Ancient Chinese Defense and Warfare By: Tommy Uybico

Ancient Chinese
Defense and
By: Tommy Uybico
Do you know why the Great Wall of China was built? It was built to defend from
nomads and enemies. The great wall surrounds most china and is made of stone,
brick, rammed earth and wood. You may not think it was used for warfare but
fireworks were used to scare of enemies’ horses.
There are four types of troops archers, solders, and
cavalry and chariot men. Cavalry would ride horses.
Soldiers walk by foot and archers also walk by foot but
attacks from a distance. Chariot men drive a chariot.
Solders armor would were square-toed sandals, knee length gowns, putties (leg wrappings)
and protecting armor for the upper body. The armor would be made of silk, leather,
bronze or iron. Archers would were the same thing but they have pants instead of putties.
The Chinese had many weapons like
bows, crossbows, dagger axes, knives
and spears. A solider would carry
dagger axes, knives and spears and
archers would carry bows and
crossbows. The weapons would be
made of bronze but few were made of
iron. Soldiers didn’t carry swords only
cavalry or police. A crossbow fired a
iron missile shaped object.