Getting to Know Your Tablet Customization LG Smart Keyboard QUICK START GUIDE

Getting to Know Your Tablet
Camera Lens
Infrared Sensor
LG Smart Keyboard
Knock Code™
Personalize your tablet to suit your needs.
The LG G Pad™ 7.0 LTE features a customizable
keyboard for personalized use.
Link your Android™ 4.1 or higher smartphone
and your tablet to get notifications and text
messages on your tablet.
Check and send email on the go.
Capture every moment with the 5 MP camera
and take selfies using Gesture Shutter.
Record videos in full HD with the G Pad 7.0 LTE.
Get direct access to the home screen while
keeping your phone secure.
Use QPair
1. From the home screen, tap .
2. Tap Microsoft Exchange* or Other.
3. Enter your email address and password,
and then tap Next.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to
continue setup. Tap Done.
Power/Lock Key
Add Apps or Widgets
Volume Up/Down Keys
1. Press and hold an empty part of the screen.
2. Tap Apps or Widgets.
3. Tap the item you’d like to add.
Touch Screen
Micro USB Charging Port
Micro SIM/microSD™
Card Slot
3.5 mm Headset Jack
Change Wallpaper
1. Press and hold an empty part of the screen.
2. Tap Wallpapers.
3. Choose from Gallery, Live wallpapers,
Multi-photo, or Photos. You can also swipe
left to access preloaded wallpapers.
4. Tap a wallpaper to select it.
Customize Keyboard
1. From the home screen, tap > Language & input.
2. Tap next to LG Keyboard.
3. Tap Keyboard height and layout.
4. From here, you can change the bottom row keys,
adjust the keyboard height and theme, or split
the keyboard.
1. Download the QPair app (non-carrierspecific app) onto your smartphone via
Google Play™. Once downloaded, access
the QPair app on both devices.
2. Tap Get started > OK > Start on both
3. Tap Pair on both devices.
• Tap
next to a feature to
enable/disable it.
• Tap to locate your phone even when
it is on silent mode.
Set Up Email
Available in Original Black
and Pearl White.
1. From the home screen, tap .
2. If you cannot see the controls, tap .
3. Tap > W4M > 5M.
4. Tap to close the menu.
5. Tap
to take a photo.
Use Gesture Shutter
1. From the camera viewfinder, tap .
2. Hold up your hand in front of the viewfinder,
fingers outstretched, then make a fist.
3. The camera will count down from three and
automatically take a picture.
Camera Lens
U.S. Cellular® Customer Service:
Take a Photo
*Contact your IT administrator to help set up your
corporate Microsoft® Exchange account.
Record a Video
1. From the home screen, tap .
2. If you cannot see the controls, tap .
3. Tap > W4M > FHD.
4. Tap to close the menu.
5. Tap to begin recording.
6. Tap to stop recording.
Set Up Knock Code
1. From the home screen, tap > Display >
Lock screen > Select screen lock > Knock
Code > Next.
2. Enter a pattern of 3-8 taps and tap Continue.
3. Enter the pattern again and tap Confirm > Next.
4. Enter a backup PIN and tap Continue.
5. Enter the PIN again and tap OK.
Use Knock Code
•When the screen is dark, enter your Knock Code
anywhere on the screen (portrait orientation).
•On the lock screen, you must tap your Knock
Code in the indicated area.
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Dual Window
Multi-User Function
QSlide Function
Bluetooth ® and Wi-Fi®
SmartShare Beam
Browse the web with ease with the G Pad 7.0 LTE.
Use two apps simultaneously on a split screen.
Browse the Web
Use Dual Window
Share your device with different users while
being assured that your content is safe.
Overlay up to two windows on the primary
screen for seamless multitasking.
Write or draw on any screen and schedule memos
to appear based on calendar or location inputs.
Turn your tablet into a universal remote for
controlling your TV and cable set-top box.
Go hands-free with Bluetooth wireless
technology and easily connect to available
Wi-Fi networks.
Use SmartShare Beam to wirelessly send and
receive multimedia content from compatible
LG devices.
1. From the home screen, tap .
2. Tap the address bar to enter a search
term or URL, and then tap Go.
• To open a new tab, tap .
• To access your bookmarks, tap .
• To add a bookmark, tap > .
1. From the home screen, tap .
2. Tap or drag an app to the top half of
the screen.
3. Tap or drag a second app to the bottom
half the screen. You can now interact with
both apps at the same time.
Use Bluetooth
Use SmartShare Beam
1. From the home screen, tap > Bluetooth.
2. Tap
to turn on Bluetooth.
3. The G Pad 7.0 LTE will automatically search
for devices. Tap a device to pair. See the
Bluetooth device’s user manual for more
information on pairing.
1. Make sure SmartShare beam is enabled
on the recipient device.
2. Access the file you wish to share on
your G Pad 7.0 LTE and then select
SmartShare Beam from the sharing
options for that file type.
3. Tap the name of the device you wish to
share to. If no devices are present, tap
and select a device. The transfer will begin
when the recipient device accepts the
transfer request.
Set Up New User
Use QSlide Function
Create a Memo
Set Up QuickRemote
1. From the home screen, tap > Users >
Add user.
2. Choose whether you want the new user to
have their own apps and content (User) or to
restrict their access to apps and content of
your choosing (Restricted profile).
3. Follow on-screen instructions to finish setup.
1. From any screen, swipe down on the
Notifications bar.
2. Swipe left on the Quick Settings and
tap QSlide.
3. Tap a QSlide app.
4. The app will appear as a resizable, moveable
window on the screen. Drag the corner to
resize the window and drag the top bar
to move it. Use the slider to adjust the
transparency of the window. Making an
app more transparent allows you to control
the items underneath it.
1. From the home screen, tap .
2. Tap to begin a new memo.
• Tap > Insert to insert a picture, video,
and more to your memo.
• Tap to enter text on your memo.
• Tap to write on your memo. Tap the
icon again to change the pen type,
color, thickness, or transparency.
• Tap to erase or tap to undo the
previous action.
3. Tap to save your memo.
4. To add a time or location reminder to
a memo, tap a memo and then tap
Add reminder.
1. From the home screen, tap .
2. Select a room from the menu at the top
left of the screen and then tap .
3. Select a device type and a manufacturer.
4. Follow on-screen instructions to complete
Connect to Wi-Fi
1. From the home screen, tap > Wi-Fi.
2. Tap
to turn on Wi-Fi.
3. Tap a network name. Enter a password if
required and then tap Connect.