Dear Year 9 Parent/Carer, out we’ve partnered with myEd.

Dear Year 9 Parent/Carer,
This year as part our BYOD program roll-out we’ve partnered with myEd.
myEd is a secure, easy to use online learning platform that makes it easy for your child’s
teachers to share engaging learning activities, resources, homework and feedback with your
As part of our partnership with myEd, Turramurra HS and the P&C have collaborated with myEd
to develop a Parent Portal which will enable you as a parent to participate in your child’s
learning journey.
With your Parent Account you can:
View a beautiful timeline of your child’s learning activity for both in class work and
Overview of the activities, homework, assignments and projects with your child’s
progress and the due dates - say goodbye to the “I didn’t know it was due conversation!”
The actual activities, questions and content that you child is working on - so you can
actually help you child with their school work because you can now see it!
View teacher feedback on any work your child has submitted or completed
View your child’s work and submissions
Receive daily or weekly email notifications of your child’s progress
myEd’s Parent Portal is accessible online on any device - mobile, tablet or computer, 24-7.
Watch this 2-min video here to see the Parent Portal in action:
We’re currently rolling out the pilot of our Parent Portal, and you’ve been selected to participate.
To join your child’s learning journey at Turramurra HS, follow these steps:
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click the ‘Get Started’ button and type in your Name, Email address and create a
password and hit ‘Enter Parent Portal’ button.
Step 3: Ask your child to ‘Link their Account’ to yours which will enable you to see your child’s
progress. Your child can link their account, by simply logging into their account from your Parent
Portal using their school email address and myEd password.
To login at any point, all you will then need is your name, and the password you have just
If you have any questions about accessing your child’s account, please feel free to email the
team at myEd at [email protected]
The myEd team and THS Technology team