McDonalds McDonlads Business Plan By: JJ King

Business Plan
Mission Statement
 "McDonald's vision is to be the world's
best quick service restaurant experience.
Being the best means providing
outstanding quality, service, cleanliness,
and value, so that we make every
customer in every restaurant smile."
The Team
 Jim Skimmer, CEO, McDonalds
 Jan Fields, President, McDonald’s
 As Vice Chairman and chief executive of McDonald's, Jim Skinner has
responsibility for more than 32,000 restaurants in more than 100
countries. And more than 1.5 million employees. And an average of 60
million customers who come to McDonald's every day. A big ship to
steer, by all accounts. Skimmer began his career in 1971 as a restaurant
 $
17,574,125.00 a year
 Peter J. Bensen is CFO of McDonalds. Pete is Executive Vice
President and Chief Financial Officer of McDonald’s Corporation, a
position he has held since January, 2008.
He is currently responsible for all financial matters for McDonald’s,
including Accounting, Internal Audit and Controls, Facilities, Tax,
Treasury and Investor Relations.
 $4,981,715.00 a year
Market Summary
 McDonald's has maintained an extensive advertising campaign for decades.
For popularity they use media (television, radio, and newspaper), the company
makes significant use of billboards and signage, sponsors sporting events from
ranging from Little League to the Olympic Games, and makes coolers of
orange drink with their logo available for local events of all kinds. Television
has always played a central role in the company's advertising strategy. They
always advertise McDonalds much different way to their customers. Until
now, McDonald's has used 23 different slogans in United States for
advertising, and few others slogans for select countries and regions.
 They have the ability to add healthier lines of food. They have already gotten
rid of super sizing and they have made their fries healthier currently. The
Golden Arches are now more widely recognized than the Christian cross.
McDonald's operates more playgrounds - designed to attract children (and
their parents) to its restaurants - than any other private entity in the US
Business Concept
 Delivery speed, customer care and cleanliness are the core strengths on which
these stores expanded. They created a corporate symbol and their
advertisement campaigns were highly successful in establishing the brand
image and logo in the minds of the millions.
 Two main competitors generally identified with McDonalds are the Burger
King and the KFC. McDonalds marketing strategy is concerned with the
internal resources, external environment and its basic competencies along with
its share holders.
 McDonald's product value is also its greatest strengths. Customers know what
to expect when they walk into a McDonalds store.
 Burger King, KFC, Wendy's, Taco Bell
 McDonalds is also now trying to compete
with Starbucks by selling coffee drinks and
 They deal with competition by trying to
have the best product and service they can
Goals & Objectives
 McDonalds has already built a hotel in
Switzerland, so I see that it is very likely
that they will try to expand in that market.
 They will also try to open more restaurants
in foreign countries.
Financial Plan
 McDonald’s reported net income of $979.50
million for the three months ended March 30,
2009, down from $985 million in the same period
year over year.
Resource Requirements
Risks & Rewards
 McDonalds faces risks by opening stored in foreign countries.
 McDonalds realized that different countries have different customs so
they take special measures to to prevent conflict, “Since Israel now has
a kosher McDonald's, since Saudi Arabia's McDonald's closes five
times a day for Muslim prayer, since Egypt has 18 McDonald's and
Jordan is getting its first, the chances of a war between them are
minimal. But watch out for that Syrian front. There are no Big Macs
served in Damascus. India-Pakistan? I'm still worried. India, where 40
percent of the population is vegetarian, just opened the first beefless
McDonald's (vegetable nuggets!), but Pakistan is still a Mac-free
Key Issues
 Varied menus all across the world.
 However still trying to maintain the same quality and service even
though all stores are different.