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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System
We Have Great News And Even Better News!
Pensar Medical is proud to offer our new family of dressing kits that provide
the highest levels of care and therapy. Pensar Medical will introduce our
Pensar Basics and Advanced Series family of dressing kits very soon. Both
are equipped with the highest quality components and construction and will
afford your caregivers a choice when it comes to care for their patients.
The Basics Series
The Pensar Basics are an economical line of
kits for those more price-sensitive segments
of the market.
◆ More, economical line of products
designed specifically for the pricesensitive home care market and
your budget.
◆ Will contain all of the essentials for a
proper dressing of the wound:
▲ Skin Prep Pad
▲ Foam dressing
▲ Two outer drapes (in medium and
large kits)
▲ Single lumen StingRay™ Suction Bell
▲ One tubing clamp
Our new economical kits will not sacrifice
care, but will enable you to better
compete in the home care market with
your WoundPro® Negative Pressure
Control Units.
Sure-Lock Connection
provides safer connections
The Advanced Series
The Advanced Series offers the highest levels of
technology available on the market today.
◆ A more sophisticated and technologically advanced
line of products to better compete in the acute and
LTAC market places.
◆ Comes equipped with everything you need
for a proper dressing and more:
▲ Skin Prep Pad
▲ Foam dressing
▲ Two outer drapes (in medium and large kits)
▲ Dual Lumen StingRay™ Suction Bell
• Enables pressure monitoring
at the wound site (and not
at the junction of the canister
and dressing hoses)
• Much more accurate
pressure readings than
ever before from like systems
▲ Dressing instructions
▲ Ruler for wound measurement
Dual Lumen StingRay™
▲ Patient identification
provides more accurate
and information sticker
pressure readings
◆ Sure-Lock Hose Connections
▲ Sure-Lock connectors provide a much
more positive and leak-proof hose connection
▲ A quarter turn and an audible click assure the
caregiver of a proper, leak-proof connection
• No more inadvertent disconnects when the
patient moves in the middle of the night
• Allows for quick and easy canister and
dressing changes
No clamps that are difficult to work with and are a
potential pressure point if the patient is lying on them.
At Pensar we realize the “pressures” you experience every day when competing in this market place.
Competitive bidding has served to put continued pressure on pricing and we have done
our very best to arm you with our Basics line up.
And while we have tried our very best to service your current customer base, we have also created a new
line of products to help you grow your business in new areas of the healthcare arena. In acute care, while
pricing is still important, there is more room to introduce innovation and value added features that can
command a higher price for that added value and improved care.
At Pensar Medical we are true to our mission statement and strive every day to enact
progress through innovation. We are anxious to play a large part in growing your negative pressure business.
So stay tuned as we roll out our two new lines of dressing kits. We know you will be pleased
with the results.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 800-669-4757.
David Buchicchio
VP Marketing
Pensar Medical Products, LLC
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