface would appeal to users
 Web delivery provides complete flexibility
 Management reports at click of button
Project Planning
 Introduce agile project communication process that
works for your business but give equal focus to other
critical eLearning success factors: Managerial accountability
 Link to performance
 Performance tracking
 Ensure content is relevant
 Launch communication campaign
Implementation Specialists
 Trusted partner with over 150 installations of our SaaS LMS
 Pioneering SaaS platform (First released 2002)
 Microsoft e-learning partner since 2007
 15 SA Partners using Learning Gateway today
 Full implementation of Microsoft e-learning solution
 Providing Bytes with 2nd line support services
 Help customers to determine their eligibility and existing
entitlement against their SA e-learning benefits package
 Over 78,000 software assurance leaners
Implementation Process
The scope of the implementation was achieved through an
initial stakeholder engagement meeting.
Stakeholder engagement
Project plan sign off
Plan regular review meetings
Organisational structure
Batch import learner data
SA Course catalogue
Define mandatory or
suggested learning*
Create Self registration
Launch target pilot*
Post pilot review*
Planned business rollout
* Optional Stages
Pilot Programme
 Allowed the project team to iron out process and check
customers readiness: Corporate message
 User activation communication
 Technical environment
 Login process
 Support procedures
 Train customer team to support system
Internal Marketing Strategy
 Never under estimate the value of a plan
 Set clear objectives: Position you want to get to
 Quantifiable success factors
 Stretch yourself but not too much
 Give yourself enough time
 When are you going to deliver by
 Undertake various marketing initiatives
Tailored Desk Drop
User Experience
E-Learning is an accessible method for IT tailored learning, for a variety of
products. The courses available suit all ability and provide a complete list of the
leading Microsoft products. E-Learning enables you to learn at your own pace and
you can learn offline, bookmark modules, and re-read section, whenever you like.
The interface is easy to use and provides instant access to all sections and
modules, including ‘self test’ and ‘Visual demonstrations’.
The downside is that you are not learning with other students in an interactive
way so you do not benefit from the humorous and real life experience of others. In
essence e-learning is part way between ‘self learning from a book’, and a ‘good
structured course’, and it fits neatly in the middle, so as a way of learning a
software based product, it’s a reasonable way to look.
Andi Tasker
Lead Service Support Technician
A&N Media IT Services
Microsoft E-Learning Portal
 Access to full range of
SA courses, clinics &
virtual labs.
Searchable catalogue
Clean & intuitive
portal interface
Multilingual interface
(24 supported
Take course both on
and off line
Management and Reporting
 Manage learner profiles
 Batch upload learners
 Maintain Org structure
 Assign training
 Access reports
 Measure activity by
 Save frequently run reports
 Output to(Excel, CSV, PDF)
Why this was an effective solution
 e-learning offered an us an affordable, flexible, easily
accessible solution
 Without any training business productivity would dip
post migration
 With training we knew staff would be more confident
using the new technology features
 Planned low cost easy option that optimised existing
SA benefits
Training Activity for MS Office
Training Activity for IT Pro
Summary of Success
 Over 5 month period we’ve achieved the following
results: 46% of A&N Media staff logged onto solution, 113
modules in progress & 75 courses completed
 51% of A&N Media IT Services logged onto solution, 86
modules in progress and 70 completed
 Business value & return on investment
 £126,000 (Estimated cost of classroom delivery)
 Low initial start up investment of 12%
Thank you