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Transformational Change
Management> Sustainability
• Bob Doppelt
• John P. Kotter
• Douglas McKenzie-Mohr
Leading Change
Why transformation efforts fail
John P. Kotter
John P. Kotter, Harvard “B School”
Define “change management”
 Relevance of change management to
 John P. Kotter?
 Obstacles to implementing any major change?
 Why is “sense of urgency” important?
 Membership of “guiding coalition”?
 Purpose of a “vision”
 Appropriate means of “communication”?
 Importance of “employee empowerment”?
 “Short-term wins”?
 Indicator that change has been implemented?
Change Management
Change Management - a structured approach;
e.g., process to achieve change in individuals,
teams, organizations and societies.
Source: Wikipedia
Obstacles to Implementing TQM
Lack of a company-wide definition of quality.
Weak leadership
Lack of a formalized strategic plan for change.
Lack of a customer focus.
Poor inter-organizational communication.
Lack of real employee empowerment.
Lack of employee trust in senior management.
View of the quality program as a quick fix.
Drive for short-term financial results.
Politics and turf issues
Vision Example
The University of New Hampshire (UNH) is nationally recognized as a
Sustainable Learning Community* -- a land grant, sea grant, and space grant
university that unites the spirit of discovery with the challenge of
sustainability across its Curriculum, Operations, Research and Engagement:
• Curriculum: Educating citizen-professionals to advance sustainability in
their civic and professional lives
• Operations: Embodying first principles and best practices of sustainability
• Research: Serving society with scholarship that responds to the most
pressing issues of sustainability
• Engagement: Collaborating locally to globally with extension and outreach
-- through four initiatives designed around four foundational systems of
sustainability – biodiversity, climate, food, and culture.
When have you implemented
the change?
When employees say,
“…………………..this is the way we do things here.”
Leading Change Toward
Bob Doppelt
Change dominant-mind set to include Sustainability
Organize deep, wide and powerful Sustainability teams
Change the goals by crafting vision and guiding principles
Restructure rules of engagement
Tirelessly communicate need, vision and strategy
Correct feedback loops by encouraging and rewarding
learning and innovation
Adjust parameters by aligning systems and structures
Align governance with Sustainability
Fostering Sustainable
Douglas McKenzie-Mohr
Fostering Sustainable Behavior
Identify desired behavior
Identify a baseline; i.e., lag time
between behavior and environmental
Research benefits and barriers of
achieving behavior
Create and implement a strategy to
influence behavior
Measure outcome, evaluate results and
refine strategy
Five Steps
Town of Stow – Community Engagement
Public Consulting Group (PCG)
Environmentally Friendly Food System
A Few Examples
Provide a “Road Map” for the Client
Sustainability Plans
Sustainability Plans