Qumbu Technical High School Black Wattle Clearing Project Mr. M. Jikijela

Qumbu Technical High
School Black Wattle
Clearing Project
Mr. M. Jikijela
Qumbu - Eastern Cape
Contents of Presentation
Problem Statement
Learning Areas
Recommendation and Way Forward
Problem Statement
Increase in crime levels and abduction
of children and women in the
 Exodus of children to other schoolsunsafe environment
 Spread of wattle to community –
invading of agricultural land
Qumbu Tech is in Mhlontlo Local Municipality
in Tsilitwa Village, ward 19 having
approximately 50 ha of land infested by Black
 Objectives acknowledged by the School IAP’s
destroy biodiversity, taking up Agric Land and
grasslands in the area
 Wattle is Grouped as a category 1 plant
according to the CARA- Conservation of
Agricultural Resource ACT
Implementation – Phase 1
Creation of Awareness
Learners Workshops - Partnering with Hans
Marensky and PG Bison
Community Mobilization for buy in the envisaged
Learners and community involved in arranged field
visits to – Hans Marensky and PG Bison
2. Greening Initiatives
Purchasing of Indigenous trees as one of the
intervention programs (Olive Trees and Fruit Trees)
11 schools were sponsored by Dept. of Education and
Qumbu Technical School purchased from ARC
Trees were planted by learners guided by Dept. of
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Schools has dedicated educators looking into greening
3. Firewood
Rooster developed for Learners to collect
firewood- monitored by educators
Firewood used for cooking in the soup kitchen
funded by Dept of Education
Learning areas covered-
Learning Areas Covered
Learning Area
1. Economic
Management Science
Potential for selling
2. Life Orientation
Knowledge and
Funding for equipment
• Safety of learners and community
• Training of learners and community members
on clearing of black wattle
• Marketing and transportation of wood
• Separation of scope of work for both school
and community
• Lack of science educators
•Lack of best agricultural practices
& Way forward
School to be adopted and mentored by
departments etc.
Planned safety campaign involving SAPS,
Dept. of Social development & Education
Integration of biological control within
the project
Action Plan
Stakeholder awareness campaign
Host weed buster week
Launch of the project
RSA –water scarce
 Thank you!