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Lubrication • Industrial Maintenance • Process Tecnology • Extinguishing Systems • Solutions for
Industrial Utility Vehicles & Mobile Equipment • Measuring, Testing and Workplace Safety •
Damping Technology • Power Transmission • Conveyor Belts
Company profile
• Since 1977 YTM Industrial Oy has aimed to serve the Finnish industrial sector through the
supply of technical components and equipment.
• We aim for profitable growth in selected and established areas of business that hold a
significant market share and market position.
• Our core mission is to ensure that our customers get the best possible added value to their
operations from products and services we deliver.
• Our business is not solely based on the importation. We offer our customers a complete
service package which includes planning, supply, installation, commissioning, training,
documentation, and where needed annual maintenances and supply of spare parts.
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Warehouse and Logistics
A modern high storage
facility and a versatile
Our Warehouse has:
4000 pallet spots,
2,7km of space and
15000 products.
We work daily in parnership
with multiple shipment and
logistics companies.
We can deliver directly to
the customer or through
our nation wide resale
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Indutrade Group
• YTM-Industrial has been part of the international
Indutrade Group since the year 1987.
• Indutrade has over 160 subsidiaries in 24 different
countries at four different continents. Indutrade
employs globally over 3400 professionals.
• Indutrade Oy Finland is the owner of Finnish
• Indutrade is listed on the Nasdaq OMX
Stockholm, Mid Cap list under Industrials.
• Being a part of Indutrade guarantees our company
a solid financial state and makes international
business actions and logistics more fluent.
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One supplier, more possibilities
• We aim to constantly widen our product range so
that our customers can get much of their needed
products and services from one supplier, YTMIndustrial.
• This is done by not only adding new products to
our portfolio but also by merging Finnish
industrial companys to YTM-Industrial. In the
beginning of 2015 we merged with:
• Lining Components Oy
Damping Technology and Power Transmission
Teollisuusapu Oy
Conveyor Belts
• We want to the supplier who gives our customers
more possibilities from one place.
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YTM-shop online store
• Includes our pre-priced products - not system
solutions which require offering
• Makes placing orders easier, but also helps with
order follow-ups and re-orders.
• Webstore is open 24/7 so it allows our customers
a more flexible schedule for submitting an order.
• Customers can save in freight and delivery costs
by storing shopping carts
• Additional benefits to our registered customers
like password protected MSDS-files etc.
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Organization Chart
Grounded in 1977
20 MEUR,
75 employees
Martti Eskelinen, CEO
Logistics and Financial
Jari Helin,
Tom Hackzell,
Juhani Hyytiäinen,
Team Systems
Industrial Maintenance
Process Technology
Marko Loponen,
Conveyor Belt
Janne Närhi,
Jan Friman,
Damping Technology
Power Transmission
Central Lubrication, Fire
Protection, Mobile
Equipment Solutions
Industrial chemicals,
lubrication equipment
Flow-, Dosing- and
measuring technology.
Industrial conveyor
and transmission belts
Shock dampers, wear
resistant rubber
Belt and chain drives,
shaft couplings, gears
Vehicle and mobile
manufacturers –
mostly off road
Metal working
Process industry,
power industry and
Food industry
Forest industry, in
particular mechanical
wood processing
Retailers, partners,
engineering agencies
WEB-shop, Key
Business Development
Service Centers
Marketing, CRM
business projects
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Systems Team
• As the name says our Systems Team works with
complete system deliveries for moving vehicles
and industry.
Central Lubrication Systems
Air filter systems for cabins
Extinguishing Systems
Explosion protection systems for industrial
Exhaust filters
Jari Helin
Tel. +358 29 006 5755, [email protected]
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Systems Team
Jari Helin
Jari Helin
Jyrki Lehtinen
Simo Jylhänkangas
Back Office
Manu Alarto
Juha Kaarre, OEM
Toni Karhu, Mobile
Juho Ruskokivi
Kari Virtanen
Rune Elf, Industry
Pavel Kuznetsov
Minna Eskelinen,
Marita Nikkilä, sales
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Technical Support
Markus Tossavainen
Jaakko Pääskysmäki
Timo Sjögren
Pertti Pääskysmäki
Juho Määttä
Mikko Palm
Mika Pekkinen
Lauri Nissinen
Industrial Maintenance Team
Industrial Chemicals and Lubricants
Lubrication Equipment
Grease and oil lubricators
Hydraulic Equipment and Bearing Tools
Tom Hackzell
Tel. +358 29 006 5719, [email protected]
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Industrial Maintenance Team
Tom Hackzell,
Industrial Maintenance
Lubrication, chemicals
Tom Hackzell
Webshop products
Petri Mäkinen
OEM and Electronics
Metal Working Industry
Juhani Reinikainen
Juha Jansson
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Technical Support and
Order Processing
Risto Toivanen
Back Office
Minna Eskelinen
Marita Nikkilä
Process Technology Team
Sanitary and Hygiene Valves
Heat Exchangers
Vacuum Technology
Dispensing and Gluing Equipment
Gas Detectors
Measuring and Testing Technology
Juhani Hyytiäinen
Tel. +358 29 006 5713, [email protected]
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Process Technology Team
Juhani Hyytiäinen
Process Technology
Veijo Kasurinen
Reijo Antikainen
Mikko Haapala
Mikko Hämäläinen
Process Industry
Harri Pietinen
Pär-Olof Lindfors
Harri Pietinen
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Taina Parikka
Mikko Hämäläinen
Solar Power
Juhani Hyytiäinen
Sakari Koliseva
Antti Ahvenainen
Ari Korhonen
Markku Martikainen
Back Office
Harri Nilsson
Maiju Pajula
Conveyor and transmission belts
• Our new acquisition Teollisuusapu Oy has been
in working with the belt industry since 1967 and
will continue their great work as a part of YTMIndustrial Oy from the beginning of 2015.
• Our product range includes conveyors, power
transmission and modular belts which can all
be custom tailored to fit our customers needs.
• We stock a comprehensive range of belts and
spare parts.
Marko Loponen
Tel.. +358 40 548 4946, [email protected]
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Rubber and Damping Technology
• Damping Technology has been the specialty of
Lining Components Oy for decades and it since
the beginning of 2015 their damping products are
a part of YTM-Industrial product range.
• Our expert staff helps our customers in choosing
the right kind of dampers to their application.
• Manufacturing custom dampers according to our
customers’ needs is a big of our strength.
• We also do damper maintenance jobs and supply
wear resistant rubber is custom sizes and forms.
Janne Närhi
Tel.. +358 29 006 5454, [email protected]
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Power Transmission Components
• Power Transmission Components are a
part of our extensive product range to
industrial processes.
• We can deliver all essential industrial
power transmission components.
• We have chosen our suppliers from
among the best European manufacturers,
whose products are characterized by
quality and reliability.
Jan Friman
Tel.. +358 50 379 7611, [email protected]
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