10 Endangered Rainforest Animals

10 Endangered Rainforest
10 Endangered Rainforest Animals
Golden Lion Tamarind Monkey
Poison Dart Frog
Bengal Tiger
Harpy Eagle
Golden Lion Tamarind Monkey
The Gold Lion Tamarind Monkey is an
endangered species.
It’s Golden Lion Tamarind Monkey gets its
name from it’s bright reddish orange pelage and
the it’s extra hairs around his face and ears that
gives him a mane.
It weighs about 620 grams and is about 261 mm
wide, there is almost no size differences
between males and females
The Toucan can is a bird with often a colorful
bill [beak].
It has a colorful large bill [beak] which in some
species of Toucan is larger than half its body
Toucan eats fruit but will still eat prey such as
insects and small lizards
They make their nest in hollow trees just like
When they sleep they snap their tail forward so
it touches its head.
The third largest feline after the tiger and the lion.
The Jaguar is a large spotted cat that resembles the
leopard physically but it has a larger a stronger build
of behavior so it also resembles the tiger.
It is only found in America.
It is believed that 2 million years algo the jaguar and
the spotted leopard shared a common ancestor in
There are a few spices of gorillas but most of them
highly endangered E.g. There are only an estimated
amount of 620 Mountain Gorillas left in the wild, with
none in zoos.
Gorillas natural habitats are in tropical or subtropical
forest and rainforest in Africa.
Gorillas have a life span of about 35 to 40 years but
Gorillas in zoos have a life span of 50.
Poison Dart Frog
The Poison Dart Frog is also known as the
Poison Arrow Frog.
Natives use the frogs poison by rubbing their
darts on their back of the body since its covered
in poison so it makes it easier to for the natives to
defend from predators.
They have a very bright color full body which
comes in many different coloures.
Lemurs come in many different sizes and use their
sense of smell to communicate.
Most lemurs have a reflective layer of tissue in their
eyes so they glow in the dark, this is called Tapetum
They eat a simple diet of fruit and insects, but larger
species of lemurs eat plants material. When a lemur
is hungry they can eat anything that can be edible.
Bengal Tiger
The Bengal Tiger has a light yellowish orange
coat with strips with the colors ranging from dark
brown to black.
Bengal tigers are carnivores.
There is also a rare breed of Bengal Tiger witch
is called the White Royal Bengal Tiger. This
breed of Bengal Tiger has a white body with
black strips with can sometimes be dark brown.
Adult male Chimpanzees can be very aggressive
and very territorial and can kill other chimpanzees
just to defend their territory.
Chimpanzees live in large groups called
communities made up of male and female
They have been kept as pets for a few African
Harpy Eagle
The Harpy Eagle is carnivorous and a apex predator
, this means that it is ay the top of the food chain
with no natural predator.
They can eat large animals like sloths and monkeys
since they are quite large themselves.
Harpy Eagles find their prey by perching at a tall tree
then listening for their prey which can take several
Orangutans are the most intelligent primates, they
can use sophisticated tools to construct sleeping
nests for each night from branches and foliage
[leaves]. Their sleeping nest may include pillows
blankets, bunk beds and roofs for better living
They mainly feed on fruit but they also feed on
317 different foods including shoots, bark,
insects, honey and bird eggs.