Social Media and Online Engagement: Thursday, July 17, 2014

Social Media and Online Engagement:
A Case Study of DeKalb Medical Foundation
Thursday, July 17, 2014
July 16-18, 2014
King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort
Saint Simons Island, Georgia
The earliest quote about using Social Media:
“We are advertis’d by our loving friends . . . “
- William Shakespeare
What is Online Engagement?
Online engagement can be defined as a
website’s or social site’s ability to hold a
visitor’s attention or induce the visitor
to participate.
Why Engage?
• Build Awareness
• Grow Mailing List
• Encourage and Inform Advocacy
• Donor and Volunteer Recognition
• Endorsement
• Drive Traffic to Website
• Promote Events
• Encourage Introductory and Annual Gifts
• Message, Mission, and Case
What’s Your Plan?
Create a Social Media Strategy
•Define your goals
•Determine your audience
•Determine your organizational voice
•Allocate resources
•Maintain your presence
Foundation Goals: 2012
• Increase social media presence and
• Create e-newsletter
• Create identity, content and analyze
• Access Marketing’s database
• Analyze use of personnel
• Communicate about services
Elements of Online Engagement
• Website
• Social Media
• Email Communications
• Online Surveys
• Blog
• Video
Website - Basics on Home Page
 Join Mailing List
 Contact Us
 Action Items in upper right hand corner
 Easy navigation
 Be conscious of how many clicks everything
 Don’t use flash!
Current Website
 DeKalb Medical Foundation Website
 Updates done through Marketing
Social Media
• Twitter
• Facebook
And all the others . . .
• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Google+
• Etc.
Post: 3-5 times/week
• Post photos
• Different posts than Twitter
• Do polls
• Make people respond
• #TBT
Increase your likes:
• Promotions to “Like” your page
• Email campaigns
Our Facebook Challenges & Successes:
In October 2011:
• Nine DeKalb Medical related pages
• 933 total likes among them
• Foundation page – 55 likes
• Fourteen DeKalb Medical related pages
• 5,070 likes among them
• Foundation page – 207 likes (376% increase)
There may be overlap by staff and employees on sites.
Social Networking
Follow and Be Followed:
• Follow like-minded organizations
• Community and industry leaders
• Find those with large followings
• Join “lists”
• Use a program like HootSuite or TweetDeck
• Set up a search column and monitor mentions
• Schedule tweets once for the entire day
• Pull reports
Our Twitter Successes:
Our Twitter Challenges:
Professional site
Good for prospecting:
• Connecting professionally with volunteers and
• Ability to extend reach with posts - create or
redistribute current content
• Be sure to join Groups - source of content
Email Campaigns
 Frequency - stay on their minds
 Be consistent
 Branding
 Communication
 Forward to a Friend
 Calls to Action
 Links to Social Media
What Kind of Emails Should You Send?
• Welcome Emails (sample)
• Event Emails
• e-Newsletters
• e-Appeals
• Thank You Emails
Foundation Results: 2014
Create monthly email newsletter for existing database and
Auxiliary (encourage “forward to a friend” in the email)
“Keep Informed” Form added to Foundation website
Encourage email lists signups at special events (through raffles or
other drawings and signup tables), on social media and all printed
Integrate with Marketing
DM Foundation E-Newsletter:
DM Foundation E-Newsletter Stats:
2012 Averages:
Sent: 792
Bounces: 12%
Opens: 36%
Click-throughs: 29%
2013-2014 Averages:
Sent: 2,266
Bounces: 12%
Opens: 25%
Click-throughs: 6%
E-Newsletter Challenges:
Post Cleanup Results:
• Sent: 1912
• Bounce Rate: 1%
• Open Rate: 32%
E-Appeal Mailings:
Measuring E-Appeal Success:
Four e-appeals as June 2013:
• Annual Appeal Follow-Up
$30,975.00--29 gifts (total)
$750.00--2 gifts online
• Light up a Life
$17,795.00--99 gifts (total)
$1,390.00--7 gifts online
• Doctor’s Day
$350.00--2 gifts--both online
• Memorial Day Mailing
$136.00--2 gifts--both online
Other Forms of E-Fundraising:
Online Surveys
• Don’t guess what your constituency is thinking –
• Use the survey as a mechanism to convey key ideas
• Give audience an opportunity to speak and be heard
Our Online Survey Successes:
• Currently use for Foundation and Auxiliary
• Golf Tournament
• ED Survey
• Volunteen Survey
Why Have a Blog?
Two reasons to have a blog:
• Entertain
• Educate
Your Blog Should:
• Solve problems
• Meet needs of readers
• Elicit a response from people (share with
people, respond)
Post: Consistently
• Content
• Keep it Short!
• Good content: plan out your video
• Thank you videos (include in email to donor)
• Increase your views
• Link from email and social media
• Post channel on website
• Be creative and you may go viral
• Key words
Mobile Opportunities
• Make sure your website is “mobile friendly”
• Build your “text” database for offers and giving opportunities
• Do you need an app? Consider cost and maintenance
Growing Your Lists
• Capture participant information
 Create #hashtags for events – promote before, during and
Social Media
• Run contests (“Like” our page and receive ______)
• Utilize Sharing tools (forward to a friend, share, retweet, etc.)
• Ads
Wrapping Up
 Create a content calendar (sample)
 Use one voice for consistency
 Respond!
 Use analytics to measure success