The Stock Market Game™

The Stock Market Game™
An Innovative Simulation Program
-Helps to enliven core academic
subjects such as Math, Social Studies,
and Language Arts
-Targets grades 4-12 and college
-Provides classroom tools to teach to
national and state educational standards
-Curriculum materials are customized to
grade levels
Core Skills and Concepts:
-Critical thinking
-Cooperation and communication
-Independent research
-Saving and investing
More specifically….
-Build a portfolio
-Research and evaluate stocks and mutual funds
-Make decisions based on what was learned
-Trade stocks and mutual funds
-Earn interest on cash balances
-Pay interest if buying on margin and pay a
commission on all trades.
Most importantly,
The Stock Market Game instills an
understanding of the need to save and
invest at an early age.
Stock Market Game Basics:
-Teams of three to five students invest a virtual
$100,000 in common stocks and mutual funds listed
on NYSE, AMEX, or Nasdaq
-SMG stock prices are based on real time prices
-Semester and year-long sessions
-10-15 weeks
Stock Market Game Basics:
-True portfolio trading system
-A 2% broker’s fee charged for each
-Interest paid on cash balances
-End of day/real time pricing
New Enhanced Site
Student and Instructor Components
Student Teams
Rules of the Game
Path to Investing
The “Account Summary” page
provides a snapshot of your
portfolio’s equity.
“Account Holdings” lists all
of the securities
in your portfolio.
Investor Research
Check “Transaction Notes”
investigate unexecuted transactions. Check
“Transaction History” for a detailed account
of portfolio activity.
Teacher Support Center
Teacher Support Center
1. Understanding SMG
2. Manage Student Portfolios
3. In the Classroom
4. Ready to Plan
Understanding SMG
Manage Student Portfolios
View Rankings and Portfolios
Ready to Plan
4 Grade Divisions
4 Mastery Levels
Subject Divisions
Illinois Stock Market Game
Free to ALL Illinois Schools!
Through generous support from
Cabrera Capital Markets LLC,
HSBC-North America,
and A.G. Edwards,
SMG is free to all schools (grades 4-12) in Illinois!
The online registration must reflect that
3-5 students are on each team.
Teams must make a valid trade by October 19
or they will be deleted.
Registration Deadlines
-SMG Session Non-Chicago Schools
(Sept. 4, 2007 – Dec. 7, 2007): October 12
-SMG Year-Long Session
(Sept. 4, 2007 – April 25, 2008): October 12
-SMG Session City of Chicago Only
(Sept. 4, 2007 – Dec. 7, 2007): November 2
-SMG New Teacher Promo
(Oct. 1, 2007 – Oct. 19, 2007; Jan. 14, 2008 – Feb. 1, 2008)
Illinois Council on Economic Education
SMG Training Workshops
Special Illinois Rules
-Minimum stock rule:
Teams must trade a minimum of 4 different stocks.
-Maximum equity rule:
Teams may invest no more than 30% of their total
equity in any one company.
Contact Information
Illinois Council on Economic Education
Marty Paul or Beth Metzler
[email protected] or [email protected]
Weekdays 8:00am – 4:30pm
-The learning doesn’t stop when the
trading stops
-Builds a bridge between classroom
learning and the real world
-Adds an additional critical thinking
component to help reinforce concepts
learned during The Stock Market Game
-Integrates across subjects throughout
your curriculum
-Every student registered in SMG
Program is eligible
-Participate by writing essays in their
grade division: elementary (4-5),
middle (6-8), and high (9-12)
-Every topic (different for each
division) introduces or relates to
investment principles linked to the
SMG Program
-Teachers can choose to assign the
InvestWrite writing topic as an inclass or homework assignment
-Both teachers and students have a
chance to win gift certificates, laptop
computers, trips to New York and
Disney World
-Learn more at
Closing Thoughts
The Stock Market Game Program instills
an understanding of the need to save and
invest at an early age.
The Stock Market Game Program “is not
just a game, it’s an education for life.”