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Non line of sight AIDC technology
for identification of objects
Basic system components (tags,
readers & middle ware)
Tags consists of a microchip
attached to an antenna and is
placed in the object to be located.
Various types of tags…passive,
Reader communicates with the
tags through radio waves. Staff
work stations, handheld readers,
self-charging stations, long range
exit reader systems
Middleware converts the data
captured by the reader into a
format that is perceivable by the
application software
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Fastest, easiest, most efficient
way to track, locate & manage
library materials
Efficient Book circulation
Automatic Check-in and Checkout
Library inventory tracking in
minutes instead of hours
Multiple books can be read
Unique ID of the RFID tag
prevents counterfeiting
Automated material handling
using conveyor & sorting systems
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RFID Benefits
Stock management
Operations such as managing material on the shelves, identifying
missing & mishelved items are streamlined and taking stocks regularly
will be feasible
Improved patron services
Spending minimal time on circulation operations allows library staff to
assist patrons
Routine patron services are not disturbed even when libraries are facing
staff shortages & budget cuts
Flexibility and modularity
Ability to add newer products and features as finances and customer
needs dictate
Library item identification & security bit is combined into a single tag,
there by eliminating the need to attach an additional security strip
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RFID Benefits
Library Staff…
Less time needed for circulation operations
Implementing RFID will considerably reduce the amount of time required
to issue, receive, transport, sort & shelve library materials
Efficient Inventory management
Inventory management can be done using a handheld reader without
closing the library and is at least 20 times faster compared to existing
barcode based system
Reducing Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
RFID based system reduces repetitive scanning of individual items at the
circulation desk during check in, check out and hence avoids RSI such as
carpal tunnel syndrome
Taking inventory in a rfid based system doesn’t require physical
deshelving & shelving of library materials
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RFID Benefits
Patrons will spend less time waiting in check-out lines by using Self Check
in - Check out systems
Patrons find what they are looking for quickly & easily
Reminders for due dates allows patrons to submit borrowed materials in
Use of book drops & return chutes for returning library material, allows for
flexible timings
RFID enabled patron cards allows for easy patron identification
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Library Products…
Staff Station (RRHFLB01):
RRHFLB01 is a plug n play multi protocol
antenna-reader system specially designed for
library circulation desk application. With a read
range up to 25 cm it can be used for entry of
new books or borrowers and issue/return of
books at circulation desk.
Gate Detection System (RRHFGA2/GA3):
RRHFGA2 is ISO-15693 compliant walk
through gate detection system capable of
detecting unauthorized tagged items passing
through it.
It has inbuilt audio visual alert facility and a
minimum read range of 36 inches.
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Library Products Contd…
HF Handheld Reader (RRHFHH1):
RRHFHH1 is a basic handheld reader
primarily designed for performing
activities such as shelf order checking,
shelf-reading, searching, inventory
scanning in library kind of environment.
RFID Tags (RRHFT01):
RRHFT01 are rewritable passive HF
Tags working on 13.56 MHz frequency.
Available in various types and form
factors these are used for tagging library
materials to uniquely identify particular
tagged items using the RFID based
automated library management system.
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Library Products Contd…
Self check in / check out Kiosk (RRHFLB02):
RRHFLB02 is a stand alone multi protocol Self
Check-in / Check-out kiosk primarily for self
issue and return of books in Library. With its
inbuilt screen and printer, patrons can view &
print transaction related information such as
number of books issued, outstanding fine (if
any) etc. Customized information can also be
printed on the transaction slip
Book Return Station (RRHFBD01):
RRHFBD01 is a multi protocol book drop
primarily used for returning of library books. It
helps in better circulation and gives time
flexibility to patrons for returning of library
materials issued by them
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Why RapidRadio…
• Follow international standards & best practices guide lines for use of
RFID in libraries defined by NISO RFID working group
• RFID hardware products for library are compatible with global
protocols such as SIP2 ,NCIP, ISO 18000-3, ISO 15693, ISO
14443A & ISO 28560 (Part 1, 2 & 3)
• Knowledge of products allows us to customize products depending
on client requirement
• Indigenous manufacturing setup & local support will bring down the
overall cost of ownership for clients
• Online support for products
• Special emphasis on Staff training & Local Support
RapidRadio Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
RFID For Campus
Common ID-card
Attendance and Access control for students, staff & visitors can be
automated using RFID enabled smart readers
Instant access to student information such as progress details, medical
history, discipline records etc
Vehicle tracking, Parking & Locker management and transportation facilities
can be automated
ID-cards can be used as E-purse to pay for Library dues, Canteen bills,
Photo Copy & other facilities
Facilitate Event Management activities on Campus
Information Kiosks for visitors
Asset Management & Inventory tracking on campus
Data management & reports to streamline workflow
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Reaping Rewards of RFID
Singapore is probably first nation in the world to have all its public libraries
use RFID technology for the circulation and management of library items.
This enables them to do a stock-take of 100,000 items in just four hours.
Patrons can issue and return books at any public library
The university of Nevada libraries found more than 500 lost items after
officials tagged 600,000 items in its collection
Surveys at Baulkham Hills Council in Sydney showed that only 5 to 6
percent of their library staff’s time is spent on circulation duty compared to
85 percent before adopting RFID Self Server kiosks
San Francisco Public Library spent $265,000 in direct costs for repetitive
strain injuries over a three year period before implementing RFID based
library management system
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