A Title I School
Romeo Elementary School
19550 SW 36th Street
19550 SE 36th Street
Dunnellon, Florida 34431
Dunnellon, Florida
October 6, 2014
Good News Club Starts
October 7th, 14th, 21st
PTO Meetings
October 13, 2014
Fire Truck here K-2 from 9:30 to 11:00 am
October 20-23 2014
Book Fair
October 21& 22
School Pictures
October 21, 2014
Tuesday &
October 22, 2014
October 23, 2014
Kona Ice
Romeo Round-Up
October 23rd-31st
Red Ribbon Week
October 24, 2014
October 29, 2014
On Top Of The World Grandparent Readers
No School– Teacher Work Day
Early Release
Students release at 12:05
Volume 13
Issue 2
October 2014
Jane Ashman
Assistant Principal
Kimberly White
Dean of Discipline
Scott Wheeler
School Secretary
Caroline Spitznogle
Guidance Counselors
Rosemary Burnett
Academic Coach
Marie Hoehn
Cafeteria Manager
Marie Akins
Romeo Round-Up
The time is once again upon us for Romeo Round-Up. We would like to make this year better than
ever! Round-Up this year will be on Thursday, October 23, 2014 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. There is no
school on Friday, so we feel it will make this year’s turn out better than ever!
We will need donations of bags of individually wrapped candy. Therefore, we have a contest
beginning Monday, September 29th. The class in each grade level that donates the most bags of
individually wrapped candy will receive a Popcorn Party following Round-Up. We are also in need
of individually wrapped baked goods (Lil Debbies, etc.) for the cake walk.
You can sponsor this event for $20 and have your name posted at a door. All sponsors will receive
one “FREE” Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin Necklace.
Volunteers will be needed for set up, take down, and man the Trick or Treat doors.
You can purchase tickets for food at the ticket booth. Money will be accepted at the ticket booths
only. Food, refreshments, and drinks will be available in the cafeteria starting at 5pm.
Trick or Treat necklaces can be purchased in advance for $4.00 each. They go on sale starting
October 10th until Wednesday, October 22nd. Necklaces will be sent home on Wednesday, October
22nd to prevent lost necklaces. Necklaces may be purchased the night of Round-Up for $5.00 each
at a ticket booth on a first come basis. There are a limited amount of necklaces sold.
Trick or Treating will start at 5:30 pm. Round-Up will conclude at 7:30 pm.
School Hours
Start Time:
7:45 am
Dismissal Time:
2:05 pm
Early Release:
12:05 pm
Save-a-Friend Hotline 1-877-737-4363
Counselor’s Corner
Respect Yourself and Respect Others:
Main Office:
October 23rd -31st is designated as Red Ribbon Week, a time to dedicate ourselves to being drug
free. Parents, consider the following actions to help create a drug free environment: Talk with
your children, base your drug and alcohol messages on facts, Let your child know about the problems resulting from alcohol and drug use, Set clear rules and be a positive role model. Practice
with your child ways to say, “No”, to drugs. Get to know your child’s friends and their parents.
Teach your child healthy, positive ways to deal with life’s challenges. Enroll your child in community groups or programs that emphasize a healthy lifestyle. By working together, we can create a
bright drug free future for our children.
Telephone Numbers
Rosemary Burnett
Save-a-Friend Hotline 1-877-737-4363
Art Room news
Romeo is Diving into Accelerated
Accelerated Reader is an exciting program
that encourages, monitors, and rewards
reading. Each time your child reads an accelerated reader book; they go to the computer and
answer a 5-10 question quiz to check their understanding of the story. As long as your child read
the complete book and it was on their reading
level, they should have no problem passing the
test. Students get points for each book they
read. The number of points is determined by the
reading level, the length of the book, and the percentage they get correct on the quiz. Longer
books earn more points.
Please talk to your child about Accelerated
Reader, and encourage them to read and get involved. They can earn prizes and invitations to
game days, banquets, and celebrations.
I am very excited to announce that Renaissance Home Connect is now available and can
be accessed outside of school from any
computer with an Internet connection. Renaissance Home Connect is fun and easy to use. It
allows the teacher, you, and your child to share
information about your child’s progress in Accelerated Reader.
****Falling in LOVE with ART!!!****
The first 9 weeks of school is almost over and that means
that Mrs. Love will be leaving Romeo to head over to
Dunnellon Elementary for 9 weeks of art while Mrs. Litterine comes here to teach music to our pioneers.
Before I go let me tell you of a couple ART EVENTS to
plan for.
FAFO ( Fine Arts for Ocala) will be the weekend of October 25 & 26. If you or your family have never been to this
downtown Ocala art show, you should make this your
year to go. If you have been before I’m sure you will be
going back and I most likely will see you there. All of our
students have been working on masterpieces of art that
might be one of the 40 pieces selected to show our Romeo talent. Come out and support the ARTS by attending
this free and wonderful weekend of art!
Also, we will be showing selected pieces of art at the
School Board offices in Ocala in the month of October.
Notices will hopefully be coming your way if your child’s
art is selected for either showing.
As always keep the arts and the fun knowledge of our
world’s humanities in mind. Read about it. Draw and
paint with your student, and go to a museum if possible
with them. The Appleton Museum in Ocala is a wondrous
place! Be ART smart!
To log in to Renaissance Home Connect
Website: https://
User Name: Your child’s student number
(the same number they type in for lunch)
Password: Your child’s birthday in 2 digit
month and 4 digit year format. For example a child with the birthday April 21, 2004
would have the password 042004.
Transportation Hotline Number
Volume 2 Issue 2
School Pictures!
Scholastic Book Fair
The Scholastic Book Fair will be scheduled for October 20th thru
the 24th. The book fair will be open during
Romeo Roundup October 23rd from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Please come in and see the
great books available to purchase. The money raised from the
book fair goes directly toward library materials and the Accelerated Readers program. If sending a check with your child
please put the students name, phone number (with area code),
and a physical address on the check (a post office box is not
sufficient). Also please make checks payable to Romeo
October 21st & 22nd
A great Christmas gift for family!
SWI Photography will be here for school pictures.
Every student will have their picture made for the
school yearbook. Your child's teacher will be notifying parents of the specific day for pictures. Payment
must be made on the day your child's pictures is
taken, or you can place your order on line before
picture day at day. Click on
picture day. Choose Romeo Elementary, then
choose your package and bonus options.
RED Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week is October 23rd –30th .
Our theme this year is “Respect Yourself and
Respect Others!”
October 27th-October 31st .
Red Ribbon Week Activities include:
Monday: “Pledge to be Drug Free!”- Wear Red
Tuesday: “Hats off to Drug Free!”- Wear your favorite
hat for a $1.00 donation to United Way.
Wednesday: Be on the “A” Team– Wear your favorite team t-shirt.
Thursday: “Go all out to Fight Drugs!”- Wear everything red from the hat on your head to the shoes on
your feet.
Friday: “Say Boo to Drugs!”- Wear your Halloween
Good News Club
Parents! Don’t forget! Good News Club starts on
October 6, 2014. Students with permission slips will
be dismissed from class at 2:05 to report to the cafeteria. At the conclusion of the Good News Club students will be dismissed at 3:45 to the car rider line or
they will be dropped off at Extended Day. If there are
changes for dismissal or your child cannot attend that
day, please send a note to your child’s teacher.
October is Fire Prevention month!!
This year students can participate in a Fire Prevention Poster Contest with the chance to be recognized
at the Board of County Commissioners meeting.
This year’s theme is “Get Down, Get Out”. Get on
the Phone!” and is designed to demonstrate the importance of having a family escape plan. Marion
County Fire Rescue will be on campus with a FIRE
TRUCK on October 13th to do a presentation of Fire
Prevention. Teachers will have more information.
Student Drop-off/pick-ups:
Parents and students please remember that every
day, other than early release days, that school starts
at 7:45 AM and dismisses at 2:05 PM. Parents that
are dropping off tardy students, please remember to
walk your children into the front office, so that they can
be signed in and given a tardy slip. Unattended dropoffs are not acceptable. Also, if your student is being
signed out early, please remember that sign-outs stop
at 1:30 in the afternoon. Student sign-outs will not be
allowed after this time since students and teachers will
be preparing for dismissal.
Every year we find more and more student clothing,
backpacks, and lunch boxes left behind throughout
our school campus. Unfortunately, not every item
ends up claimed by the end of the year.
By marking the inside of your child’s jackets, backpacks, and lunch boxes, we will be able to return lost
items to their proper owners!
Eating Lunch With Your Child?
Parents, if you are coming to eat lunch with your child please
check in the front office to get your visitor pass. We invite you to
eat lunch with your child in the courtyard. You may only eat with
your child; other students are not allowed to leave the cafeteria to
eat in the courtyard with your child. If you know ahead of time
that you are coming, please let your child’s teacher know.
Save-a-Friend Hotline 1-877-737-4363
Save-a-Friend Hotline 1-877-737-4363