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The Big Bang Theory Recap 4/28/11
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The Big Bang Theory Recap 4/28/11
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Sheldon learns the hard way that two’s company and three’s a crowd, as Priya breaks the ultimate rule
by dissecting the roommate agreement and challenging its ambiguous provisions.
Leonard, enjoying every minute of Sheldon’s desperate protests, remind him that Priya is graduated,
“top of her class, Cambridge University. …licensed to practice law in three countries and your face.”
The Big Bang Theory Recap 4/28/11
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It starts with the bathroom usage clause “Paragraph 9, Sub-section B” and continues on through
“Greek food on pizza night is the most delightfully cool thing we’ve done to Sheldon since we left
that fake message from (Professor) Stephen Hawking on his voice mail,” laughs Raj.
Since Sheldon failed to meet the criteria of switching Italian restaurants once their original haunt
closed down, it’s score one for the souvlaki.
In an effort to be a good sport, Sheldon tries a lamb kabob, which he chews and chews and chews…
until declaring, “They (the Greeks) gave us science, democracy and little cubes of charred meat that
taste like sweat.”
He hops over to Penny’s apartment (“The mean Indian lady tried to make me eat lamb”) and tags
along to a girls dinner with Bernadette and Amy, lured by the potential Priya-trashing that will
probably take place.
The girls get a little tipsy and Amy begins flirting with Mr. Cooper, telling him that he smells like
baby powder (“You’re like a sexy toddler”). Sheldon admits that the only females he’s kissed are his
relatives and an elderly nun who passed out from heat exhaustion. Amy offers her services (“I’m
available for experimentation”), to which he declines. Instead, she plants one on Penny and later hums
Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”.
Bernadette begin singing, “Amy and Sheldon sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-S-S-I-N-G” with a couple of
extra “S’s” thrown in for extra measure.
The ladies vote to take Sheldon dancing, which he also declines, though not for a lack of skill or
talent. He informs them, “For the record, I’m an excellent dancer, proficient in the Rumba, Waltz and
Cha Cha. In the south, pre-adolescent children are forced through a process called Cotillion which
indoctrinates them with all the social graces and dance skills to function in 18th century Vienna .”
They finally make their way to a dance studio where the gentle nerd is able to show off his DWTS
moves, as an elderly man grabs Penny’s butt.
Sheldon accepts Amy’s invitation for a nightcap in her apartment (this time, lured by a Yoo-Hoo –
“the name literally beckons”).
There, he meets Ricky the smoking monkey, the subject of her nicotine addiction study. “I’m giving
him emphysema. The least I can do is let him hangout and let him watch cable,” explains Amy.
Sheldon confesses that Priya has essentially nullified the roommate agreement, making his home life
very uncomfortable.
After shunning the idea of having Ricky shoot a poison dart at her, Amy suggests he play dirty. She
kisses him (“Fascinating”) and then runs to the bathroom to vomit, emphasizing that it was a result of
the alcohol, and not the smooch.
The two agree to treat their relationship “like a crashed computer” and restore it to the last point it
Sheldon takes her advice and drafts a new and improved roommate agreement that benefits him
greatly. Inspired by a particular Star Trek episode, he tells the couple that unless Leonard’s signs it,
The Big Bang Theory Recap 4/28/11
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the computer will send an email to Priya’s parents in India, informing them that she is in a secret
relationship with “the whiter than marshmallow fluff Leonard Hofstadter”.
“Give him what he wants or we’re done,” she yells at her boyfriend. Sheldon, pleased with the
outcome, aborts his computer self-destruction sequence and tells the uppity lawyer, “You may have
gone to Cambridge, but I’m an honorary graduate of Starfleet Academy”.
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