Janam Enterprises, Inc.
Presents the
OCTOBER 25, 2014
Featuring the
Halloween Haunter Mounted
Costume Class
Post Office Drawer 416
Lloyd, Florida 32337
Sanctioned by the
Southern Hunter Jumper Association
Featuring USHJA Outreach
Amy O. Center
Janet Cawley
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Post Office Box416
Lloyd, Florida 32337
A Hunter Jumper Equestrian Facility offering:
Lessons - hunter, jumper, equitation
Training - on- and off-site
Clinics - on- and off-site
Horse shows
Call for prices, availability, and description of horses for sale.
SHJA 2015 Dates
Dates will be confirmed October 28th and fall dates are subject to change )
December 20, 2014 Cavallo Farms
January 10, 2015 Cavallo Farms
February 14 Flying Colors Farm
March 7 Coventry Farms
March 28 Cavallo Farms
April 25 Flying Colors Farm
May 9 Coventry Farms
June 6 Cavallo Farms
August 29 Cavallo Farms
September 12 Flying Colors Farm
September 26 Coventry Farms
October 17 Cavallo Farms
November 7 Flying Colors Farm
November 21 FINALS Cavallo Farms
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Cavallo Farms would like to wish
you a safe and Spooktacularly
Fun Halloween. We thank you
for supporting our horse shows
and welcome your comments and
Directions to Cavallo Farms:
*Traveling East or West on I-10, exit at SR 59
(Exit #217).
*Turn south onto SR59
*Travel approximately 1/2 a mile to a caution
*Turn left onto Old Lloyd Road
*Travel 4/10 of a mile and turn left onto Lloyd
Subdivision Road.
*Follow signs to Horse Show Entrance
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Dear Equestrians,
Another year has passed and we are ready for some
spooky fun!! Our annual Cavalloween Spooktacular
is here and we can’t wait to see the costumes this
year for the Halloween Haunter mounted costume
class at the end of the day. We have added some
new ribbon categories this year so please take note
of those at the bottom of the show schedule.
This show year is almost wrapped up, only this show
and the Finals on November 15th at Flying Colors
Farm. Mark your calendars for the SHJA Year End
Banquet on December 6th at the Capital City Country
Club. It will be a great evening of food, fun, dancing,
and great prizes.
1600 Summit Lake Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32317
(850) 219-7000
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Please take note of the local shows dates for next
year listed on the opposite page. Mark your
calendars and plan on supporting great shows at
local farms in your backyard!
You can reach us at (850) 997-1655 or email at
[email protected]! Let us
know of anything else we can do to
lend you a “severed” hand!
Have a ghoulishly great show!
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Horse Show Rules
Individuals on the grounds are responsible for knowing
the rules.
2. This show is a single-point horse show approved by the
Southern Hunter Jumper Association (SHJA) and governed by SHJA rules and those of the USEF.
3. Approved riding helmets are required to be worn in all
classes, and for any person mounted on a horse or pony
anywhere on the show grounds.
4. Schooling will be confined to designated areas.
5. No number will be issued until the entry form is signed
and payment received by the Show Secretary.
6. Show management reserves the right to combine or cancel
classes with appropriate notice.
7. Schooling in the rings may be conducted from 12 Noon
until 6:00 PM, Friday before the show. There will be no
schooling the morning of the show. Riders may hack in
both rings the morning of show.
8. Any act of discourtesy to a judge or show official on the
part of any trainer, owner, rider or groom will result in the
immediate disqualification of any horse with which they
are associated and the forfeiture of entry fees. Show management reserves the right to expel anyone from the property.
9. Parking is permitted in designated parking areas only.
10. All dogs must be on a leash.
11. There will be no exceptions to the fee schedule. Please
note the pre-entry fee deadlines.
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Page 9
Membership Application
FOR THE SHOW YEAR: 20 ______
____ Individual Membership $25
____ Family Membership $45
____ Carol Windham Scholarship Fund $ ______
Name: __________________________________
If Family; List Riders: ______________________
Address: _________________________________
Phone: __________________________________
EMAIL: ________________________________
DOB (Jr’s Only) __________________________
Would you like to ride on a team?
Join the fun!
Calling all Middle& High school students.
No need to leave your current trainer or
Join in on the fun and experience college
type competition.
It is not too late to join!!
Deadline to join is November 1st
For more information:
[email protected]
(850) 997-1655
Mail application with check to:
Post Office Box 14363 • Tallahassee, Fl • 32317
CHECK # _________________ Amount # __________________
Show name and date where joining ___________________________________
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Check out and to learn more about the
Tallahassee Riding Academy and the
Page 5
Interscholastic Equestrian Association.
Both rings start at 8am
October 25, 2014
Ms. Jan Massaro “R”
Summerfield, FL
Ms. Kathleen Cohn
Ocala, FL
Show Managers
Amy Center & Janet Cawley
Jackie Gordon
Paddock Masters
Ms. Toni McDuffie
Amy Center or Janet Cawley
(850) 997-1655
EMT on site service: provided by the Lloyd Volunteer Fire
For Class Descriptions please visit
1. Warm Up Ring A
23. Low Hunter u/s
21/22. Low Hunter o/f
12/13. Modified Child Hunter o/f
17. Modified Child Eq. o/f
18. Modified Child Hunter u/s
19. Modified Child Eq. Flat
20. SHJA Mini-Medal/USHJA Silver
171. USHJA Silver Hunter Challenge
27/28Adult Hunter o/f
29. Adult Eq. o/f
31. Adult Hunter u/s
32. Adult Eq. Flat
172. USHJA Gold Hunter Challenge
36. SHJA Medal/USHJA Gold Medal
37/38 Children’s Hunter o/f
40. Children’s Hunter u/s
47. 15-17 Equitation o/f
48. 15-17 Equitation Flat
49. 12-14 Equitation o/f
46. 12-14 Equitation Flat
2/3 Schooling Hunter o/f
4. Schooling Hunter u/s
121/122 Int. Hunter o/f
126. Intermediate Eq. o/f
123. Intermediate Hunter u/s
128. Intermediate Eq. Flat
170. USHJA Bronze Hunter Challenge
181. Puddle Jumper Table II2(b)
182. Puddle Jumper Table III
5. Hopeful Jumper Table II 2(b)
6. Hopeful Jumper Table III
59. Training Jumper Table II 2 (b)
60. Training Jumper Table III
63. Child/Adult Jumper Table II 2 (b)
64. Child/Adult Jumper Table III
67. Warm-Up Ring B
88/89. Short Stirrup Hunter o/f
93. Short Stirrup Equitation o/f
90. Short Stirrup Hunter u/s
91. Short Stirrup Equitation Flat
98/99. Long Stirrup Hunter o/f
103. Long Stirrup Equitation o/f
100. Long Stirrup Hunter u/s
105. Long Stirrup Equitation Flat
74. Leadline
75. Walk
165. Walk Over Poles
166. Walk and Trot one at a time
68. Walk-Trot Equitation
69. Walk-Trot Pleasure
70. Walk-Trot u/s
167. Walk-Trot Over Poles
78/79. X-Rails Beginner Rider o/f
80. X-Rails Beginner Rider u/s
83/84. X-Rails Green Horse o/f
85. X-Rails Green Horse u/s
96. Pleasure Pony
97. Pleasure Horse
173. USHJA Bronze Medal
118. 11 & Under Equitation o/f
120. 11 & Under Equitation Flat
179. Pony Equitation o/f
180. Pony Equitation Flat
7/8. Pony Hunter o/f
Pony Hunter u/s
112/113. Child Pony Hunter o/f
114. Children’s Pony Hunter u/s
106. Baby Green Hunter o/f
107. Baby Green Hunter o/f
108 Baby Green Hunter u/s
176/177. Mini Hunter o/f
Mini Hunter u/s
*Warm up will be a Red/Blue: Scores of 76 and above will receive a blue ribbon
and Scores of 70—75 will receive a red ribbon.
Mounted Costume Class will begin 30 minutes after the last class of the day. Awards will be given to;
Page 6
Funniest; Scariest; Most Original; Cutest; Best Group;
Overall; Fanciest, Best Political Costume, Best Movie Costume, Best Horse, Most Traditional, and Honorable Page 7