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MasterTug MT3/240
The Master Tug is an electric tug that can pull, push and steer wheeled loads from 50 to 25000kg.
Traction is the key to moving heavy loads so the Master Tug is designed to get all the traction it needs by
using the coupling system to transfer load weight to the drive wheel. It's very effective and very easy to
use making it perfect for any business.
Moves Up To 2,400 kg
Suitable for use in a wide range of applications and sectors
Food and Beverage
Steel and fabrication
1 year full guarantee
• Supplied with full 1-year guarantee
• Compact size
• Powerful yet easy to use electric tug
• Reduces compensation claims
• Improves safety
• Reduces manual handling
• Electric pedestrian operated tug
• Increases productivity
See our website for full technical details
Automatic cut off when tiller arm returns
to vertical
Anti-crush button
Emergency stop button
Warning horn
See our website for full technical details
* Maximum load weight is a recommendation that we arrive at by
estimating rolling resistance. Your environment and wheel type may
affect this figure which is why we carry out a detailed technical
evaluation on every project. All of our calculations include a safe
work load factor to ensure safe operation in all circumstances.
Up to 2,400 kg*
Up to 9,600 kg*
MasterTug MT3/240
Moves Up To 2,400 kg
See our website for full technical details
Product code
Recommended load weight - Castors
Recommended load weight - Rails
Machine weight (excluding battery)
Drive type
Parking brake
Drive wheel type
Drive motor power
Controller type
Variable machine speed
Emergency stop button
MT3-240 AC-powered
2400 kg
9600 kg
160 kg
Electric AC
1 Kw
0.1 km/h - 5 km/h
Battery options
Battery pack - sealed - 73Ah 24V - interchangeable
Charging options
Charger - external - 10A 24V - 110V-240V
Charger - external - 15A 24V - 110V-240V
Charger - internal - 12.5A 24V - 110V-240V
Mast options
Mast - height adjustable - hydraulic
800 Weight transfer kg
Additional equipment
Option - flashing safety light and motion bleeper
Option - drive wheel - extra grip
Option - two speed selector switch
Option - lifting and anchoring points
Male coupling options
Coupling - male - height adjustable combi
Coupling - male - height adjustable box
Female coupling options
Coupling - female - combi
Coupling - female - box
MasterTug MT3/240
Moves Up To 2,400 kg
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MasterMover is the award-winning manufacturer of pedestrian electric tugs and widely recognised as a market
leader in providing solutions for moving wheeled loads from 50Kgs to 100,000kgs. Since the company’s inception
in 1995 MasterMover have provided handling solutions to some of the biggest brand names in industry, both
nationally and globally. Today MasterMover has a portfolio of 23 electric tug models, all designed to safely and
efficiently transport wheeled loads. Deployed across the World, MasterMover electric tugs are used within a range
of industries in the UK, Mainland Europe, Asia, Australia and also North and South America. The Derbyshire based
company are committed to design and manufacturing and employ skilled people, many of whom live locally.
MasterTug MT3/240
Moves Up To 2,400 kg