CS 8630 Project Presentation Instructor: Dr. Guimaraes Members: Chieu Wang & Bohan Huang

CS 8630
Project Presentation
Instructor: Dr. Guimaraes
Members: Chieu Wang & Bohan Huang
Online Cinema System (OCS)
• Overview
– An interactive online cinema booking system.
– Provide Customer & Administrator functions.
– Customer online registration, movie preview,
interactive seat booking, view movie
– Administrator online maintenance of movies
and cinema records, customer list generation.
Technology Used
Database – Microsoft Access 2003.
Java Database Connectivity – JDBC.
Apache Tomcat – Web Server.
Java Server Pages – JSP.
Java Scripts.
Application Development
• Research existing systems and collect
possible roles for system.
• Create E-R diagram & Relational Schema.
• Deploy Apache Web Server – Test
• Develop JSP pages and Java Scripts.
• Build base tables.
• Testing and debugging.
Specifications Development
• Discussion and role play on functions.
• Based on past personal experiences using
the manual system.
• Sort and rank functions for development.
• Decide to work on ‘core’ functions and
seat booking before others.
Development Priorities
User log In.
Profile administration.
User registration.
Movie previews.
Movie show times.
Movie seat reservation.
Booking list.
System Restrictions
• Customers restricted to book a maximum
of 4 seats per cinema per show time.
• Movie show dates valid for 7 days in
• Static show time allocated to each cinema.
• No payment collection implementation.
Only seat reservations and maintenance.
Case Diagram
OCS E-R Diagram
Relational Schema (a)
Relational Schema (b)
CRUD Matrix
Customer Functions
Existing customer login.
New customer registration.
Change existing data in customer record.
Preview movies.
View movies schedules.
Reserved seats.
Delete booked seats.
Administrator Functions
Modify administrator record.
Add, modify, and delete of movies records.
Add, modify, and delete of cinema records.
View movies schedules.
View customer list.
OCS Intro Screen
Unregistered Customers Option Screen
New Customer Registration
Preview Movies
Movie Show Times
Registered Customers Log In
Registered Customers Option Screen
Registered Customer View/Edit Profile
Registered Customer Book a Seat
Registered Customer Book a Seat
Registered Customer booked seats
Registered Customer Delete a Seat
Administrator Log In
Administrator Option Screen
Administrator View/Edit Profile
Movie Administration Panel
Cinema Administration Panel
Customer Listing
Problems Encountered
• Time constraint – full time work and
• JSP not very suitable for interactive
• Java Beans makes some JSP modules
excessively complex.
• Debugging of JSP is extremely difficult
with available free tools.
What we learnt from the project
• Design of database schema first – very
• Team communications are very important
in resolving discrepancies.
• Bugs, bugs, and more bugs. They are
• We need a smarter IDE/Debug tool for
JSP, Apache, and scripting errors.
Possible Suggestions and
• Conversion to ASP.NET could ease
• Available plug-in will help in development
• Beef up data validation.
• Conversion to Oracle database.