ACER Online Assessment PAT-R Comprehension (Progressive Achievement Tests in Reading: Comprehension)

ACER Online Assessment
PAT-R Comprehension
(Progressive Achievement Tests in
Reading: Comprehension)
Advantages of Online Assessment
Engaging for students to complete
Instant scoring and electronic reporting of results
Reports can be customised for particular groups
Interactive reports provide diagnostic information
to inform teaching on an item by item basis
• Flexible delivery to suit students’ ability level
• Progress can be monitored from year to year on
an individual and group basis
• Regular updating of content and norms
Online assessment & reporting
• The new platform for ACER online PAT-R
comprehension, vocabulary and PATMaths
• Provides test administrators with a flexible
system to manage candidates, tests and reports
• Provides test takers with a reliable test delivery
• Generates interactive online reports
Current landing
page for this
web address
Administrator’s interface
The first screen you see
when you login with your
school user name and
Shows test and candidate
information – number of
approved candidates, tests
available, and test status.
Add students’ names to the system
Easy to upload
student details. A
‘once only’ process
for each group
OR add individual
students. For
example a new
student to the school.
Creating tags
Create tags (group
names) for reports on
particular groups.
Examples of tag names
Select test(s) for students to complete
Select test name
Select test level
You can select different
tests and different test
levels within groups as
Student log-in screen
Teacher or administrator
allocates usernames and
passwords. A unique
identifier (eg school ID) is
required for username.
PAT-R comprehension introduction
Left hand side of
screen shows the
stimulus passage until
all related questions
are completed
Example of a test page
Questions completed
are shaded. Student
moves to the next
question by clicking on
the question number,
or clicking on ‘save
PAT-R Comprehension
Group report
Data can be sorted
by row to identify
response trends and
student learning
Data can be
sorted by icon,
name, username
or score
Clicking on question number(s)
will bring up the stimulus,
question, level of difficulty,
classification and type ofSchool Name
comprehension skill being tested
Sorting tools
Filter. Click this icon to change the
group/test reported on
Export. Click this icon to export
your report as a csv file
Graphs. Click this icon to access a
graphical representation of this
Sorting tools
Number of items correct
Patc Scale score achieved
Stanine (1-9)
Example of information available for each question
Number of
students, selecting
each option
Percentage of
students selecting
each option
Level of question difficulty
based on PATc Scale
Type of comprehension skill
and description of question
Using the results
• Identify the dimensions with which students have
had difficulty
• Use item information in the group report to help
inform teaching
• Develop individual learning plans
• Set goals and plan customised teaching activities
• Identify the degree to which consolidation of skills
has occurred
• Measure effectiveness of intervention programs
How to register for ACER Online Assessment & Reporting
Shady Creek Primary School (3957)
Shady Creek Primary School
Include your
school code
in brackets
Keep a record of your
username and
Need further information?
Mette Hoeyberg, 03 9277 5743
[email protected]
Jaclyn Bates, 03 9277 5439
[email protected]
Barbara Smith, 03 9277 5423
[email protected]