COUNCIL MEETING Wednesday 22 October 2014

Members are summoned to attend a Meeting
of the Town Council to be held at 7.45pm on
Wednesday 22 October 2014
at 1 Buckingham Court, Rectory Lane, Loughton
to transact the business as shown in the agenda.
Enid K Walsh
Town Clerk
October 2014
Cllr S Weston (Town Mayor)
Cllr J Jennings (Deputy Town Mayor)
Cllr P Abraham
Cllr J Bostock
Cllr L Girling
Cllr S Murray
Cllr C P Pond
Cllr J Angold-Stephens
Cllr M Chalk
Cllr I Lawrence
Cllr M Owen
Cllr E Stacey
Cllr K Angold-Stephens
Cllr C Davies
Cllr J Mahoney
Cllr S Pewsey
Cllr T Thomas
Note to Councillors:
If you are unable to attend the meeting,
please phone your apologies
to the office on 020 8508 4200
Cllr P Beales
Cllr T Downing
Cllr H Mann
Cllr C C Pond
Cllr D Wixley
Council Meeting 22 October 2014
Apologies for Absence
To receive any apologies for absence.
Declarations of Interest
For Councillors to declare any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest in any items on the
Confirmation of Minutes
To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 30 July 2014.
Public Representations
To adjourn the meeting to hear any representations from members of the public who
have registered a request to address the Council in accordance with Standing Order
no 1(h).
Questions Without Discussion
To answer any questions which have been submitted in accordance with Standing
Order no 8.
Town Mayor’s Engagements and Announcements
The Town Mayor will report on any events she has attended to represent the Town
Matters for Report
To report any further significant information on matters which have been previously
discussed, in addition to those which may already be included on the Agenda.
Appointment of Members, and Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman,
of Council Committees for 2014/15 – Min no 144
The Council is asked to consider the vacancy on the Planning and Licensing
Committee arising from the resignation of Cllr Pewsey from this Committee on
8 September 2014.
UK Town Maps
The Town Council has been approached by UK Town Maps, a company that
produces the district, city, borough, and town maps seen at superstores, in
high streets and on stations. The maps are A0 sized in full colour and provide
information about the town and advertisement space for local businesses.
The company is offering the large box (428mm x 164mm) at the head of the
map as a ‘community banner’ free of charge to help promote the Town Council
and local services. The design would be at the choice of the Council with the
art work carried out by the company again at no cost.
The Council is asked to CONFIRM that it wishes to take advantage of this
More information may be viewed at
Council Meeting 22 October 2014
Reports from Members on Outside Organisations
To receive brief reports from representatives on outside organisations
Council representatives on outside organisations are requested to make a
written report, which is attached to the Agenda, on meetings which they have
attended. A verbal report can be made on meetings attended within ten days
of the Council meeting.
The following reports have been received:
Essex Association of Local Councils, “Making the Links” Annual
Conference and AGM – 18 September 2014 – Cllr Wixley and the
Town Clerk.
EALC Larger Local Councils Forum – 14 October 2014 – Cllr Wixley
and the Town Clerk.
See pages 5 – 6.
Reports from Committees
Planning and Licensing
Held on 18 August, 8 and 22 September and 6 October 2014.
Held on 10 September 2014.
Environment and Heritage
Held on 22 August and 17 September 2014.
Resources and General Services
Held on 8 October 2014.
Standing Orders Review
To AGREE the recommendation made by the Resources and General Services
Committee (Min no RG172.3) as follows:
In order to address the amendment to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act
1960 (‘the 1960 Act’) made by the Openness of Local Government Bodies
Regulations 2014 (“the 2014 Regulations”), Section 1(r) of the current Standing Order
is to be replaced with the following:
A person may not orally report or comment about a meeting as it takes place
if he/she is present at the meeting of the Town Council or its committees, but
otherwise may;
film, photograph or make an audio recording of a meeting;
use any other means for enabling persons not present to see or hear
proceedings at a meeting as it takes place or later; and
report or comment on the proceedings in writing during or after a
meeting or orally report or comment after the meeting.
The Local Council Award Scheme
This is a new scheme to be launched nationally in January 2015 to replace the
Quality Parish Council scheme. At its meeting on 8 October 2014, the Resources
and General Services Committee approved the action of the Town Clerk in putting the
Council Meeting 22 October 2014
Council forward as one of the pilot councils in Essex for this scheme aiming to have
reached the Quality Gold award.
Details of the scheme and draft criteria will be circulated to members under separate
cover. Please note: these are still subject to alteration as the pilot progresses.
As required by the scheme, the Council is asked to consider the criteria and then
CONFIRM that it meets all the requirements for the Foundation and Quality
Standards and also that it has:
published on its website the items listed in the criteria; and
ii. prepared short statements showing how it ensures value for money, meets its
duties in relation to bio-diversity and crime and disorder, provides leadership in
planning and manages the performance of the Council.
Enid K Walsh
16 October 2014
Council Meeting 22 October 2014
Agenda item 8.1
Essex Association of Local Councils, “Making the Links” Annual Conference
and AGM
The 69th AGM followed the usual format with the presentation of the EALC’s Annual
Report and Accounts of the Association for 2013/14. Essex County Council was
thanked for the grants and support of the EALC in its move to new premises in Great
Dunmow. The affiliation fees for 2015/16 were to remain at the current level, noting
that NALC had yet to set its fees. The EALC was pleased to announce that all parish
and town councils in Essex were now members of the Association.
Presentations were received from:
Cllr Mick Page, Deputy Cabinet Member for Libraries, Communities and Planning, at
Essex County Council. Cllr Page confirmed his support for local councils and that
ECC’s budget cuts would not jeopardise the Community Initiatives Fund.
Rob Ashford, Locality Director for the East of England Ambulance Service, who talked
about the Ambulance Service and how it works in Essex. He commented on the
6 per cent increase in calls to the service over the past year. The service employed
104 ambulances, 49 rapid responses vehicles (paramedics), helicopters, doctors,
hazardous rescue teams.
Target times were currently for red incidents between 8 – 19 minutes and for green,
20, 30 or 60 depending on the rating.
In Essex, the 70 active community responders (volunteers) attended over 800
incidents last year.
Mr Ashford confirmed his strong support for the installation of defibrillators in villages
and towns.
Andrew Harrison, Managing Director of Stansted Airport, who reported on Stansted
under new ownership and planning for the future.
Stansted was now owned by the Manchester Airports Groups (MAG) and dealt with
over 44 million passengers a year. Following a lack of infrastructure investment over
the past 5 years by the then owners, BAA, £80 million of improvements were
underway with completion planned for the autumn of 2015. This would help create
some 300 new jobs. The airport was investing in training opportunities for the local
community by creating a skills academy.
In response to questions, Mr Harrison confirmed that whilst capacity would increase,
there would be no new runway until at least 2030. He also clarified that night flights
were restricted to a limit of 7,000 in winter and 5,000 in the summer until 2017. The
future of some 269 properties affected by the proposed second runway was still under
Members were encouraged to respond to the airport’s sustainable development
consultation which runs until 7 November 2014. More information may be found at
The Chief Constable of Essex Police, Stephen Kavanagh, provided an update on
current policing in the county, achievements during the last year and plans for the
future. He detailed the new arrangements for engaging with the local communities,
which include weekly opportunities to meet with PCSOs (street meetings) and formal
community meetings in every district every 8 weeks.
Details of the local meetings in Loughton may be found at
Council Meeting 22 October 2014
The next community meeting for Loughton is on 6 November 2014, from 7pm – 8pm
in St Mary's Church, 201 High Road, Loughton, IG10 1BB. This is held by the local
Neighbourhood Policing Team for the residents of Loughton, Buckhurst Hill and
Chigwell to come along and discuss any issues they have.
EALC Larger Local Councils Forum
This meeting held in the Foakes Hall, Great Dunmow, included the following
Halstead in Bloom by Julia Smith, Secretary of the Halstead in Bloom
Volunteers. Halstead have been gold winners in the Anglia in Bloom
competition. Mrs Smith spoke about the work of the volunteers and the
benefits to the town, both social and environmental.
EALC update by Joy Darby, CEO, and details of the 2015 training course
calendar. There was to be a session on the new Audit Regulations on
25 February 2015 and a Police Partnership Conference on 25 March 2015.
The new Local Council Award Scheme by Charlotte Eisenhart, Improvement
and Development Manager at NALC.
SLCC update by Paul Beckerson, Secretary to the Essex Branch.
Paul provided details of a networking event on 4 November 2014 at Shalford.
NALC update by Cllr John Buchannan, EALC representative.
The Tour de France comes to Saffron Walden by Town Clerk, Simon Lloyd,
an entertaining account of the spectacle and the impact on the town.