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To deliver healthy food products for college
age students that will satisfy their hunger
needs while including a variety of ingredients
that stimulate the body and mind.
• To deliver a product that is price sensitive to all
college level incomes
• To improve focus and deliver an increase in
• To successfully enter all college markets within
ten years
• To retain the present image of Red Bull
• To aid a new product line every year
• Boost Red Bull’s image within college campuses
• Internationally known
• Sponsorship of many different international
• More than just a drink-Versatile
• Independently owned and distributed
Redbull is prohibited in many countries
Individually expensive
Segmentation is smaller than other soft drinks
Associated with drinking
Word of mouth marketing
• Takes Red Bull into the food market
• An untouched niche in the energy market
• Can market a fast-acting energy food
• Able to expose more markets for Red Bull
– Gum, smoothies, fruit mix, cereal
• Opens up the energy food market to
• Power Bar and other meal bars already
taking up a form of the marketworking with protein supplements etc.
• Huge investment for Red Bull – taking
a chance/risk with going into this new
Pricing of the Cookie
– Redbull cans- 4 of them $7.49
– Nila Wafers- $3.59
– Oreo Cookies- $3.59
Quantity= 12/package
Red Bull’s Energy Drink Logo
New Energy Cookies’ Logo
Family Packaging
• Family packaging uses either highly similar
packages for all products or packages with a
common and clearly noticeable feature
- Color
- Design
- Quality
Packaging Labels
• Descriptive Label
- product’s use
- type of cookie
- serving size
- ingredients
- nutritional contents
Purposes and Importance
• Persuade consumers to
buy the product
• Protect the product on
its way to the consumer
• Protect the product
after purchased
– i.e. freshness
Criticisms of Packaging
Packaging that depletes natural resources
Forms of packaging that are health hazards
Disposal of used packages
Deceptive packaging
Expensive packaging
• Red Bull energy cookies will be distributed to a
variety of retail formats
• Initially, will be found next to the red bull energy
• Will be moved to the energy supplement section
after the introductory period is finished
• Also available in vending machines
Challenges to marketing the idea
• Unfamiliar concept to consumers
• Generating consumer awareness of the product
• Combining the ingredients in red bull into a form
that is tasty and promotes mental clarity
• Market research will be extensive
• All promotional activities focused around the large,
state universities across the country
• Promotions will only take place for
the first semester of the college school
year. This way we are able to see the
effect of overall sales and awareness
after a semester (about 4 months) of
Finals Week
• Sponsor “finals week”
– Competition
» Longest student to study, without stopping
» Study break game shows
» Longest to go without facebooking
– Entertainment
» Live music/shows
» Cafeterias in dorms are reopen in late hours – providing
“brain food”
– Have a finale for the finals week
» Live entertainment
» Comedian
» Band
– Host a Red Bull invented sport
» Flugtagging
» Crashed Ice
» Air Race
Red Bull Sports
Continued Push
• Hand out flyers/coupons/etc around “high-traffic” areas
• Free t-shirts, bumper sticker, poster giveaways, calendars –
focusing on Red Bulls Sports
Snowboarding & Skiing
Aerobatic Flying
Mountain Biking
B.A.S.E. Jumping
Free Climbing
• Promote at college football games
– Mascot
– Giveaways
– Tasting