The Last Sunday after Trinity Sunday 26 October 2014
The Last Sunday after Trinity
Sunday 26th October 2014
Welcome to St Mary’s. If you are a newcomer please introduce yourself to
one of the clergy or fill in and hand to one of us the detachable section of our
new Welcome Bookmark. Do come and join us for coffee in Church House
(opposite the North Door) after the 9.35am service.
The Collect
Blessed Lord,
who caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning:
help us so to hear them,
to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest them
that, through patience, and the comfort of your holy word,
we may embrace and for ever hold fast
the hope of everlasting life,
which you have given us in our Saviour Jesus Christ,
who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. Amen.
8.00am – Holy Communion
Canon Michael Roden
9.35am –Sung Communion
President & Preacher:
Processional Hymn:
Lesson Readings:
Prayers are led by:
Offertory Hymn:
The Revd Hilary Oakley
Matthew Harrison
156 Come down, O Love divine – Down Ampney
Deuteronomy 34:1-12 read by Tony Read
1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 read by Rosemary Read
Psalm 119:9-16 (see page 4)
Luke 10:25-37
Gina Abbatt
423 Thanks to God, whose word was spoken – St
Please take your bulletin home
Waiting for the word – Skellern (see page 4)
166 Lord, thy word abideth - Ravenshaw
180 Thou, whose almighty word - Moscow
Communion Hymn:
Recessional Hymn:
11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
President & Preacher:
Offertory Hymn:
Final Hymn:
The Revd Hilary Oakley
156 Come down, O Love divine – Down Ampney
166 Lord, thy word abideth - Ravenshaw
180 Thou, whose almighty word - Moscow
6:30pm Evening Prayer
Officiant & Preacher:
Old Testament Lesson:
New Testament Lesson:
Canon Michael Roden
Ecclesiastes 11,12 read by Stephen Holland
1 Timothy 2:1-7
Forthcoming Services
Morning Prayer (9:05am) and Midday Prayer (12:15pm) is said on Mondays,
Tuesdays and Fridays
Tuesday 28 October
10am Holy Communion
Thursday 30 October 12.15pm Holy Communion
Sunday 2 November
8am Holy Communion
All Saints
9:35am Sung Communion
11.15am Storyteller
6:30pm Evensong for All Souls “In Loving
Tuesday 4 November
10am Mothers’ Union Corporate
Thursday 6 November 12.15pm Holy Communion
Sunday 9 November
8am Holy Communion
Remembrance Sunday
9:35am Sung Communion
11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
2:30pm Royal British Legion Remembrance
Readings for 2 November:
Morning Services: Revelation 7:9-end; Psalm 34:1-10; 1 John 4:1-3; Matthew
Evening Service: Psalm 23, Ecclesiastes 3:1–8, NT: Romans 8:35–39
Please take your bulletin home
Prayers for people
We pray for all those who are to be married, including: Donata Huggins &
Timothy Lees
We pray for all who are ill, and by name for: Julia Stocker, Alan and Jean
Bailey, Colin Atkinson, Adrian Lucas, Liz Hughes, Bernie Bottesch, Ron
Walters, Charlotte Sabey-Corkindale, Paul Rushby, Paul, Katherine.
…and we pray for all who love and care for them.
We pray for church members at home or in residential care: Sheila
Axtens, Dennis Cole, John Coxall, Roma Greenaway, Adrian and Sanda
Haigh, Cameron Harrison, Alice Hazelwood, Edith Ingram, Mollie Jenkins,
Angela McNally, Cynthia Myers, Sheila Pay, Joan Randall, Shirley Robinson,
Peg Saunders, Bill Shinn, Mark Vincent.
…and we pray for all who love and care for them.
We also pray for: Ann, Anna, David, John Dyson-Cannon, Ethel Edwards,
Mary Foster, Margaret Gorman, Jenny Hall, Helen, Clive Holmes, Jacquie, Jill,
Brian Jones, Emily Kilby, Hanna King, Michael Laurens, Alan Lawson, Linda
Menzies, Dot Milton, Agnes Emmanuel Odiachi, Orla, Jean Pay, Jane Peace,
Ian Stewart, Paul Street, John Toll, Eileen Warren, Bob West, Lewis Willis,
Jenny Yateman.
…and we pray for all who love and care for them.
We remember before God those who have died: Margaret Warwick, Ted
Hone, Marie Tudball, Beth Buffett, Eileen McLeod
…and we pray for those who mourn.
Prayers for the World Church
The capital town in Belize, Belmopan, (Central America), was rebuilt after a
hurricane in 1961, along the lines of Welwyn Garden City. A parish priest
from England has had a 9 month placement there, (arranged by US). She
was serving as a parish priest at St Ann's Church, in Belmopan, and found
an interesting mixture of cultures, languages, food and music. She writes of
the great privilege she felt in taking up that ministry, and the enrichment she
gained. Let us pray for all volunteers who take up US placements, and for
their witness on return to the UK. (Belize is one of the 4 Caribbean linked
dioceses with St Albans.)
Please take your bulletin home
Psalm 119: 9-16
9. How shall a young man’s / path be / pure:
un/ less he / keep to . your / word?
10. I have sought you with my / whole / heart:
let me not / stray from / your commandments.
11. I have treasured your / words . in my / heart:
that I / might not / sin a/ gainst you.
12. Blessèd are / you Lord / God:
O / teach me / your / statutes.
13. With my lips I / have been / telling:
all the / judgements / of your / mouth;
14. And I find more joy in the way of / your com/mands:
than in / all / manner . of / riches.
15. I will meditate / on your / precepts:
and give / heed / to your / ways;
16. For my delight is wholly / in your / statutes:
and I will / not for/get your / word.
Glory to the Father and / to the Son:
and / to the / Holy / Spirit;
as it was in the be/ginning is / now:
and shall be for / ever. / A/men
Sung Communion Anthem
Waiting for the Word – Peter Skellern (b.1947)
I could follow you, I could be so true, I’m just waiting for the word.
I could join the flock, I could be a rock, I’m just waiting for the word.
Let me know you’re here, call me loud and clear for as yet I have not
I could shine a light, I could fight the fight, I’m just waiting for the word.
I would heed the call, I would give my all, I’m just waiting for the word.
I would be a flame, I would blaze your name, I’m just waiting for the word.
Though my voice is weak, if you would but speak I would shout what I
have heard,
I would sing to you, I would cling to you, I’m just waiting for the word.
Please take your bulletin home
I will walk the way, I will kneel and pray while I’m waiting for the word.
I will do what’s right, I will seek the light while I’m waiting for the word.
Though I’m full of doubt do not turn me out, we are lost who have not
I will strive to be what you want of me while I’m waiting for the word.
Future Events
2 November 6.30pm Evensong for All Souls “In Loving Memory” The
names of those who have been in the bulletin over the past year will be read
out at this service. If you would like other people remembered, then do write
their names on the list at the back of the church. This will be placed on the altar
at the beginning of the service.
6 Nov 7:30pm Wives’ Group Charity Quiz in Church House including a
Ploughman’s Supper, bring your own drink and glass. Tickets £6.00 from
Susan Franks 643691 or Eileen Turney 451050
13 Nov 8pm Mothers’ Union Meditation with Revd Jane Mainwaring in
Church House.
15 Nov St Mary’s Autumn Fair (see notice)
20 Nov 8pm Wives’ Group “Jewellery” by Di Mitchell in Church
Autumn Fair - Saturday 15th November
The Autumn fair will soon be upon us so I am asking you to sign up on the
list at the back of church if you are able to help on the day, even if it is only
for an hour or two. The Summer fair was a great team effort so I am hoping
that the Autumn fair will be as well. We are going to hold the fair in the
church this time. Just to reassure you our next church fair will be in Spring
Many thanks, Derry Charman
Please take your bulletin home
The pulpit flowers are given today by Joan Burton for the glory of God and
in loving memory of Violet Burton
Morning and midday Prayer These services are now taking place. Morning
Prayer is at 9:05am, and Midday Prayer at 12:15pm on Mondays, Tuesdays
and Fridays. You will be very welcome to come and join us in this part of our
prayer life at St Mary’s. These are short services, Morning Prayer is about
20 minutes and Midday Prayer about 15 minutes. We look forward to seeing
you. Pauline Sadler
Paid accompanist required for training choir. Rehearsals Tuesdays 4.305.15 and occasional Sunday service performances term time only.
Competent music students considered. Contact Ros Woodin 01462 453187.
07929 492886. [email protected]
50 Years a Reader! A big thank you to everybody for congratulations, kind
words and a rose for our garden on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of
my being admitted as a Reader in Wells Cathedral. I've been licensed in
three dioceses, Bath and Wells, St Albans (twice) and York where I was a
Reader in the College Chapel at what is now York St John University but
also took a lot of services in other York City churches and in the surrounding
towns and villages in interregnums and for clergy holidays in the College
vacations. I also devised and co-taught the first Diocesan Reader training
programme and helped with the York Readers association including
candidate selection and continuing ministerial education. It's good now to be
a member of the Hitchin Reader team. Thank you for welcoming me so
warmly. David Sellick
Very many thanks to all who kindly voted for Hitchin Shopmobility! 
We’ll let you know when Lloyds Community Fund tell us (wk beg: 2 Nov)
how we got on with your much appreciated help. Thanks again, Ann Norman
(Chair of Hitchin Shopmobility).
Please take your bulletin home
Please take your bulletin home
St Mary’s Contacts
Team Rector and Vicar - Canon Michael Roden  452758 in the first
instance, otherwise  434017. Please send all mail to Church House.
Michael’s day off is Wednesday.
Parish Office  452758 email: [email protected]
Team Rector's Secretary - Dorothy Grieves  432951
Churchwardens – Michael Taylor 459611, Robin Sternberg
684588 & Derry Charman 420665
Verger - Stephen Holland  07904 305743
Director of Music – Alan Childs 01582 883420
email: [email protected]
St Mary’s Facebook Page:
All other St Mary’s contacts are published on the first Sunday in the
month in the Bulletin Supplement.
St Mary’s, through its Charitable Giving Group, supports
AquAid Lifeline Fund’s Philip Veale Children’s Centre in
Malawi caring for over 150 orphans in Gomani. AquAid can
provide a whole month’s child care for just £8. Ask Robin
Sternberg  684588 for more details, or look on the Church
House noticeboard.
All communicant members of the Christian Church are
welcome to receive the bread and the wine at a celebration of
Holy Communion. Others are welcome at the altar rail to receive
a blessing. If you wish for a blessing please ask.
For very young churchgoers: Please feel free to be in church
during the services, but if you feel very distressed the choir
vestry (at the back of church) also doubles as the "early years
gurgling room". In there you will find a cabinet of toys. The room
has glass doors so that you and your parents can see and hear
services, but it also has an environment where you can feel at
ease to be yourself and gurgle away.
Words and music printed under CCL Licence No 224366
Details of future notices are needed by Wednesday and should be sent ideally
by email to [email protected] or left in the “Bulletin Editor” pigeon
hole at Church House.
The e-bulletin If you wish to be included in the email distribution of this bulletin, please send
an email as above. Tracy Watson
Please take your bulletin home