Singer Featherweight 221 & 222K Sewing Machine Maintenance Classes

April 1930’s Featherweight Specialty Shoppe
Carmon & April Henry, Proprietors
P.O. Box 994
Kamiah, Idaho 83536
(208) 880-8887
Singer Featherweight 221 & 222K Sewing Machine
Maintenance Classes
April 1930’s Featherweight Specialty Shoppe is pleased to feature an all-day Featherweight
Maintenance class teaching Featherweight owners how to service and maintain their own Singer
Featherweight Sewing Machine. Keep your Featherweights stitching perfectly - year after year!
Workshop: This all day, comprehensive workshop teaches Featherweight owners how to service and
maintain their own Singer Featherweight on a regular basis. These machines were engineered with
simplicity in mind -- not just for easy portability, but also designed so that owners could service and
maintain their own little sewing machine themselves.
Class members will learn how to correctly disassemble, clean, and reassemble their Singer Featherweight
221, or 222 Sewing Machine while also learning about the gearing, motor, stitch formation, tension, as well
as electrical components. Basic oiling is important, but proper care and servicing of the Featherweight
requires much more. Carmon, the Featherweight Technician, will teach participants how to give their
machines the standard service - regularly! You won’t have to pay for routine maintenance again.
(You'll even learn how to get that worn out looking Featherweight Case looking beautiful again!)
Machine mechanical knowledge is not a prerequisite, so you needn’t worry about having maintenance
experience. Carmon puts all students at ease as he gently guides each student through every step.
Singer Featherweight parts, supplies, attachments, accessories, tools (new & vintage original) are also
available for purchase at the class.
Location & Travel: We are located in the mountains of North Central Idaho, so if you are near Kamiah,
Idaho, we are scheduling a limited number of classes, by special request, for the 2015 & 2016 calendar year.
Nevertheless, if you would prefer to have us travel across country to your area, it is often more economical
for two or more groups (Quilt Shops, Guilds, or private Quilting Retreats) to collaborate together in sharing the
cost of our travel expenses. (For example: Quilt Shop on Friday, Quilt Guild Class on Saturday, etc.).
Please contact us for further information.
Fees: $65 per class member. If traveling distance is beyond 75 miles from our vicinity, then host will need
to provide all travel expenses. Some quilt shops configure travel costs into the individual class fee. This is
where scheduling more than one class day or sharing with another quilt venue can be advantageous.
In order to teach each class member the comprehensive material while still addressing each participant's
individual machine, the class is limited to 10-12 members. Due to space limitations all participants are
required to have registration fees paid prior to the class. (Spouses attending as an observer will also need
to attend the class as a paid participant.)
Refunds: Refunds are available for 50% of the class fee up until two weeks prior to the scheduled class
date - after which, no refunds are provided. Credits toward future classes are not given due to advance
scheduling, traveling times, waiting lists and as a courtesy to future hosts.
** Machines that require actual repair will not be suitable for this class. If you need assistance with Singer
Featherweight repair, please contact Carmon Henry at (208) 880-8887 with questions. It may be
something simple that can be remedied on your machine, but he will be able to assist you with this prior to
the class.
Supply List:
Featherweight Machine with Bobbin Case & Bobbin – (1 machine per person)
Old Bath Towel (this will get greasy)
Bright Flashlight
Screwdrivers (if they came with your machine)
Two Spools of quality thread (Gutermann, Metler, etc.) of two different colors
Small Scissors
Small Strips of Fabric (for testing)
Writing Pen (to take notes)
Apron (if you want to protect your clothing)