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Offertories for last Sunday Whom to contact
Amount needed each week for
parish ministry in 2014: $6,760
Parish offertories: $6,685
Mission giving: $583
For giving offertories
electronically, the details are:
Parish: BSB 062-585,
Account 10117813,
All Saints Anglican Church Nowra
ASCC: BSB 032-691,
Account 246574,
All Saints Community Care Inc –
remember to include your name
in order to receive a taxdeductible receipt.
Missions: BSB 062-585,
Account 10117821,
All Saints Anglican Church Nowra
- please indicate (or email the
Treasurer) if your donation is
intended for a specific mission.
Graham Tillott, Treasurer
Welcome to the family of
4421 2018
[email protected]
4421 6884
www.allsaintsnowra.org.au (fax) 4421 7122
Secretary: Jan Booth
Mon-Fri 9-12noon
Acting Rector
Bp David Mulready
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4421 2018
0428 030 774
Associate Minister
Rev Jai McMordie
0425 279 721
[email protected] 4421 2018
Student Minister
Ministry for Youth & Children
Josh Murphy
[email protected]
Ministry to Seniors
Rev David Woodbridge
[email protected]
0401 163 620
4421 2018
Mission Muscle: How I fit into world mission:
0429 442 302
4423 0274
8am: Proverbs 4:1-4 p989 Psalm 89:1-18 p417 AAPB Acts 1:1-11 p1690
John 2:12-25 p1648
10am & 5.00pm: Acts 1:1-11 p1690 Ephesians 3:14-21 p1820
Minister for Open House Fellowship
Rev Ray Beckman
[email protected]
Church Wardens
Bruce Wright
Ron Hockey
Kay Cutmore
[email protected]
4446 0661
0428 428 940
4422 8459
Graham Tillott
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0410 185 071
Verger & Maintenance Co-ordinator
Allan Weatherby
0434 108 017
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All Saints Community Care
Lyn Miles
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Bus (mobile 0405 108 994)
10am service
Wednesday: for Open House
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0405 108 994
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The Church of the Good Shepherd, Nerriga
The Union Church, Greenwell Point
as we meet together to meet with God
26th October 2014
What we do...
Point to the Lord
Jesus, with Bibles
open, in the
power of the Holy
The results we
look for...
Loving fellowships
of committed
worshipping God
together, seeking
to reconcile
people to Christ,
to mature them in
Him, to involve
them in service to
one another and
the world.
Over the last two Sundays we’ve thought about World
God being the originator of World Mission and
Jesus Christ being the message of World
To-day we think about how we fit into God’s World Mission.
We all have muscles. God wants us to use our Mission
Muscles in telling others about Jesus.
In Acts 1:8 we read Jesus’ last words to His Disciples: You will
be my witnesses, in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria
and to the ends of the earth. His followers were to make Him
known and call people to repentance and to place their trust
in Him as their Saviour and Lord where they lived, in their
region, throughout the Middle East and to the ends of the
In our day, Jesus would have said to all of us at All Saints:
You will be my witnesses, in Nowra, the Shoalhaven, outback
Australia and to the ends of the earth.
How are we doing that? How are you doing that?
David Mulready
This week at a glance: 27th Oct to 2nd Nov 2014
The Collect Lord God, without you we are not able to please you;
mercifully grant that your Holy Spirit may in all things direct and rule our
hearts; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Diocesan Prayer Almighty God, we call upon you for such an outpouring of
your Holy Spirit upon us, that we as your people may be assured of your love
through your word, seek to please the Saviour in all things, manifest the godly
life and be filled with prayerful and sacrificial compassion for the lost in the
world. In the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen
Thanks for our new Rector Lord God, we give thanks and praise for the
provision of Geoff and Ann Thompson as our new leaders for our Parish.
We thank you too for the hard work of the Nominators over the past year.
Please Pray for...
Those we know who are ill or facing long term illness:
Roy Allman, Madira Arnold, Ray & Sue Beckman, Melvin Dagg (Elaine’s Uncle),
Peggy Dowling, Joanna Gash, John Glennan, Shane Iredale & mum Beryl, Sally
Jones, Frank Kercher, Rob Maher, Alys McNaughton, Adrian Oliver, Matthew
Pickering, Yani Stawski, Beryl Stewart, Barbara Willis (Sue’s mum), David
Woodbridge, Pauline Wright, Anthony Turner
Continuing progress for: Barbara Walton
Those who are housebound/Nursing Home residents: Warren Barrett, Alan &
Yvonne Harvey, Jack McNaughton, Phyllis O’Keeffe, Reg Pope, Nancy Sharples,
Violet Stockman
Pray for SECET & SRE Teachers:
Grant Abbott (Bomaderry), Keith Fellows (Vincentia), Andrew Perry & Mike
Hoffman (Nowra), Michelle Beazley & Marty Richardson (Shoalhaven)
SECET Board Representative: Elaine Langshaw
Teacher Support Group: Elaine Langshaw, Beth Dodd
SRE Teachers at Nowra, Greenwell Pt, Nowra Hill, Bay &
Basin Public Schools: Catherine Apperley, Barbara Davey, Wendy
Kettlewell, Shane Iredale, Josh Murphy, Elaine Langshaw, Leanne Beer,
Catherine Bolton, Robert & Sheila Emery, Jai McMordie, Melanie Drury,
Gloria Arnold.
Prayer points for the Solomon Islands
-For the national election in Solomon Islands this month. That Godly,
competent and honest candidates will be elected.
- Helen Hoto, as she teaches the Kindergarten children.
Ladies Craft Group in Hall (Crafting Forever Friendships)
Missionary Prayer Meeting in the Cottage
Parish Ladies Bible Study in Hall & Church
Tuesday Ladies Bible Study Leader’s meeting in the Cottage
SECET Board & Teacher’s Meeting in Hall
Praying for the Parish & Beyond in the Cottage
Nowra Public School Scripture
Open House Fellowship (& Meal) in Hall
Greenwell Point Public School Scripture
EPIC (Every Parent in Christ) in Hall – Crèche provided
Senior Ladies Bible Study in Hall (NOW FORTNIGHTLY)
Retired Men’s Bible Study in Hall
English for Life Classes in Hall
Kid’s Club (yrs 4-6) in Hall
GtoC Youth Group in hall
Holy Communion Service at Union Church, Greenwell Point
Holy Communion, followed by Morning Tea in the Hall
Service of the Lord’s Supper, followed by Morning Tea
Nursing Home Ministry Team Meeting in the Cottage
Evening Service (starts with a cuppa and chat in the Hall,
Children’s Dinner at 5pm, Service commences at 5.30pm in the
Church (followed by Pot Luck dinner in Hall)
All Saints Community Care’s requested pantry item:
“Dishwashing liquid”
SECET News (Shoalhaven Employers of Christian Education Teachers Inc)
Global Partnership
Saturday 15 November
“A Taste of Christmas” at Terara in the grounds of
"Does God want us to go back to India?"
Sue Weissel’s home.
Today I'm sending in our visa application for the
next few years in India.
Can you please pray for us this week?
If God wants us to go back, and be part of what he is doing in India ... we ask
him to grant the visa. Then we will start to pack up, and leave in January. But
it is all in his hands.
Here are some of the needs which are on our heart, and are some of the
reasons we want to go back:
More than 100 language communities are still without any books of
the Bible in their mother tongue. We, in partnership with other
Indian organisations, are trying to meet this need within 10 years.
Minority language communities in India often live in poverty. We are
linked to networks of hundreds of churches, which want to bless their
communities in Jesus name. Translation work is part of that.
Exciting new ministries are emerging! You may know that women in
South Asia often suffer violence and abuse. So, you can imagine how
important it is for the churches to be God’s agents of love and healing
in these situations. There is increasing interest in ministries by village
women to village women, using stories of key women from the Bible,
to encourage and empower them, and to show them that they are
valued by God and by his people.
So ... we have so many things to do in India, we are ready to go and be a part
of what God is doing. But we need a visa, so please pray!
The Toulmins
Second hand Book Stall
Books will be collected from the Office on Monday 2nd November.
The Baptist Church will be holding a Second hand
book stall at “A Taste of Christmas” (among lots of
other stalls on the day) to help with raising funds
for SECET.
Donations of 2nd hand books on gardening, craft,
biographies etc…. (must be in good condition) for
the stall can be left at the back of church (in a
suitable container marked “SECET”) or bought
directly to the Church Office between 9am12midday. Thank you.
SRE Teachers recognition: advance notice
On Sunday November 1st at all Services, our Scripture Teachers will be
giving a report on their ministry this year and we will pray for them.
All Saints Stall
Saturday 15th November
To show our support of SECET we are organising a table at the up-coming
Taste of Christmas SECET fundraiser.
We are seeking donations from you such as handmade craft items to sell, or
people to help man the stall on the day.
If you can help in any way, please contact Jan Tillott on 0407 727 950
You are invited! Please join us as we celebrate 60 years of Wycliffe in
Australia. It's at college SMBC this Saturday night, 7:30pm. Donna will be
Two bookcases FOR SALE
speaking (I know, there's no photo in the brochure - privacy concerns), as well
All funds go to SECET. Bookcases made from chipboard and laminate.
If interested, call John Lindsay 4421 8835
as some other members. We'll see what has changed in the 60 years we have
All Saints Book of the Month “A FRESH START”
hilarious videos of Oscar "teaching" translators in India when he was about 3
This book by John Chapman is a classic evangelistic resource with an excellent
easy to read explanation of the Gospel. Good for everyone to read and great
to give to a friend open to considering the Christian faith.
David Mulready has copies @ $10 each.
years old. Seriously, it'll be worth it for just that). FYI, there will also be a
been working, and what has stayed the same. (There will also be some
yummy dessert afterwards.
Feel free to come and meet the Toulmin’s before the meeting. It would be
great to see you! (No RSVP needed).
Last CMS meeting held on the 6 November
"Tears and Hope” A Service of healing for survivors of abuse. 7 p.m. on
This is the last meeting of the CMS Illawarra Mission
Connection for the year.
The year has gone very quickly, but it has given us good
opportunities for meeting with missionaries who are about to go on the
mission field, or who are already serving God cross culturally in various parts
of the world.
Thank you for your support in encouraging churches to look outside of their
ministries to the wider mission field.
CMS missionaries are thankful for, and depend on the support and
encouragement from people at home.
3rd November in St. John's Anglican Church, Darlinghurst (120 Darlinghurst
Road). This is an opportunity for those wishing to show support and share in
prayer with others at this time.
5pm Congregation’s ‘Pot Luck Dinner’
Sunday 2nd November (1st Sunday of next month)
The 5pm service will be having their monthly ‘Pot Luck
Dinner’, after service. Please bring a plate of food to share
for tea. It's a great time to catch up and chat over a meal.
Looking forward to you joining us at 6.30pm!
Bishop Hayward will be conducting a Confirmation Service at All Saints on
Tuesday night February 24th at 7pm. Anyone wishing to be Confirmed should
advise one of the ministry team ASAP so that they might be prepared before
Operation Christmas Child
Today is the final day to bring in your filled boxes. We will give
you the total given next Sunday. It looks to be a wonderful
response as we do every year!! John Watts
The team at All Saints' Community Care are delighted to see the pantry
shelves once again well-stocked as a result of last week's food drive. The
value of donations has been estimated at something over $1,000. Thank you
very much to all who contributed. And once again, thanks to the team of
men who did all the hard work on the day.
Extra Prayer Point: Pray for Beth Dodd and family for the recent death
of Beth’s mother Rita. Give thanks for the life of Bishop Ken Short and pray
for his widow Gloria and her family.
SHACC Family Lawnmower racing!
SHACC are having their monthly family fun day next
Saturday (1st November) from 10 am to 3 pm at
Illaroo Farm and you are invited. Drivers will need
closed shoes and long trousers; bring a bicycle or
motor cycle helmet if you have one (mowers
provided). Bring your own chair or picnic rug. Sausage
sizzle provided for lunch.
Let Peter Ellis know you are going or for more information and directions to
the Farm, contact him on 4421 7024.
35 members contributed $1724.35 to ‘Australia For Christ’ as a result
of our recent box openings. This is a magnificent effort and a
wonderful example of Godly stewardship.
Many thanks!
John Watts and Ken Dagger
Wild Honey & Friends 'Sing Christmas 2014'
It's not too late! If you'd like to join Wild Honey for a 8-week stint learning to
sing a number of carols in beautiful jazz harmonies, weekly rehearsals start
on Tuesday 21st October for Sopranos and Altos, Thursday 23rd October for
Tenors and Basses (for the next 2 weeks only, then they join with the Tuesday
group the 11th November).
The rehearsals are from 7-9 pm in Nowra Church of Christ hall, 1 Yurunga Pde
North Nowra. Sheet music, folders and practice CDs are provided.
A voluntary donation of $5 would be appreciated, but is not a requirement to
join. Wild Honey has been booked to sing at 2 services this year:
Cambewarra Church at 10am on Sunday14th December and All Saints' 8am
Communion Service on Sunday 21st December. 'Singing Christmas' at local
church services has become part of their annual tradition.
You can make further inquiries or register to be part of this delightful vocal
adventure by phoning Pauline on 4421 6620, or leaving a message.
David Woodbridge