AESTHETIC SURGERY OF THE FACE Rhino - Otoplasty, Facial Implants, Lips

unique postgraduate
anatomical surgical training
Hands - on
Human - Cadaver - Courses
Rhino - Otoplasty,
Facial Implants, Lips
Volume Treatment
Giovanni Botti and Mario Pelle Ceravolo
Vienna, 3rd -4th of October, 2015
T O P I C S second day
T O P I C S first day
● Rhinoplasty – Approach: open /closed
● Tip Surgery: cartilage sculpturing,
Sutures and Grafts (Onlay, Batten, Strut, etc.)
● Tip rotation
● Dorsum Surgery: hump removal, spreader graft,
spreader flaps, dorsal grafts
● Osteotomies
● Special Procedures: lower alar rims,
elongation and shortening of the dorsum,
projection and deprojection of the tip, naso-labial angle
● Ch e ilo p la s t y
Grafts and flaps, implants, lip lift, lip corner lift
reduction and augmentation techniques
● O t o p la s t y
Protruding Ear Correction with and without
sutures, anthelix plication, concha sculpturing,
ear lobe sculpturing, special problems
● Ma la rp la s t y
Indications, fat grafting to the zygomatic area,
types of implants, different approaches,
malar implant combined with midface lift
● F a c ia l F a t G ra f t in g
Indications, techniques, multiplane fat grafting,
special areas (periorbital, mandible angle, etc.)
● Me n t o p la s t y
Indications, types of implants, different
approaches, mentoplasty combined with
cervicofacial lifting
Course Description
The participants will perform aesthetic surgery techniques as described in topics.
80% of the course are hands-on with 20% lectures about explanations of the techniques and
live or video taped dissection/operation (displayed on screen), all step by step. A maximum of
two participants will be assigned to a fresh and not embalmed cadaver skull - a
„close to reality“ simulation of the surgical procedures.
Mario Pelle Ceravolo and Giovanni Botti
will guide you step by step through the procedures
M a r io Pelle Ce ravolo
trained at New York Medical College
and University of Rio de Janeiro.
He is Board Certified in General and
in Plastic Surgery and currently
President of the AICPE (Italian
Association for Aesthetic Plastic
He is a lecturer in three different
University Master programs. He
has performed more than 30.000
surgical procedures. He is member
of several international plastic
surgery societies. Together with
Giovanni Botti he wrote the book
“Aesthetic surgery of the midface
and neck”.
G i o v a n n i Bo tti
is currently head manager and
the main surgeon of the Villa Bella
Clinic. He is author of several
aesthetic plastic surgery textbooks
and scientific articles.
Dr. Botti is Associate Professor
of Plastic Surgery at the Verona
University and Associate Professor
of Aesthetic Surgery at the Siena
University. He took part as a faculty
member in various aesthetic surgery
courses and congresses all over the
world and is active member of
various national and international
societies. He is currently lecturing
in the Master Courses for Aesthetic
Surgery of various universities.
[email protected]
date: October, 3/4, 2015
time: 09.00 am - 05.00 pm
course language: English
course fee: € 2.500.- incl. VAT 20%
venue: Anatomy Training Centre
Centre of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Medical University Vienna
Währingerstrasse 13, 1090 Vienna
[email protected]
Social event: On the first night of the course
all participants are invited to a dinner with
traditional Austrian food, wine and music Organizers:
to be held at the Heuriger „Welser“, one of Prof. Dr. Hannes Traxler, Dr. Norbert Fock,
Viennas most famous vineyards.
Prof. Helene Breitschopf, Prof. Dr. Boris Shilov