Ohio Valley OAUG
Presentation Abstracts
October 24, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
Next Generation Financial Systems – Fusion Financials
Debora Brown, Oracle Corporation
While many organizations have achieved first-order productivity improvements by deploying
integrated ERP and financial systems, advances in modern applications technology have
created new possibilities that transform the resilience, speed, and quality of financial
operations. Join this session to understand the key business and technology trends that
shaped the new innovations in Oracle Fusion Financials. You'll gain insight into how Fusion
Financials transforms process automation and information access, while improving end user
productivity and simplifying controls. In addition, you'll walk away with the various strategies
you can take to adopt Fusion Financials at a pace that's right for your business.
Ohio Valley OAUG
Presentation Abstracts
October 24, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
Oracle eBusiness Track
How One Order Impacts Five Corporate Stakeholders –
Procurement, IT, Customer Service, Finance and Sales
Neil Gorman, Canon Information & Imaging Solutions
While numerous business processes can be automated using sophisticated enterprise
systems to bring increased efficiency to companies across industries, the automation has
not reached a key area of information: the wealth of data found in paper or electronic
documents. Companies and their IT departments have traditionally limited the automation
to various enterprise applications. Valuable document-related information has been
neglected. This can lead to delays in many crucial business processes, and unnecessary
cost increases. Our presentation will review the efficiencies and business intelligence that
can be gained by a number of stakeholders in an organization – in Procurement, Customer
Service, Finance, and Sales, as a result of fully automating document-intensive business
As a case study, we will look at an organization that needed help with improving their
accounting workflows. The company was generating about 2,000 invoices every day, and
used multiple enterprise applications in connection with the accounting process. The
organization experienced challenges with the scalability of the existing system, error
handling, and was trying to find an effective way to automatically distribute invoices based
on the profile of each recipient.
Invoices from different vendors can have multiple formats and unstructured data, which
makes their processing manual and difficult to automate. We will show an effective way to
automatically extract information, match it with corresponding documents (such as purchase
order), generate a voucher within the company’s ERP system, and provide exception routing
and tracking as required. You can eliminate the need to archive paper invoices –with the
ability to archive the electronic image of the invoice, and then easily access it with just a
click from within JDE or another database. Automating accounting processes can help save
time and costs, increase accuracy, take advantage of vendor discounts, improve customer
satisfaction and aid in sales efforts.
Canon Information & Imaging Solutions provides solutions to automate Procure to Pay,
Order to Cash among other document-intensive business processes. Leveraging Canon’s
Enterprise Imaging Platform, a value-added middleware, we can design and deliver
solutions that provide two fundamental capabilities: a full range of robust tools needed to
capture, create and process documents; and the ability to easily integrate document
technologies with enterprise applications. The single platform allows us to easily bring
documents into automated, end-to-end business processes.
Key Takeaways:
A new cost effective method to automate Procure to Pay (p2p) Order to Cash (o2c)
A new way to cost effectively integrate existing applications to your ERP platform
An effective way to increase the value of your ERP platform to stakeholders
Ohio Valley OAUG
Presentation Abstracts
October 24, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
Financial Accounting Hub for EBS Users
Jennifer Turner, Oracle Corporation
Fusion Accounting Hub’s unique reporting platform allows E-Business Suite and Peoplesoft
Customers to adopt the next generation of financial applications in a step-by-step fashion
with minimal costs and immediate improvements in information access and day-to-day
decision making. The reporting platform that has an embedded multi-dimensional data
model offers E-Business Suite and Peoplesoft Customers exceptional reporting and
analytics without disrupting their current financial processes, such as their procure-to-pay or
credit-to-cash process.
A Paperless Approach to Payment Batch Approvals
Cynthia Mohr, MISO Energy
We have created a process in Oracle Financials that will take a batch of Invoices and
combine them into one group and copy them to a folder that Finance uses. It also takes an
output report and copies it out the same directory. Lastly this process sends out email
based on what approval is needed with links to the reports needed – It may be to an initial
approval so Accounts Payable gets the email. Other levels would include sending the email
to the Finance Managers or lastly the Directors, Executive Directors and/or VP. The
approval is for payment of invoices. Previously an Accts Payable person would make
copies of all the invoices, sort them by dollar amount and put the stack of invoices on the
various desks for approval. The new process has eliminated paper, utilizes technology and
allows the approvals and documentation to be placed in ECMS easily for Audits and general
record keeping.
Ohio Valley OAUG
Presentation Abstracts
October 24, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
Hyperion Track
Tips & Tricks to Get More Out of ESSBase
Alex Ladd, Mindstream Analytics
This session will cover a wide range of performance tuning options as well as design tweaks
that will enable the attendees to increase the performance of their Essbase Databases.
From Calc Script tricks to essbase config setting to new options available in 11.1.2 there are
many options to increase performance.
Business Intelligence Optimization: Beyond Gross Margin –
Determining Customer and Product Profitability
Catherine Forster, Terillium
A value-added Business Intelligence Methodology to more accurately assess customer and
product profitability. Topics include the value & challenges of Customer/Product profit
transparency, the identification & prioritization of key expense areas that erode profitability,
an evaluation of Cost to Serve profiles & exceptions to the norm, the review of “directly
attributable” costs & cost driver algorithms and the creation of Customer/Product P&L’s and
Scorecards using Oracle Financial Analytics.
See How Moorehead Communications Minimizes Tasks and
Puts Focus on Business Processes and Analysis with the
Hyperion EPM Platform
Ken Hearld, Moorehead Communications
Brad Resner, Vertical Edge
Moorehead Communications is one of the largest Verizon Wireless dealers in the country
with close to 1000 retail locations across 30 states. Moorehead Communications made an
investment with the Oracle EPM platform to address challenges they are experiencing in
their existing ERP and Excel based Financial Reporting and Planning process. Learn how
Moorehead aligned manual reporting process to Oracle Essbase to provide quicker,
repeatable, and reliable reporting for Finance and Accounting as well as how they
incorporated their existing Excel based planning and forecasting solution inside the new
Planning and Budgeting Cloud Solution. Audience members will understand how to use
Oracle EPM for data integration and analytics as well as creating productivity gain with
Oracle EPM for Finance and Accounting functions.
Ohio Valley OAUG
Presentation Abstracts
October 24, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
CRM Track
How Conversations About WIGs and New iPads Brought
Sales Success at Batesville
Diane Kinker, Batesville Casket Company
Are your sales reps spending enough time with the right customers? Who are the right
customers? Are they spending too much time with the wrong customers? How do you
know? These are the core questions that led Batesville Casket Company to embark on the
SMART initiative and set the company on a path for sales success. Join Diane Kinker,
Director, SMART Program as she shares the background on this transformational project
and the role Oracle Sales Cloud and its analytics and mobile capabilities played in the
improved results.
Better, Faster, Simpler: How Lightbound’s New Enlightened
Approach to Its Products, Pricing and Quoting Grew Sales By
Leaps and Bounds!
Dane Dittemore, Lightbound
Dane Dittemore, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of LightBound, a provider of Colocation, Internet, Network, Cloud and Voice Services will discuss the effort to work with the
VP of Products to reconstruct 100’s of offerings. The team completely revamped everything
to meet new competitive challenges and make quoting easier for their sales reps using Big
Machines (Oracle CPQ Cloud). Dane will discuss how they overcame numerous challenges
and the keys to their success increasing sales.
Modern Marketing is More Than Marketing Automation
Marilyn Cox, Oracle Corporation
The former Director of Marketing Communications at Cincom Systems, and now Marketing
Principal - Industry Center of Excellence for Oracle, Marilyn Cox shares her top 10 tips to go
beyond typical email marketing. Whether you use Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua,
Responsys or On Demand Marketing) or simply wished you did, you’ll hear about proven
tactics that will capture attention, elevate your brand and grow your business.