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BZERC Online
A Journey Beyond Paper
Public and Private (Portal) Pages
Most subscription links available from public page
Portal = login required (use your email
Login information for services (incl.
passwords and instruction documents)
Links to services only for internal use (not
public) i.e. Criterion-on-Demand
BZERC Online Catalogue
Available from work or home
Sign in only required for booking materials and avoiding timeouts for
extended use
Login = firstname.lastname / Password = employee#
Simple and Enhanced searches
Details for physical materials and equipment housed in BZERC
Links to curriculum related websites
Links to eBooks & audiobooks accessible from the divisional
Links to Criterion-on-Demand movies
Booking materials vs. Bookbag
Only accessible from within 7oaks SD
Contains feature films and documentaries in French
and English
4 ways to find titles
1. Preselected lists
2. Keyword search
3. Browse full list of titles
4. BZERC catalogue search*
* soon to be enhanced with subject headings
Login = 7oaksMB / Password = books
Intended predominantly for K-8 and special
needs students
English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian
Fiction, Nonfiction, Graphic novels (fiction &
Not downloadable...but you can project for
Tumble Book Library
Animated picture books
Read alone & Read along novels
Graphic novels (fiction and nonfiction)
National Geographic videos
Puzzles and games (related to books)
Follett Shelf
24/7 access by all Seven Oaks SD employees and students
Range of interests from K-Professional but content is predominantly
for grades 6-12
Login = firstname.lastname
Password = employee# or student#
View = Cover or List
Keyword or Filtered search (Narrow by)
Read alone or project for sharing (Smartboard compatible)
Ability to add reviews (approved by system administrator prior to
Follett Shelf Resources
eBooks (currently 350 titles)
Read aloud (text-to-speech) and Read alone
Picture books to Professional resources
Read/Listen online,
Check out to computer, and/or
Transfer to a device (iPad, iPod,
Tablet, Smart Phone*)
Predominantly nonfiction grades 6-12
* Some features lost upon transfer
Currently 181 fiction titles
Single user vs. Unlimited (currently 65 unlimited titles)
English and French (currently 109 titles)
Multi-language such as Tagalog, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish,
Japanese, Indonesian coming soon. We are purchasing all that are available;
unfortunately availability is limited to less than 50 titles at this time.
Early return available (If the item is transferred to a device, it must be removed from
the device (returned to the cloud) prior to early return.)
Audio books (currently 24 titles)
Terms of loan for eBooks and audiobooks is
14 days / 4 items at a time
Follett Shelf Research Tools
Highlight or Create Notes
Print or Copy & Paste
Print and copy features set by publisher. Usually within
copyright guidelines of 10%
Highlights and Notes stay in your personalized
Notebook tab.
No need to actually open the book again to access
your notes! Convenient if the book is later inaccessible
(checked out by someone else)
World Book Online
Timelines [video tour]
for iPad) = 7oaks / Password = worldbook
Spanish and French encyclopedias [video tour]
Rich media and excellent editorial content in Spanish or French.
Kids encyclopedia
[video tour]
Hundreds of customizable, interactive timelines of important events throughout
Simple navigation,
Easy-to-read articles,
Thousands of illustrations, videos, and comparison tools,
Engaging games and activities.
Student encyclopedia
Thousands of articles,
Extensive multimedia.
(Optimized for iPad)
World Book Student Encyclopedia
Key features include:
More than 40,000 encyclopedia and reference articles
World Book Biography Center, with more than 10,000
Thousands of links selected by World Book editors and expert
Rich multimedia
Historical features
Extensive dictionary and atlas
Educator tools and correlations to provincial curriculum from
within articles
Audios, videos, and animations
Student activities
video tour
(12 min)
World Book Advanced
Tailored for the needs and skills of students in grades 8 and up
Includes a customizable interface, a streamlined design, and
personalized homepage content features.
Research tools, including dictionary, atlas, and local and
country research guides (including Manitoba!), help users
compile the data and information
Individual accounts within the site offer users the ability to
create and save their own content features, including
research results from World Book and external sources,
timelines, and citations.
Yes, students can add their own website links and citations
with the My Research feature
video tour
(10 min)
Video streaming service (K-12)
Instant on-demand (24/7) access to over 4,500 full
length and 20,000 clip level educational video programs
Search, stream and download content that has been
correlated to Manitoba curriculum outcomes
Individualized accounts allow for playlist customization
Account setup instructions on the BZERC portal
Winnipeg Free Press
Up to 25 concurrent users
Username = [email protected]
Password = freepress
Part of Newspapers in Education
The End