The mission of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary
League is to assist each woman of the Lutheran
Church-Missouri Synod in affirming her relationship
with the Triune God so that she is enabled to use her
gifts in ministry to the people of the world.
† Women of the LWML Michigan District are
linked together by effective, free-flowing
† All women of the LCMS Michigan District
are informed and educated by, and many are
engaged and involved with, the Lutheran
Women’s Missionary League.
President: Willie Marie Henry
313-418-2159; [email protected]
VP of Caring Ministry: JoAnn Gust
989-644-2657; [email protected]
VP of Christian Growth: Cherie Lang
734-941-7809, [email protected]
VP of Communications: Ruth Steele
989-673-2516; [email protected]
VP of Mission Outreach: Sharon Chapman
231-873-5361; [email protected]
VP of Organizational Resources: Linda Bruski
989-386-2618; [email protected]
Financial Secretary: Glory Drum
248-584-0405; [email protected]
Recording Secretary: Gen Abrams
231-972-7542; [email protected]
Treasurer: Verna Besancon
248-253-0289; [email protected]
Counselors: Rev. G. Travis Downs
517-282-1926; [email protected]
Rev. Eric Ekong
517-784-3135; [email protected]
† All leaders on the Board of Directors as well
as in local societies are lovingly connected by
prayer and joyful support with the Executive
Committee of the LWML Michigan District.
How can YOU
join the LWML?
Contact your pastor,
the leader of your local society or
Vice President of
Organizational Resources
Linda Bruski
[email protected]
An endowment was created in 2002 to carry out the
charitable wishes and ministry of the LWML Michigan
District in perpetuity. Interest income from Lydia’s
Legacy is used to fund special projects in the LWML
Michigan District. Years from now, the Lutheran
Women’s Missionary League will continue to benefit
from your generosity.
For more information visit these websites:
National LWML
LWML Michigan District
In Mission
Psalm 100:2
The Lutheran Women’s
Missionary League, with
membership of approximately
200,000, is the official women’s
auxiliary of the Lutheran ChurchMissouri Synod. For 70 years,
the LWML has been encouraging and equipping
women to live out their Christian lives in active mission
ministries and to financially support global mission
grants and programs.
The LWML Michigan District, organized in 1944,
includes local societies from congregations in both the
upper and lower peninsulas of the state of Michigan.
LOCAL SOCIETIES meet regularly for spiritual growth,
fellowship, mission work and specific projects. The
Michigan district has 336 societies functioning within
Michigan congregations.
ZONES are made up of a number of societies located
in close proximity. The Michigan District is made up of
30 zones. Each zone sponsors events throughout the
year that encourage and equip women to serve in their
community and the world.
DISTRICT Board of Directors meets regularly and includes elected officers, zone presidents, district pastoral counselors and appointed committee members.
Conventions are held at the district and national levels
in alternating years: district in even number years,
national in odd number years. Each convention brings
women together for spiritual growth, fellowship and
mission inspiration. The next national convention is
slated for June 25-28, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. The
next district convention is set for July 29-31, 2016 in
Boyne Mountain, MI.
In response to Jesus’ Great Commission the LWML supports various mission grants each biennium.
These grants are chosen by the delegates at convention and funded during the following two years.
Anyone who wishes to support these mission grants may use a mite box (a small box used to receive
gifts). Contributions are collected regularly in each society and sent to the district LWML. Districts
retain 75% of the mite offerings to fund district mission grants and 25% is sent to the national LWML
to fund national mission grants. May we who have received God’s abundant blessings, give with joyful
Mite box contributions may be sent to: Glory Drum, Financial Secretary, PO Box 5305 Warren, MI 48090
Filling Pulpits by Providing Scholarships to Michigan Men in the Seminary ……………………………….. $25,000
Hope for a City in Crisis Acts 2 Enterprise
Financial Assistance for Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, IN, Food Co-op
Establishing a Connecting Kids to Christ Center
Scholarships for Michigan Female Students Studying to be Deaconesses or other Professional Church $20,000
Beacon of Hope Pregnancy Center
Worship for Shut-Ins - Reaching Michigan and the World Through Television
Camp Concordia Restroom Upgrades
$ 8,250
Eyeglass and Evangelism Ministry - MOST Ministries
Bringing Christ to the Nations Right Here in Michigan
Women Serving Short Term Mission Teams
Financial Assistance for Students to Attend LCMS High Schools in the Michigan District
Total ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. $235,000
Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly is the
official LWML magazine that is
available through your local society or
by individual subscription to each
member. It features articles on
missions, education, inspiration and
also Bible studies.
LWML in Action is the official LWML
Michigan District newsletter that is
distributed to all LWML societies of
e a c h c o ng re g at i on . P ers o n a l
subscriptions are also available. It is a
resource for information on all current
events happening in the LWML
Michigan District.
Michigan in Touch is the official
magazine of the Michigan District
LCMS and every other month features
a half page of LWML news and events.