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OCTOBER 24, 2014
Al Sigl Community
of Agencies
September 17: Nearly 350
guests enjoyed the Fine
Tastings event for Al Sigl
Community at Locust Hill
Country Club. The crowd
sampled local and regional
dishes and bid on auction
items. The event raised
more than $55,000 to
support adults and children
with special needs served by
Al Sigl Member Agencies.
Lifetime Care
September 19: Lifetime Care held its Harvest Festival at
Burgundy Basin Inn with approximately 200 guests attending.
The event raised $31,000 for Lifetime Care’s hospice and
bereavement services.
Anne Justus, Sandy Wehner
and Mary Magee
Nan and Tom
Andy and Karen
Gallina and
Albert Jones M.D.
Tom Hildebrandt, Patricia Heffernan, Jeanne Chirico and Don Alhart
Jen Sims, Luticha Doucette, Monica Whalen and Jessica Patterson
Photos by John Schlia Photography
Hillside Children’s
September 17: The Rite Aid Foundation presented
a $10,000 KidCents grant to Hillside Children’s
Center. The program is an in-store change roundup program that supports non-profit organizations
dedicated to improving the health of children.
Phil Argus, Clyde Comstock,
Mary Hadley and Randy Jenney
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