Why Knowledge Management?
Enterprises place an immense value on human knowledge as most tasks
within the company rely on a factor of human judgment. However, it is easy
to lose this capital because of attrition and retirements, and with it, the
knowledge that those people possess.
More and more companies are realizing the value of knowledge management
and the need to capture, retain, and distribute knowledge across their teams.
Current Challenges in the Knowledge
Management Systems and Process
Most large companies have some form of KM tools like a document
repository, team sites, wikis, etc. that allows them to capture and share
information. Some organizations continue to face the business challenge of
either using an isolated and closed solution, or build a custom solution for the
KM needs. Most of these solutions are more content focused instead of being
user-centric and contextual and do not address end-to-end solutionS that
can directly improve day-to-day employee activities. Users spend significant
amount of time trying to find and process information.
For organizations where there is no KM system, the time taken to plan and
implement it is enormous which also delays its adoption.
Today, Cloud Computing is becoming more and more popular, due to the
decrease in time, cost and effor t for meeting software development needs.
Most of the Knowledge Management System requirements like content
management, workflow, and search capabilities are generic in nature.
Wipro brings an offering that helps companies manage the information
systems within their organization and, in addition, address the demands of
mobility, analytics and repor ting, powerful search frameworks, and the ability
to work with their wider social networks.
A differentiated approach,
a promise delivered:
Wipro fulfills the promise of new-age solutions with
offerings that meet the needs of SMB and enterprise
customers with integrated solutions that combine
implementation and operations. By building
incrementally on current customer infrastructures,
Wipro solutions deliver unmatched value while
meeting wide ranging needs.
What is My Workmate™?
My WorkMate™ is an on-demand Social Knowledge
Management Solution with a set of processes,
configurable apps and tools that offers highly
personalized, user-centric, and contextual social
experience to the users. The goal is to take the effor t
out of discovering knowledge, and transform the way
that employees get their work done. My WorkMate™
is planned to deliver an Enterprise Social Knowledge
Management & Collaboration solution that helps to
create a connected enterprise. My WorkMate™ is
targeted for O365 platform in the first phase and
subsequently planned for Windows Azure with
additional capabilities.
My Workmate™ Differentiators
Many companies make the common mistake of believing that simply
investing in the latest Knowledge Management software will help solve
the problem. They are unsuccessful in addressing the underlying
business process challenges that drive effective KM. Wipro brings its
extensive hands-on experience of approximately 14 years in building
and managing highly successful and awarded Knowledge Management
programs that helps deliver business value.
Wipro’s My Workmate™ solution on cloud can help organizations
by delivering services in suppor t of the full lifecycle of end-to-end
integrated Knowledge Management program – from Knowledge
assessments, Strategy, Processes, KM, Technology Roadmap to
Implementation, Roll-out, Sustenance, and Enhancement.
Key Features
Catalogue of applications
(App Store) for knowledge
creation and consumption services
Ready-Go Framework™ enables
rapid tool-based auto-provisioning
of Knowledge Structure
Point Solutions for Customer
Suppor t Center, Learning,
On-boarding, etc.
Knowledge Analytics combined
with Recommendation
and Gamification
Intelligent Search using
Content Enrichment
Empower Enterprise
 Improve employee efficiency and productivity
 Protect intellectual capital
 Reduce learning curve and improve employee satisfaction
Improve Customer Experience
Delivered Business Value
 Reduce resource, implementation, maintenance, and customer
service costs
 Improve business decisions
 Accelerate innovation with an aesthetic that excites users and
encourages collaboration
 Improve business agility and shor ter time-to-market
 Improve content quality and consistency across
multi-service channels
 Increase customer trust and loyalty with effective
and faster resolutions
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