Aalborg Street Art Walk

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The highways and byways of Aalborg are currently being transformed into
an open museum, where large murals are decorating gables and facades.
The new ”Street Art” movement is initiated by a crowd artistic enthusiasts
and idealists, who have all had a desire to bring art into the townscape and
create an interesting and challenging urban environment in Aalborg.
Several galleries and private entrepreneurs have put a lot of effort
into the project, especially in relation to attracting great, international
street artists to the city.
Galleri Kirk adds murals to the cityspace on an ongoing basis with
the project ”Out in the Open”. ”WE Aart” is the latest addition to the
projects that are bringing colours to the public. This project is the
only of its kind in Denmark, and it focuses exclusively on murals,
which will be created over a three-year period.
Both projects started in 2014 as the murals in earnest began to
appear in the public space of Aalborg, where they are bringing joy and
astonishment to the onlookers.
This guide invites you to explore the great diversity of street art
in Aalborg, and we do hope you’ll share all your impressions at
Best wishes for a great street art walk!
Galleri Kirk Danmarksgade 8, 9000 Aalborg
Wednesday-Friday 12-17 // Saturday 11-14 // www.gallerikirk.dk
Galleri VÆG Jernbanegade 20A, 9000 Aalborg
Wednesday-Friday 12-18 // Saturday 11-15 // www.vaeg-gallery.dk
Galerie Wolfsen Tiendeladen 6, 9000 Aalborg
Tuesday-Friday 11-17:30 // Saturday 11-14 // www.galeriewolfsen.dk
Artbreak Hotel Danmarksgade 62, 9000 Aalborg
Monday-Friday 10-17:30 // Saturday 10-14 // www.nilssloth.dk
Kunsthal Nord Nordkraft, Kjellerups Torv 5, 2. sal, 9000 Aalborg
Tuesday-Friday 12-17 // Saturday-Sunday 11-15 // www.kunsthalnord.dk
Husets Galleri Hasserisgade 10, 9000 Aalborg
Monday-Friday 17-22 // Sunday 11-16 // www.huset.dk
Lange Kunsthåndværk Hjelmerstald 15, 9000 Aalborg
Monday-Friday 10:30-17:30 // Saturday 10-14 // www.langekeramik.dk
Glaspusteriet Lene Højlund Nørregade 6, 9000 Aalborg
Monday-Friday 10-17:30 // Saturday 10-14 // www.lenehojlund.dk
De Syngende Træer (Interactive Music Park) Kildeparken, 9000 Aalborg
Open all year // www.akkc.dk
Utzon Center Slotspladsen 4, 9000 Aalborg
Tuesday-Sunday 10-17 // www.utzoncenter.dk // Entrance fee
KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg (Temporary location)
Aalborg Banegård, John F. Kennedys Plads 3, 9000 Aalborg
Tuesday-Friday 10-17 // Saturday-Sunday 10-15 // www.kunsten.dk
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El Mac:
”Purity of Heart”,
30 2013
Annebergvej 71
Wes21 & Onur:
”Big Catch”, 2015
Dannebrogsgade 43
Conor Harrington:
”Out in the Open”, 2015
Helgolandsgade 18
Don John:
No Title, 2014
Kastetvej 30 B
“Ejnar”, 2013
Vestbyens Station, Kastetvej 17
No Title, 2014
Lindholmsti 2
Frida Stiil Vium:
No Title, 2015
Vesterbro 125 (Limfjordsbroen)
AEC/Intersni Kazki:
No Title, 2014
Holbergsgade 1
Alexis Dias:
No Title, 2014
Vesterbro 99
No Title, 2014
Don John: ”Characters”, 2013
I Mis Take: ”Sisters”, 2014
Jernbanegade 18-20a
Thorvald Odgaard & Bruno Kjær:
Murmal, 2013
Kildeparken - AKKC scene tower
Faith 47:
No Title, 2014
Godsbanen - facing Østre Alle
No Title, 2014
Godsbanen - facing bus terminal
John, 1995:
“Give me a reason why I should quit”
Steen Blichers Gade 10
No Title, 2014
Danmarksgade 27a
Jonas Pihl:
No Title, 2014
Danmarksgade 31
Fintan Magee:
”The Pyramid”, 2014
Sankt Hans Gade 4
Franco “Jaz” Fasoli:
No Title, 2014
Vesterbro 95
WAONE, Interesni Kazki:
No Title, 2014
Søndergade 60 - backyard
El Mac:
“Our Lady of Aalborg”, 2013
Urbansgade 45
A city park full of street art
SEPE & Robert TONE Proch:
“MaydayMayday”, 2014
Ladegaardsgade 1a
Platfom 4: Aalborg’s upcoming
street art talents
Karolinelundsvej 38
Anders Gjennestad: No Title, 2014
Claus Frederiksen: ”Burn on”, 2014
Morten Andersen: No Title, 2012
James Reka: ”Silver Skies”, 2013
Tiendeladen 6
Guido van Helten:
No title, 2015
Visionsvej 49 (eternitgrunden)