Cafeteria Incentive Programs and Ideas Salem Avenue Elementary Washington County

Cafeteria Incentive
Programs and Ideas
Salem Avenue Elementary
Washington County
School Demographics
Approximately 700 Students (Pre-K-5)
FARM rate is 74%
Over past 4 years FARM have risen about 10%
Diverse Population
Diverse SWD Population
2 Summit Programs (Inclusion and
County wide Alternative Instructional
Setting (ISS)
5 round K-4
8 fifth grade classes
CES and Olweus bullying program school
General PBIS Information
Sub-committees within PBIS Committee
Monthly meetings for main and subcommittee groups
Monthly activities  Moving to Quarterly
activities due to funding and time
Facilitate staff incentive programs
SWIS is used for tracking data in all
areas of school including the cafeteria
PBIS Tiger tickets for students
PBIS practices in ALL classrooms
Respect and Responsibility
General Cafeteria Information
10 Classes and over 200 kids in
cafeteria at one time
PBIS expectations posted on
every table in the cafeteria
Utilize a “time-out” table
Presence of administration in
cafeteria at all times
Professionalism with all staff
and open communication
Cafeteria Incentive Programs
Respect Patrol
Milk Volunteers (recycling program)
Holiday Books for K-2
Snack Shack (3-4 times per year)
Silver Spoon Award (Stopped to
experiment with Apple Award)
Given for cleanest area
Good Apple Award
Daily Apples20 Apples =Ice Cream
Funding for PBIS
No funding in budget
Donations from local businesses and
Assign a “beggar” to speak with
administration to find extra funds
PBIS Gently Used Book Sale
Denim Day on Monday for those who
donate at least $1.00
Submit Grant Applications
Set a PBIS budget for Activities
Do not over budget
Submitted by:
WCPS PBIS Mini Grant Application 2009-10
Salem Avenue Elementary
Jennifer Luisi
March 5, 2010
Title of Proposed Intervention: Cafeteria Disruption/Disrespect
Brief Description of Proposed Intervention and Attach “3-circles planning” Sheet:
Our cafeteria is the third most common location for students to receive incident slips or major
referrals. 62% of those incident slips/referrals are written due to disrespect and/or disruptions
by the students, and are received by yellow zone students.
Our plan is to record various PBIS and school-wide activities throughout the school year using
both video and photographs. We plan to interview students and staff on camera about those
various activities as well. Once the recordings have been made we will use the print shop
program to create a slide show and set it to music, it will then be broadcast in the cafeteria on
a jumbo screen for the students to watch during lunch.
Our hope is that by having this play during lunch it will reduce the disruptions that are
occurring, and therefore reduce the disrespect shown toward the staff when those disruptions
are addressed. This will benefit all students within Salem Avenue Elementary, but will target
the yellow zone students, as those are the students receiving the bulk of the incident
slips/referrals. The classes in each grade level with the fewest behavior issues, over a 1
month period, will receive an ice cream incentive.
Budget request (not to exceed $800) should include estimated amounts for any of the
following that is critical for implementation of the proposed yellow-zone intervention: teacher
additional pay, workshop pay, substitute pay, materials, and incentives. Monies must be
spent by June 30, 2010.
Video Camera
Memory Card
Camera Case
Photo Shop
Incentives (Ice Cream)
Total Amount Requested ~
(For Central Office only)
Approved by:
PBIS “3-Circles” Problem-Solving Worksheet
Grant Continued
Targeted Problem: Cafeteria Disruption/Disrespect
Step 4: What will we do to support staff?
Staff will be trained in the use of the
video system so that they are able to
utilize the program. Also, administration
will be present to monitor and
demonstrate appropriate behaviors within
the cafeteria.
Support Staff
Step 3: What will we do to support student
We will broadcast videos and photographs of
student activities school-wide on a large screen
during lunch hours in the cafeteria. The
photographs will be set to music in order to
capture the attention of the students and reduce
their disruptive behaviors.
Step 1: What does the data say?
The cafeteria is the third most
common location for incident slips
and referrals throughout the school.
62% of the incident slips/referrals in
the cafeteria are for disruption and
Support Student Behavior
Step 2: What is the goal?
The goal is to reduce the average
monthly incident slips/referrals in
the cafeteria by 50%. The
average right now is
approximately 12 per month, the
goal is to reduce this number to 6
per month.
Grant Approval-April 29, 2010
$800.00 Grant
Video Camera and Memory Card
 Tripod and Camera Case
 Photo Shop
 Remaining funds go toward
incentives for PBIS
Proposed Ideas for 2010-2011
Make PBIS video to show during
Booster Trivia for rewards
during lunch (PBIS Questions)
Book/Magazine Baskets (3-5)
Bi-weekly drawings for prizes
Lunch Bunch (for teachers)
Bring back Silver Spoon Award