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SATURDAY 10.25.2014
LOCATION/DIRECTIONS: Belmont Stock Farm: 1268 Kirby Road, East Burke, VT (1.6 miles from Kingdom Trails
HQ). From East Burke, head up in the direction of the ski area, make a slight RIGHT onto Mountain Road, then first
RIGHT onto Kirby Road ( do not take Maple Lane). Proceed 1.4 miles. Event parking is in a big field on the left hand side
of the Kirby Road.
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
10:15 AM
Each category will be called to line 15 minutes in advance of start time for mass start. For bikes, neutral starts for several
hundred meters of dirt road in Kirby. “Self–seeding” in rows according to perceived fitness level. NOTE: Steep climb
follows 1 mile after the start.
$55 Online at until Wednesday, October 24th at 11:45 PM. $65 thereafter at Kingdom Trails office in East
Burke or on October 25th from 7 to 9 AM at the registration tent in the field at the Belmont Stock Farm on the morning of
October 25th , if any of the 500 spots are still available.
RULES ALL PARTICIPANTS: Safety first and use common sense!
SAFETY FIRST/ FOLLOW RULES OF ROAD: There are a few places that the route jumps on the roads in East
Burke. We will have road guards as much as possible, but please follow the rules of the road (don’t jump out in
front of a car, look both ways, etc.)
PASSING ETIQUETTE: Warn before passing and be courteous, if you are being passed, do your best to move
LITTER: You will use State Forest and private land in a pristine corner of Vermont. Keep spent GU packs in your
pockets. You will get extra points for stopping and picking up any litter.
A PORT-A-POTTY is located in Victory, for those who have to “go” mid-race.
NO DOGS for safety of participants and out of respect for landowners along the way.
to and from the event. Favorable reception by the local community is essential.
PREPARE FOR ADVERSITY: Cyclists bring a spare tube, pump or CO2 cartridge, chain-tool and allen keys. No
in-situ mechanical support. Consider packing an extra layer and possibly a raincoat to avoid hypothermia in case
of mishap.
safely and we don’t need to send out a search party. Don’t shortcut to your car. Let us know if you took a bypass
during the course as well (e.g., switched categories).
1st Leg: Start south on Ridge Road, left on Locust Ridge Rd., right on snowmobile trail heading to Bennett Rd. turn left.
Begin climb.
Climb #1 + Descent: Ascend steep jeep trail to CCC Trail junction, then descend on jeep trail for ¾ mile before turning
sharp left over bridge on flat logging trail. This state trail crosses Weir Mill Brook after 1 mile. Riders must portage here
(No Bridge). Take care.
Climb #2 + Descent: Climb on singletrack and log trail to 1800 ft elevation on Victory Hill, short 100 ft. descent across
pallet bridge and 100 ft. reclimb to very technical Clodhopper singletrack descent (1st Strava Enduro Section) to Weir
Mill Brook.
Climb #3: Climb up on singletrack to Feedzone#2 and onward up log road to top, turn right down jeep trail - up short
uphill to Leif’s trail (begin 2nd Strava Enduro section) for a long descent followed by cross country singletracks back to
“the field”). Mountain Runners and C’Burke 18 will bypass this section climb near the bottom, going across ‘the field”
directly to Feedzone#3). When the main route returns to the field, it briefly rejoins the bypass route for ½ mile and then
splits away again and begins the final climb in Victory.
Climb #4 +Descent: Climb and descent on inner loop beginning and ending in “the field” below Feed Zone #3.
After a short climb to the spooky Farmhouse, the route hits Feed Zone #3.
Return to East Burke: The CircumBurke heads back towards East Burke via a gravel pit, the "Gold trail" to the North
Pasture Trail. Magill Fields, exit at the Trillium Trail exit and turn left onto Pinkham Road and follow for a mile and left
onto Parr's Yard them right onto Shire, cross Mountain Road remain on Shire. Shire ends on Lodge Road, turn right and
cross Burke Mountain Access road to Lower parking lot, through parking lot past Trail kiosk onto Red Trail to
Kirby Connector up to Finish.Red Trail and Kirby Connector to Belmont Stock Farm.
CIRCUMBURKE 18 & MOUNTAIN RUNNING ROUTE: This slightly abbreviated CircumBurke loop around Burke &
Umpire mountains (See map for more information) bypasses two singletrack loops in Victory (Climb#3 and Climb#4). It
still climbs from Kirby to Victory and up Victory Hill from the State Trail and descends the difficult 1.5 mile Clodhopper
singletrack to “the Field” in Victory before heading northwards to East Burke via the State of Vermont “Gold Trail”. It
involves at least 1750 feet of climbing.
Two bypasses of the long route occur in “the field” in Victory after the Clodhopper and Brook trails (first bypass is
around mile 7 and are clearly marked with NEON ORANGE arrows indicating right hand turns. The second bypass
occurs ¾ mile later in the middle of “the field”. At each bypass CircumBurke 25 and 50 milers will go left and follow red
arrows at this point. Signs will be very explicit, however it is possible to go the wrong way if you are not paying attention.
CircumBurke 25ers may elect to switch to the CircumBurke 18 category after completing the first two major
climbs (Climb #1 and Climb #2) by obtaining a sticker from the marshal at the 1st bypass (fork) before entering “the field
in Victory”. The switch sticker will be affixed on your number and indicate to the timers and finish volunteers that you
changed options. If you switch events, please also notify the volunteers working the finish area that you have switched, in
case they cannot see the sticker. Any rider who has not passed the bypass by 12:00 pm will be diverted to the 18-mile
route. Similarly, anyone who appears to be at risk will be diverted as well. Safety and a good experience is our number
one concern.
CIRCUMBERZERK 50 MILER: For their 2nd lap, endurance riders will pass through the start/finish. Cut-off time for the
first lap will 3 hours and 30 minutes. Feed station #3 is the only station which will be stocked during the first
CircumBerzerker lap, so stock some extra fuel.
ENDURO Two self-service enduro classifications will be generated over “Clodhopper” and” Leif’s+” (after second feed
zone, marked) on, for riders use smart phones or other GPS devices with Strava activated during the event.
Water in cups or directly from a cooler and an assortment of food from local producers or local markets (bars, bagels, VT
made specialties, bananas, oranges and chips). If you require special food or beverages, please bring them.
Feed Zone#1: Bottom of CCC Road Descent in Victory: Mile 3.5 * All distances here are rough estimates.
Feed Zone #2: Middle of Climb (#3) on Log Road in Victory: Mile 9
Feed Zone #3: “The Field”: Mile 8.5 for CircumBurke 18 & Mountain Run, Mile 13 for CircumBurke and Berzerk.
Feed Zone#4: North Pasture in East Burke: Mile 8.5 for CircumBurke 18 & Mtn. Run, Mile 13 for CircumBurke and
Final Waterstop: East Burke
COURSE MARKING/SIGNAGE: RED is the dominant marking color along CircumBurke route. (Red diamonds with black
arrows, blank red diamonds or red wooden signs with white arrows) as well as white foam-board signs with red or black
arrows reading, “CircumBurke”, which will be employed at major turns. Brush piles & tape are used to block
intersections. Don’t jump these!
Neon ORANGE arrows signal two key RIGHT hand turns which initiate the bypasses for the CircumBurke 18ers and
Mountain Runners. At these two forks*, Mountain Runners and 18ers will be diverted northwards through the pasture,
while the CircumBurke 25ers and Berserkers will divert to the LEFT and begin Victory Hill Climbs #3 and #4,
respectively. *After Climb #3 and the Leif’s descent, the Full CircumBurkers and Berzerkers will briefly rejoin the route
of the 18ers and Runners for approximately ¾ mile at the bottom of the pasture before turning to the LEFT for the
Climb#4 and final loop in Victory.
MAP: The 2014 route is very similar to the 2013 map ( except
for the trails in Victory. Take a look or search Strava data for a more detailed look. Our key concern is working on the
trail to make it safe and visible (leaf blowing, marking, erosion control), but if time allows, we will map it and post the
new route.
Don’t lose your lunch ticket, consider it to be cash. No replacements. Tickets for friends & family can be purchased.
The prize raffles include a modest assortment of product schwag from the CircumBurke’s generous and faithful sponsors.
Two raffles will occur; the first at around 2:30 for those who have finished already and the second raffle at 3:30 pm for
those who spend a little longer on the course. This way, everyone is accommodated and appreciated regardless of finish
time. We may shift times according to when we have a critical mass of participants in the tent.
TIMING: Fun, camaraderie and survival are our main objectives. However our volunteers will provide basic “courtesy”
timing. The unofficial gathered timing data and finish orders will not be posted until the following day, instead of
immediately after the event, due uncertain electricity supply and internet connectivity at venue.
Bike “sweepers” will follow the main CircumBurke and Mountain Running waves. Emergency personnel will also be
stationed at key points along the course in the case that you need assistance. If you have an emergency or see an injured
participant please call the following numbers and/or try to ask another participant to notify someone at the nearest
food/aid station (every 4-6 miles) or marshal the road crossings (in East Burke only).
Emergency cell phone numbers: Tim Tierney (Victory) 802.535.5662, John McGill (Victory) 202 680-0448.. Laury
Saligman (in E. Burke) 802.505.0582.
We are so grateful for the support from the community – individuals and organizations – who have put their time and
resources behind this event. We have a great array of sponsors including bike shops, clothing companies, hotels, banks,
and a wonderful dentist. Please support these organizations because they offer excellent products and services. And, they
are here for us, supporting the trails and what we love to do.
Scott T Bedell Dental Associates
Lyndon Institute
Community National Bank
St J Academy
Village Sport Shop
Poulos Insurance
Old Cavendish
VT Smoke and Cure
Owl Energy Bars
Black River Produce/ Brian
COGO Coconut Smoothies
Green Mountain Creamery
King Arthur Flour
Catamount Arts
VT Brownie Company
Old Cavendish
VT Smoke and Cure
Burke Mountain Confectionery
Kingdom Farm Lodge
Kingdom Canine Center
VT State Parks
Craftsbury Outdoor Center
Miss Lyndonville Diner
Garuka Bars
East Burke Market
Onion River Sports
East Burke Sports
Village Sport Shop