Hot Springs Village Quilt Guild Newsletter October 2014

Hot Springs Village
October 2014
Quilt Guild
Programs & Workshops – CASA Christmas
Block of the month: October
12 1/2 inch block –Thanksgiving theme.
Any pattern
See Website for list of every month’s
Upcoming Events:
 Retreat dates: March 2 – 4, 2015
The Great Arkansas Quilt Show III – Aug.
7, 2014 – May 3, 2015
Comments from President, Robin Hudson
Busy Quilters –Busy Season!
Awesome Craft Show! Thanks Diane Dana and
November 13th – VQG CASA Stockings program.
Call Deb Border for any questions and assistance
completing your stockings. Don’t forget…the
stocking with the most $$ is the winner! – but in my
opinion, all the stockings are winners!
November 13th – Opportunity Quilt drawing! This
meeting is the last time to purchase your ticket!
December 11th – VQG Silent & Live Auction. See
Nola Abraham for donation items and volunteer
opportunities. Be sure to get your “Invite Cards”
from Nola and invite your friends, family, sports
buddies, church friends, club associates, nextdoor-neighbors, hair dresser…everyone you know
who will enjoy shopping at our event!
Have you checked out our Facebook page? You can
see some pictures and post interesting messages to
other members.
New committee positions are open for next year.
Please consider becoming involved—and bring a
friend with you to co-chair one of the committees!
Red Ticket #882649 -- good luck!
Web site: The new buy and sell page is being posted to the Web site. Look under “Guild Information” for “Seeking and
Selling.” Please send Roxana information about quilting related items you wish to buy or sell.
The “Links” page on our Web site is being updated. Please send Roxana any suggestions that you have for additions or
Remember when looking at our Web site to refresh your browser page when you first pull it up. Otherwise, it may pull up a
page from your browser’s history.
Remember to “Like” our Facebook Page and visit it often!
Committee Reports:
Retreat Information from Agnes Moser and Miriam Langford
The Boutique – Will be back open in October!
Donation chairman – November is CASA stocking time. Please bring your stockings and money to vote for your
favorites. All funds collected go to CASA. A prize will be awarded for the stocking with the most money.Any questions
please contact Deb Border, [email protected]
Membership chairman - I am looking for a replacement for the membership chairman. Please contact Janey Hollis if you
are interested.
New Members – Billie Welch, Anne Kasten, JoAnne Thielbar
Pres – Robin Hudson
1st VP – Laurrel Oliver
2nd VP – Gay Bonner
Sec – Roxana Whitner
Tres – Patricia McGinnis
Asst. Tres. – Katherine Barnes
Contact Numbers
Meeting Date: Second Thursday of each
month at 9:30 am at the Faith Luthern
Sunshine Contact: Pat Stoiber
Newsletter: Peggy Helmer
[email protected] 922-1061
Hot Springs Area Quilt Guild:
Little Rock Quilt Guild:
Quilting Tips
Today I was cutting some strips of
fabric with my rotary cutter and a
ruler. My ruler kept slipping, causing
my cutting line to go crooked. This has
happened to me so many times. It
drives me nuts! Then a light bulb went
off in my brain. My husband uses
painters tape for a zillion things, so
why not try taping each end of the
ruler so it will stay in place while I am
cutting. It worked! Why hadn't I
thought of this before?
I was able to re-use the tape for several
cuts. It was still sticky even then. I was
using a 2 inch metal ruler, but I'm sure
it would work on plastic as well. I
used the blue painters tape (2 inch
wide) and taped some onto the ruler,
leaving about 2 inches free to tape to
my cutting board. I hope other sewers
and quilters will find this tip a great
By Judy in AL