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As your supply chain evolves in complexity, you want to leverage current
and new partnerships. Your partners are diverse in terms of geography,
products, services and size. With this diversity comes agreement
 Streamline ongoing
management of partnership
management complexity. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Agreement
Management gives you enterprise capabilities to manage partner
relationships for your entire supply chain, regardless of partner size.
 Ensure compliance with
contract terms
 Increase accuracy of
 Complete information on a
variety of agreements
 Agreement association with
each transaction
The Issue: Efficiently Manage Transactions for Multiple, Diverse Partnerships
Companies are looking to partner with others to eliminate redundancies throughout the
supply chain. For faster response in demand-driven market environments, they are
leveraging core competencies and sharing expertise and physical assets. These partnerships
increase productivity, improve customer service, and reduce capital expenses. But there is a
downside. Managing agreement terms and transactions for many different partnering
arrangements does create multiple challenges to management of your supply chain.
The Solution: Detailed and Accessible Information
Set up, change, and manage your partner agreements with Oracle’s JD Edwards
EnterpriseOne Agreement Management. Contract compliance is easily tracked because
sales and purchase order transactions are associated with the appropriate agreements and
agreement status is continually monitored. You get real time details, including:
Complete information on a variety of agreements, from simple purchase and supply
contracts to more complex exchange and throughput agreements, and storage deals.
Agreement association with each transaction — sale, purchase, transfer, or inventory
movement for automatic running balances.
Fast access to agreements through a wide range of search criteria, such as branch/plant
(depot), agreement name or description, type, status, effective date, product number,
and partner agreement number.
Agreement Management enhances partner relationships by handling compliance in an
efficient, organized manner. With online statements, you quickly monitor variances
between contracted quantity and total transaction quantity. You generate statements to
confirm outstanding balances and settle discrepancies by creating a product quantity or
financial settlement transaction. And you adjust agreement amounts and values in the
system at any time, based on negotiations with partners.
For business success, you must manage agreements effectively. When all parties know
where they stand, your trading relationships can be mutually beneficial and profitable.
Feature/Function Highlights
Agreement association with each
recorded transaction
Single partner agreement; source
from multiple facilities
Multiple products on a single
Adjustments to agreement balances
Agreement amendment tracking
Subcontract tracking
Bulk stock control, including
ambient and standard volume
Unlimited text capabilities
Noncompliance tracking
User-defined penalty assignments
Multiple units of measure
Agreement balance inquiry
Balance statement for partners
Minimum and maximum contract
Buying structures
Sales line override with contract
Cost override on purchase orders
with contract amount
Contract number assignment to EDI
Online statements
Solution Integration
This module is integrated with these JD Edwards EnterpriseOne products and families
across your operations using common tools and a Pure Internet Architecture:
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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Management
Advanced Pricing
Sales Order Management
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Execution (Logistics)
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