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The Orthodox Way
The Monthly Newsletter of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
October, 2014
USPS 600-160, No 10
St. Demetrios
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Monday - Friday
Mission Statement: “To proclaim the Gospel of Christ in the Orthodox
Tradition while creating a vibrant, loving, compassionate and supportive community.”
Are You a Martyr for Christ?
I recently had a discussion with a group of college students about the turmoil Christians are
currently facing in the Middle East. Christians are being killed for their belief in Jesus Christ. They are
being told to convert to Islam or be killed. Some are even tortured and beheaded. During this discussion
Phone: 206-631-2500
one person remarked, “If I was in that situation I would just say I wasn’t a Christian. I know in my heart
that I believe in Christ. But why should I let this crazy person who just wants to kill Christians take my
Rentals: 206-631-2515
life? Is that a sin?”
That’s a poignant and difficult question. And I was tempted to agree. What good would it do to
die at the hands of some man with such hatred in his heart? Thankfully and as is always the case, we can
Parish Directory
turn to Christ for the answer.
Rev.Fr. Photios Dumont
We just finished th+6e season of the Holy Cross, in which Christ tells us, “Whoever desires to
Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save
his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel's will save it. For what will it
[email protected]
profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? [Mark 8:34-37]
Dn. Daniel Triant
Whoever desires to save his life will lose it! To achieve salvation, eternal life with God, we
must give up our lives in this temporary, material world. This concept is something the saints of the
[email protected]
church understood, which is why so many of them were martyrs. They took Christ’s words to heart and
Dn. Perry Angelos,Deacon
when they were put to the ultimate test, they responded by holding fast to their faith in Him, regardless
of the consequences.
[email protected]
In the month of October alone, we commemorate no less than nineteen martyrs. Even St.
Vasilios Lazarou, Chantor
Demetrios, the blessed patron saint of our Church, was stabbed with spears while praying in his prison
George Tsantilas
cell. This is because, as a commander in the army, he disobeyed emperor Maximian’s orders to perseParish Council President
cute and exterminate Christians. He gave up glory, wealth, and political power for Christ. But none of
pcpresithese sacrifices were as great as giving up his own life!
[email protected]
Most of us will not be called to give up our lives in quite this same way for Christ, but we have
Lefteris Sitaras
already been faced with many small acts of martyrdom. Whether we
Youth Ministry Director
Inside this Issue
realize it or not, our faith is constantly being tested. Do we recognize
[email protected]
Serving Our Ministry
find ourselves justifying behavior we know goes against Christ’s teachSimoni Shirland
ings just to get around a particular situation? We tell ourselves, “I know Festival News/OCMC
Administrative Assistant
that I shouldn’t lie to keep from getting in trouble, but just this once...” News
or “I know shouldn’t gossip, but he really deserves it...” or “I know
[email protected]
Philoptochos News
shouldn’t steal this, but I really, really want it and it won’t hurt this
Maria Barbas
time...” We tell ourselves, “I know in my heart that I am a Christian, but
Financial/Stewardship Admin
I’ll just commit this sin this one time and that makes it okay.” Pretty Youth Ministry News
soon all of these little denials become one big denial. Before we’ve had Stewardship Update
[email protected]
time to add up all of the just-the-one-times, we find ourselves walking
Saundra Maroussis
away from Christ instead of following him. So, is denying Christ to save Stewardship Update
Hall Rental Manager
our own lives a sin? We know the story of Peter, the rock on whom Monthly Calendar
Ext. 2515,
[email protected] Christ founded his Church, who denied Christ when faced with this
question. But he deeply regretted doing so because he knew had ignored Announcements/
Paula Charuhas-Macris
Christ teachings. He had denied Him to save his own life. But Peter rec- Recognitions
Sunday School Director
Ext 2507,
ognized this, later repented, and dedicated himself to making amends by Parish Council President’s 10
[email protected]
building up the Church and spreading the Gospel to a multitude of Message
Susan Reichmann,
Philoptochos President
We must remember that Christianity is not always logical and Memorials & Vigil Lights/ 11
Stewardship, Continued
[email protected] does not always fit neatly in the present. Christ even admitted, “if they
Festival flyer/Family
(continued on Page 3)
Tedros Habte-Mezengi,
Retreat flyer
St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church - 2100 Boyer Avenue East - Seattle, Washington - 98112
The Orthodox Way is published monthly. Parishioners who wish to contribute content or announcements are asked to email information to
[email protected]; or by fax to 206-631-2550. Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church reserves the right to edit, alter or reject any content.
Church Services, Epistle and Gospel Readings
Church Service
Oct. 1st
Holy Protection of the Theotokos
Paraklisis Service, 6 pm
Agiva~ Skevph~
Paravklisi~, 6 m.m.
Oct. 5th
2nd Sunday of Luke
2h Kuriakhv Loukav
Oct. 8th
Paraklisis, 6 pm
Paravklisi~, 6 m.m.
Oct. 12th
Holy Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council
Agivwn Patevrwn th~ 7h~ Oikoumenikhv~ Sunovdou
Oct. 15th
Paraklisis, 6 pm
Paravklisi~, 6 m.m.
Oct. 18th
St. Luke the Evangelist
Agivou Loukav Euaggelistouv
Oct. 19th
3rd Sunday of Luke
3h Kuriakhv Loukav
Oct. 22nd
Paraklisis, 6 pm
Paravklisi~, 6 m.m.
Oct. 25th
Great Vespers for St. Demetrios, 6 pm
Mevga~ Esperinov~ Agivou Dhmhtrivou, 6 m.m.
Oct. 26th
St. Demetrios the Myrrh-Streamer
Agivou Dhmhtrivou tou Muroblhvtou
Oct. 29th
Paraklisis, 6 pm
Paravklisi~, 6 m.m.
Altar servers
Oct. 5th,
& 19th
Joseph Dumont, Peter Ales, Andrew Christianson, Nicholas Christianson, Theodore Looney, William
Grosvenor, Demetre Teodosiadis, Alex Rotar, Jack Hillman, Samir Kharoufeh, Paul Dudunakis, Peter
Dudunakis, Niko Pagones, Manoli P. Tramountanas, Manoli A. Tramountanas, Johnny Tramountanas,
Ethan Weigle.
Oct. 12th
& 26th
Joseph Dumont, Andrew Christianson, Nicholas Christianson, Theodore Looney, Demetre Teodosiadis,
John Christofilis, Nicholas Biros, Nasi Contoravdis, Niko Contoravdis, Themio Pallis, George Pallis,
Stassi Tsantilas, Yiannis Tsantilas, Phillip Stamolis, Anthony Sampson, James Konugres, Omar Mallouk, Stavros Panos.
Parish council servers
Oct. 5th
& 19th
Pam Plumis, George Papanastasiou, George Constantine, Dale Hazapis,
Evangelia Lagos, Bob Read, Louis Kotsakis
Oct. 12th
& 26th
George Tsantilas, John Ales, Tom Contoravdis, George Tramountanas, Jim Kost,
Stephanos Margaritis, Christos Psichos
Oct. 5th
Jack Hillman, in Greek and Lukas Diafos, in English
Oct. 12th
Theodora Teodosiadis, in Greek and Demetrios Konugres, in English
Oct. 19th
Theodore Looney, in Greek and Demetre Teodosiadis, in English
Oct. 26th
Andrew Christianson, in English
Sunday Offerings for September 2014
Fasting Type
Fish Allowed
Wine & Oil Allowed
Strict Fast
3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31
Sept. 7
$ 5,629.25
Sept. 14
$ 5,707.87
Sept. 21
$ 4,381.43
Sept. 28
$ 5,492.75
$ 21,211.30
Page 2
Festival Report
ctober 10,11,12 is rapidly approaching. If you have not
yet volunteered to work at the Festival please call one
of the Festival chairs or send me an email with your
availability. Also we need volunteers to help out the three
days before the Festival, starting with Tuesday October
7th assisting with booth set up and signage. Lunch is on us so
come on down to the Church and help us out.
The ladies have been busy baking every week with lots of
volunteers coming to help and getting the pastries done in
record time. Make sure you watch for scheduled baking events
and come on down. Big thanks to George Tramoutanas for
taking on the welcome booths and following in the footsteps of
his mother and father. George can use some volunteers to fill
shifts in the welcome booths handing out Festival flyers and
selling raffle tickets and shopping bags.
If you can volunteer some help in the main large hall kitchen or
if preparing the chickens and legs of lamb is your preference
please call either George Tsantilas or Jimmy Christo and get
Dance group will be dancing both in the tent and the dining
room this year, entertaining all of our guests.
Pre-sold Dinner tickets and raffle tickets have been coming in
regularly this year. Remember you must pre-pay for those
pre-sold dinner tickets prior to using them either before the
Festival or at the door.
All planning is completed and now only we need the good
weather, happy faces, and good times for all for this year’s
One more pre event meeting to be held soon.
Jim Kost, 2014 Festival Chair
(continued from Page 1)
hated me, they will hate you.” We naturally shy away from
embarrassment, ridicule, going against the crowd, or facing
judgement from our peers. But we must take strength from
Christ’s greatest glory--His death on the cross! And we must
always keep in mind the martyrs who gathered the courage to
keep their faith in extreme situations. The tests of faith then and
now are not extreme right away. They build up daily, in almost
every act, and they are just-the-one-times we should be adding
up. We are called to witness our faith in every situation in our
daily lives and when we fail, like Peter, repent of those sins.
This is what strengthens our faith in Christ and binds us together as Christians. It is through these small battles that we are
seeking salvation through Jesus Christ. I pray that each of us
draw strength from St. Demetrios, and all of the martyrs of the
Church, to continually witness our own faith in Jesus Christ.
everal years ago, the Patriarchs and other heads of all of
the world’s Orthodox Churches met in Constantinople.
They issued a far-reaching statement which included the
following in relation to missionary work:
“…evangelization of those who do not believe in Christ
constitutes the supreme duty of the Church.” And further they
said, “all Orthodox Churches must contribute to this
missionary effort….”
Here in the United States, world-wide Orthodox Mission work
is organized, implemented, and supported through the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), a Pan-Orthodox
agency headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida. OCMC sends
long-term Missionaries as well as short-term teams to many
countries. A number of our faithful from St. Demetrios have
served on these teams over the past 25 years.
OCMC also provides stipends to indigenous clergy; assists
with theological training and translations; works to establish
offices in mission countries for development and philanthropic work, establishes programs in women groups; builds
churches, schools, and medical facilities; fosters self-help
initiatives; sets up revolving loan funds; drills wells; helps
orphans; and more.
How can we help with this “supreme duty?” Pray for
Orthodox missions and missionaries. Offer generous financial
support through regular donations. See the OCMC display in
the hallway outside the Bookstore and pick up a donation box
for your home. For more information, go to or
contact Eugenia Macris at 425 -888-1327 or
[email protected]
Thank you in advance for helping to fulfill the Great
Commission of Christ to “Go therefore and make disciples of
all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of
the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19-20)
The Estiatorio Booth needs volunteers! All shifts
available. We would appreciated your help.
Thank you,
Chris and Heidi Stoumbos.
In Christ,
Dn. Daniel Triant
Page 3
Philoptochos News October 2014
Reflections….. and the way forward
Saint Demetrios Philoptochos Contacts:
As I enter into my last season as your Philoptochos president, I
am thinking about the legacy I would like to leave. To me, the
mission of Philoptochos is love….. how do we love each other
and how do we love those less fortunate than we are? I have
had the privilege for six years of working with a committed
group of women who serve not only our parish but others in the
local, national and international community who need our help.
It has been an honor to be a part of making a difference in the
lives of so many. Our mission statement says it best:
President: Susan Reichmann
[email protected] 425.772.1605
“To aid the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick,
the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed,
the handicapped, the victims of disasters, to undertake the burial of impoverished persons and to offer assistance to anyone
who may need the help of the Church through fund raising
St. Martin de Porres Men’s Shelter: Helen Kalasountas
425 641.0472
Thank you for your loving support of me all these years and
please join me in making my last year the very best it can be.
Welcome Diakonissa Michelle!
Camp Agape NW: Georgia Gianacos Steenis [email protected] 206.419.6867
Dress for Success: Georgene Karambelas 206.829.9337
Jubilee Women’s Shelter: Georgene Karambelas
Sunshine: Alice Panagakis 206.524.3290
Visitation: Kathy Mitalas [email protected] 206.824.8511
Upcoming Meeting Schedule:
All are welcome to attend our meetings and events:
October 16th - cook for St Martin de Porres Men’s Shelter
October 19th – regular meeting at church after Divine
October 22nd – cook for Jubilee Women’s Shelter
November 2nd – memorial for our departed Philoptochos
November 9th – regular meeting at church after Divine
November 20th - cook for St Martin de Porres Men’s
November 26th - cook for Jubilee Women’s Shelter
Thank you to all of the Philoptochos ladies who hosted the
beautiful baby shower for Deacon Daniel and Diakonissa Michelle on Sunday, September 28th. Alice Panagakis and her
decorating committee transformed the large hall while Penny
Sakellaris and her committee served a delicious lunch. The
ministries of the church presented their gifts and many other
gifts were given by individual parishioners. Thank you ladies
of Philoptochos and everyone who came to celebrate Baby
Triant who is due November 15th.
Please Join Us for the Sinatra Chocolate Wine Ball
Your Sister in Christ,
Susan Reichmann, President
425.772.1605 [email protected]
Sunday, November 16 please join Camp Agape Northwest for
an elegant evening at Herban Feast. Our 6th annual celebration
will feature a seasonal dinner menu, Washington wines and
chocolatiers, and the music of Frank Sinatra. Proceeds from the
event will benefit Camp Agape, a camp for children with
cancer and their families. This year there will not be an
Tickets are available at for $100
or if purchased by Sunday, October 12 th only $90 per person.
Tables of 10 are available for $875. Camp Agape will have a
table at the festival to tell the story of our camp and tickets will
be available there. For more information, contact [email protected] or call 425.772.1605.
Regional Philoptochos Conference January 31, 2015
A regional conference is being planned at Saint Demetrios
for Saturday, January 31, 2015. Our Metropolis President
Jeannie Ranglas will join us for this very special day. One of
our sessions will be presented by New Horizon Ministries, a
local organization partnering with youth in Seattle to exit street
life. Another will be our own Jubilee Women’s Shelter. Other
speakers will address the issue of domestic violence. The day
will begin with coffee and registration and lunch will be served.
Please mark your calendars for this informative day. All are
welcome, this is not a ‘ladies only’ event.
Thank you from Jubilee Women’s Center!
A special Thank You to Maria Cooper and Family for
providing a delicious dinner to our sisters in need for the month of
September, in memory of her husband, Paul.
Daughters Katina Ruh and Alexa Thompson, along with
Maria’s sister Eleni Christo, prepared and served the much
enjoyed home cooked meal and friendship.
Thank You also, to Holly Poulias for her very generous
monetary donation in memory of Evangelos and Ioanna
Poulias. This will go towards providing a meal in the near
Providing for Jubilee Women’s Center is a ministry of our
Philoptochos, but is open for support to all parishioners.
JWC provides housing, educational resources and a free
Clothing boutique to homeless and low-income women.
For donations or questions, please contact:
Georgene Karambelas (206) 829-9337
[email protected]
Page 4
Youth Ministry News
2014 Upcoming Events
Help Needed at the Festival Youth Booth
Shifts are Friday, October 10: 11 am to 4:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 9 pm
Saturday, October 11: 9 am to 3 pm and 3 pm to 9 pm
Sunday, October 12: Noon to 4 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm
Sign up online at
Orthodoxy on Tap - October 22nd
Monthly Discussions for our Young Adults
All college students and young adults are invited to Orthodoxy on
Tap. This ministry is a chance for us to meet and talk about our
faith in a social environment.
Join us for our next meeting on Wednesday, October 22nd
at 7:30 p.m. at Varlamos Pizzeria at 3617 NE 45th St.
Please RSVP if you can make it.
Contact Lefteris Sitaras at 206-631-2504
5 - GOYA Oath of Office
10-12 - Greek Festival
22 - Orthodoxy on Tap
26 - St. Demetrios Feast Celebration
1 - 11 am- GOYAns prepare Large
Hall for festival
5 pm Harvest Festival for all families
21-23 GOYA Youth Retreat in Portland
14 - HOPE & JOY Ornament Making
21 - Sunday School Christmas Play
and Pictures with Santa
22 - Christmas Caroling followed by
Hot Chocolate and a Charity Project
31 - New Year’s Eve Celebration
GOYA Harvest Festival Set-Up
Saturday November 1
All GOYAns are needed to help set up for
the Family Harvest Festival. We will decorate the large hall, prepare the snacks and
meal, set-up the games and build the GOYA
Maze of Mystery!
We will begin set up at 11:00 am and be
done around 2 pm in the afternoon.
Please RSVP to Harvest Festival Chair, Paul Dudunakis
at 206-200-7038 or our youth director, Lefteris Sitaras
at 206-631-2504
Family Harvest Festival November 1, 2014
All Family, Friends, Brothers and Sisters of HOPE &
JOY Youth are invited to our annual Harvest Festival
on Saturday, November 1st.
Activities include the GOYA Maze of Mystery, Family
Games, Costume Contest, Prizes and much more!
Activities begin at 5 p.m. with dinner served at 5:30
p.m. Admission is $30 per family
GOYA Fall Retreat
November 21-23rd
Camp Angelos Retreat Center in Sandy, Oregon
Join us for a weekend of fun, spiritual discussions,
fellowship, reflection, campfire, games, and more!
Begins: Friday, November 21st.
Meet at 6 pm at St. Demetrios for the bus
Ends: Sunday, November 23rd at noon.
The bus will return to St. Demetrios
between 3:30 and 4:30 pm.
For: Jr. & Sr. GOYAns in Grades 7-12
Cost: $100 per person
Registration forms available at
Registration Deadline is Monday, November 10.
No Late Registrations will be accepted.
Contact Lefteris Sitaras with questions at 206631-2504 or [email protected]
We hope to see you there!!!
Please RSVP to Lefteris Sitaras at 206-631-2504
Page 5
Stewardship update
For our 2014 Stewardship Campaign, we currently have 487 stewards who have
returned their signed pledge cards and have pledged $ 452,098 Our goal for 2014 is
$535,000. Remember that you can arrange for automatic payments through your bank
or paypal. (go to
We thank the below stewards for their contributions!
The Stewardship Committee
Steve and Eva Aaron
John and Margaret Ales
Andrew and Vicky Aliferakis
Christopher Anagnostopoulos
Dina Anast
Irene Anastasiou
Larry and Aikaterine Anderson
Rothopi Andrews
Fr. John and Presb. Anna Angelis
Theodore and Kim Angelis
Dn. Perry and Fran Angelos
Evangelos and Magdaline Angelou
Basil Anton
George and Dina Apostolou
K.G. and Kostoula Apostolou
Serafim and Eva Apostolou
Scott and Fotini Arehart
Clifford and Theodora Argue
Patricia Arvanitidis
Yeshareg Asfaha
Andrew and Carole Asimakopoulos
Anna Asimakopoulos
Brent and Rhea Aslin
Bill and Voula Athan
John and Stella Athans
Kostas and Linda Avlonitis
Niko and Kiriaky (Carrie) Avlonitis
Nancy Aziz
John and Zacharou Babarakos
Pat Bacolas
William and Dina Bakamus
Josh and Eleni Banchero
Thomas and Maria Barbas
Eleni Athans and George Bariames
George and Frances Barnecut
Greg Bartell and Fotini
Bassam and Duaa Bayouk
Gabriel Bayouk
George and Alice Bayouk
Lena Bayouk
Brandon and Molly Bede
Anastasia Bekris
Hristos and Diamando Bekris
Konstantinos Bekris
Helen Benis
Kay Betts
Zachariah and Aliki Birkenbuel
Panagiotis and Demetra Biros
Neena Blackwell
Joanne Blankenburg
Maria Bollman
Andrew and Rosalie Boulieris
Gus Boutsinis
2014 Stewards:
Joshua and Ashley Brockmeyer
Jeffrey and Allison Brooks
John and Theodora Broutzakis
Frank and Shelley Buhler
Steve and Chryssa Calandrillo
Lance and Soraya Campbell
Constantine Carkonen
Nick and Vanessa Carkonen
Paul and Paulette Carkonen
Calliope Carras
Efthemia Carras
Eleni Carras
Nick Castas
Susanna Cerasuolo
Douglas and Jillian Chandler
Mark Charonis
Chris and Effie Chriest
Ron and Vicky Christianson
Eleni Christo
Constantinos and Jeannine Christofilis
Demetrios and Katherine Christofilis
John and Helen Christofilis
Anastasios and Voula Christophilis
Dino and Nikki Christophilis
Margo Christophilis
Kosta and Maria Christopoulos
Dino and Heather Christothoulou
Edward and Anastasia Clarke
Daniel and Vicky Cohen
Jeffrey and Katie Comstock
Madeline Conom
Debbie Constantine-Skouras
O. George and Kay Constantine
Paul Constantine
Elefteria Contoravdis
Tom and Evelyn Contoravdis
Olivia Contos
Gus and Margaret Cooper
Maria Cooper
Jerry and Eva Costacos
Barbara Cotton
Maria Cotton
Gus Courounes
Jerry and Nicoleta Courounes
Renee Courounes
Dale and Marianna Crane
Donald and Laura Crews
Christos and Judith Dagadakis
Eftihia Dagadakis
George and Angela Dalas
Mary Dallas-Smith
Mary Damascus
Daniel and Angela Daoura
Marguerite Daoura
Pamela Darvirris and Andrew Heidt
Vince Davis and Effe Manolakos
Bettye DeLappe
George and Alexandra Delegans
Sam and Vicki Deliganis
Nicholas and Stella Demonakos
Presv. Artemis Demopulos
Peter and Diane Demopulos
Ryan and Demetra Dennis
Volodymyr and Olivera Derevyanyy
Sophia Derezes
Dimitrios and Maria Devekos
Nick and Athena Diafos
Darden Dickson
Panagiotis and Voula Dikeakos
Stephanie Dikeakos
Vasili and Katherine Dikeakos
John and Aksenia Dikun
John and Julie Doces
Kay Doces
Thelma Doces
Voula Dodd
Athena Doolittle
Joseph and Manal Doughly
Gus and Gregoria Dounis
Paul and Anna Dremousis
David and Nicole Drumhiller
Katherine Drumhiller
Robert and Janie Drumhiller
Thomas and Pandora Christie Dudler
Kenneth and Kristina Dudunakis
Fr. Photios and Presb. Katherine Dumont
Robert and Andrea Tsiakilos Dunbar
Kevin and Trina Durgan
James and Janis Dyment
Chris and Marla Economou
George and Elizabeth Economou
Richard and Christina Economou Grunder
Mary P. Economou
Litsa Edwards
Sophia and David Eitel-Mcshea
Helen and Arianna Exarhos
Nicolette Farmasonis
Petros and Colleen Farmasonis
Yemane and Sharon Glein Fecadu
Dan and Helen Ferrelli
Alex and Anna Fleet
Georgios and Maria Flemetakis
Matthew and Alexandra Flugstad
Irene Fotes
John and Athanasia Franks
Loukas and Zoe Ganoulis
Nick Ganoulis
Page 6
Our Stewards...
Panagiotis and Nicoletta Gennaios
Meletis and Theodora Geokezas
Demetri and Sherri Georgakopoulos
Panayiota Georgas
Dan George
Evan George
Harry and Mary George
Tyler and Anastasia Geving
Konstantinos and Mary Ann Giakoumatos
Kyriakos and Sandi Gianotas
Michael and Wanda Gikas
Elaine and Lars Giusti
Katina Gotsis
Gary and Kathy Gookstetter
Basil Gregores
Robert and Danielle Griffith
Efy Grivas
James and Shawn Hages
Eissa Hanna
Joann Hanna
Dorothy Haskell
Neil and Terri Hawdon
Dale Hazapis
Helen Heuer
John and Maria Hillman
Patrick and Vickie Howard
Mary Hulbush
Stavros and Elsa Ioannou
Peter and Demetra Jacobsen
Carlos Jimenez and Eleni Lagos
John and Emilie John
James and Pota Johnson
Jeff and Johanna Jones
John and Natalie Kusulos Jury
Panagiotis and Rena Kalasountas
Jim Kaloris
George and Christina Kaltsounis
Theodore and Maria Kaltsounis
Vicky Kangles
John and Virginia Kapelouzos
Elia Karagiannis
Maurice and Carmen Karagiorgos
James and Georgene Karambelas
Evangelos and Ellia Karantonis
JoAnna and Thomas Pallua Karas
Tim and Nadine Karas
Francine Karavias
Spiros and Zoe Karimbakas
Anthony and Sarah Karis
Nick and Nancy Karis
Terry and Hannah Karis
Christine Karzmar
Aimee Kassir
Nicholas and Kalliopi Katholos
Matthew and Sophia Katinas
Jean Katsandres
Gregory and Angela Kavounas
Teresa Kazaras
Stephen and Ann-Marie Keeney
Constantine and Helen Kefalas
Peter Kenny
Timothy and Sofia Kenny
Bishara and Diane Kharoufeh
Don and Kathy Klausing
Joshua and Karen Knabe
Brian and Jiovanna Koceski
James and Vickie Kolios Morris
Alexander and Leta Kolios
Evyenia Kollia and Naguib Youssef
Vivie Kollias
George and Maria Kost
James and Patti Kost
Louie and Vicky Kotsakis
Petros Koumantaros
Yiannis Koumantaros
Panos and Toula Koutlas
Charles and Nicolette Krekas
Helene A. Krikris
Gary Kuhar
Ales and Dena Kusulos
Angela Kusulos
Harold Kusulos
Peter Kyriacou
Steven and Annie Kyriakides
Yota Maria Kyriakos
Kostas and Linda Kyrimis
Angelos and Katerina Lagos
Demetrios and Evangelia Lagos
George and Eleni Lagos
Michael and Lena LaMarche
James and Sharon Langus
Angelina and Henry Larson
Vasilios and Emorfia Lazarou
Christopher and Julie Legeros
Jason and Sanaz Lemelson
Dean and Kathleen Lentgis
Thomas Leonidas
Jeffrey and Tina Lewis
John and Polette Limantzakis
Johnette (Limantzakis) and Yiannis
Johnny and Lucy Limantzakis
Bill and Florence Lolos
Glen and Georgine Looney
Asimo Loukas
George and Giannoula Lymberis
Paul and Rebecca Lymberis
Chris and Paula Macris
Eugenia Macris
Greg and Mia Macris
Wendell and Demitrula Madison
Emanuel and Dina Magoulas
Louis and Mary Malesis
Helen Malevitsis
Nina I. Melevitsis
Samuel and Sarah Mallos
Bechara and Xiomara Mallouk
Luca and Danika Manfredi
Nicky Manitaras
Pete and Georgia Manolakos
Demetris and Emily Manolopoulos
Stilianos and Kari Manos
James and Mary Lou Manus
Stephanos and Paula Margaritis
James Markezinis
John and Kelly Markezinis
Anthony and Alexandra Maroussis
Ted and Ariane Maroutsos
Yianni Maroutsos
Jean Mastor
Constantine and Areti Mavromatis
George and Vera Mazoonin
Lillian C. McDermott
David and Georgia McFarlan
Christina Meletis
Michael and Kelly Meyers
Michael and Elaine Michaelidis
Andreas and Irene Mitalas
Katherene Mitalas
Chuck and Anne Mitsakos
Walter and Frances Moldskred
Dorothea Mootafes
Alexandros and Maria Moroseos
James and Sandra Mykris
Pete and Carol Mykris
Bettyann Nassar
Peter Neckas
Sandy Neckas
James and Stella Nelson
Kristin Nelson
James and Carolyn O’Donnell
Shirley Olsen
Insaf and Madison Oraivej
Jonathan and Stephanie Otis
Yacoub and Ruba Oweis
Anthony and Elaine Pagones
Bill Pallis
Chris and Rebecca Pallis
Chris and Vasiliki Pallis
Elli Pallis
Margie Pallis
Evangelos and Anastasia Pampoukas
Alice Panagakis
Froso Panagiotopoulos
Sophia Panagiotopoulos
James and Ursula Panagiotou
John and Lisa Panagiotou
Sam and Colleen Panagiotou
Evgenia Pangopoulos
Artemios and Rebecca Panos
Steve Panos
Gregory and Stellee Papadeas
George Papanastasiou
George and Lora Pappas
Ryan and Stacy Parnell
Norman and Frances Parr
Christopher and A. Ellie Pedersen
Robert and Penelopy Perkins
Claire Pess
George and Susan Pess
Irene Peterson
Kristopher and Clara Peterson
Helen Petratos
William Phillips
(Continued on Page 10)
Page 7
Page 8
Weddings and Baptisms
ongratulations to Yianni and Kristina (Sotomayor)
Maroutsos who were married on September 13th,
2014. Their Koumbaro is Gregory g. Plumis. “Na zesoun!”
ongratulations to Volodymyr and Olivera Derevyanyy
whose daughter, Katarina, was baptized on September
7, 2014. Her sponsors are Ilija Orlovic and Radojka Manojlovic. “Na sas zese!”
Yiayia & Friends
ur next Yiayia & Friends luncheon is on Thursday, October 2, at Romeo's Restaurant and Pizzeria, located at
21110 76th Avenue West in Edmonds. Time is 11:30 a.m. We
have a room set aside for our group, and there is plenty of parking available. The restaurant appreciates knowing how many to
expect so they can adequately accommodate us. For questions
and reservations, please contact Mary Damascus, preferably by
email: [email protected] (or alternately by phone: 509
-951-2975) . Please note: When calling from a home phone/
land line, you will need to dial 1 before entering my phone number. I hope to see everyone there!
We welcome any new yiayiades and friends to our group, so if
you know anyone who would like to join us, please feel free to
bring them!
Bookstore News:
With the arrival of many new books, icons, and
Byzantine gift items, we will be moving to the
larger Fr. Homer Library for our annual Festival.
Come see our expanded selection before they’re
all gone!
October is a great month for celebrating the saints
of the Orthodox Church; this year, the feast of patron saint, the
Great Martyr Demetrios will be on a Sunday (October 26 th).
Although appointed by Emperor of Rome as the military commander of Thessalonica, he was not ashamed to proclaim Christ
as his true King and God. His teaching zeal converted many to
the Christian faith, including St. Nestor. Sts. Demetrios and
Nestor were martyred for their unshakable faith and they are
now powerful intercessors for us before the Lord; let us call on
them for help throughout the day and in our times of struggle. If
you would like to know more about the life of St. Demetrios,
our bookstore has literature and icons available.
Our Condolences
e express our deep Condolences to Ruba
Oweis and her family for the passing of her
mother, Evlin Alsawalha. May her memory be eternal!
“Aiwniva authv~ h mnhvmh!”
OCMC AGAPE Canisters - Get One for
Your Business
mall change can make a difference. The Orthodox Christian Mission Center's AGAPE Canister program provides
much-needed funds to support critical needs of people in Mission countries around the world. Money collected in the canisters which are placed in local businesses across the U.S. such
as restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, and other businesses goes to medical care, agricultural development,
schools, and related projects. If you own or manage a business
and would be willing to place one of these canisters by your
cash register, please contact our parish OCMC Ambassador
[email protected] For more information go to
Thank you in advance for showing your love to less fortunate
Sunday School Update
hank you to the Sunday School parents and grandparents
for your monetary donations!
No Sunday School on October 12; we will resume classes on
October 19, in the individual classrooms.
Parent volunteers are needed for the Sunday School Christmas
Program on December 21. For more information, please
contact Paula Charuhas Macris at [email protected]
Festival Baking Schedule and Thank You for
Festival Donations
ur Festival dates this year are, October 10, 11 & 12.
Please mark your calendar and plan to attend and most
importantly to help for baking, pre-package and the set-up.
Festival Baking Schedule:
October 1, 2, 3: Pre-package Pastries
October 6: Make Kataifi
October 7 & 8: Make Tsourekia
October 9: Make Galactoboureko
We wish to thank Peter and Georgia Manolakos and Evgenia
Pangopoulos of “White Center Pizza” for their donation of 500
Lbs. Flour; Thelma Doces, Gary Kuhar, Helen Malevitsis, Jim
and Carolyn O’Donnell, Sam and Elly Treperinas, and Demetra Xenos, for their monetary donation. Also, we wish to
thank John and Polette Limantzakis for their monetary donation in memory of their sympethera, Eleni Papanastasi, and
Phillip Feredinos of “Greek House” restaurant for the Bronze
level sponsorship. Your generosity is truly appreciated!
Coffee Hour—November 16th
eattle Daughters of Penelope with AHEPA and Maids of
Athena #2 will host the Coffee Hour on November 16th to
celebrate their “Founder’s Day”. They will be collecting nonperishable foods for our friends at the NW Harvest; please
bring your canned/non perishable goods that day. Also, there
will be a raffle for a beautiful basket at the coffee hour and the
proceeds will help support our needy families for the holidays.
Hope to see you on November 16th!
Page 9
Parish Council President’s Message October 2014
Dear Saint Demetrios Parishioners,
On behalf of the Parish Council, I would like to welcome Deacon Daniel and Diakonissa Michelle to our parish. We celebrated their
arrival at the coffee hour on September 20 th and the impending arrival of their first child at a baby shower during the coffee hour
hosted by the Philoptochos on September 27 th. Both the Deacon and Diakonissa have commented often about the warm welcome
they have received from our parish and how much they are enjoying getting to know our parishioners. We are glad they are here and
look forward to working with both of them.
Our stewardship campaign for 2014 continues and if you haven’t signed and returned your pledge card for 2014, I hope you will
soon. Stewardship is what sustains our Church and its ministries so that we can operate our programs and provide for our church
families. Thank you to those who have already returned their pledge cards and thank you in advance to those who will send their
cards. Our 2015 stewardship campaign begins in November and each Sunday of the month will highlight stewardship. Sunday,
November 16th will showcase the ministries of the church during the coffee hour.
I encourage you to consider your commitment of time, treasure and talent to our beloved Church. In addition to stewardship, the
Twilight Auction and our festival, the ministries of our church offer many opportunities for our parishioners to be involved in
church life. We hope you will join us to make our church family stronger than ever.
Planning is in full swing for our 2014 Greek Festival and help is still needed. Please contact Jim Kost at
[email protected] to volunteer. Festival dates are October 10th, 11th and 12th and I hope you will join us in this fun parish
wide celebration. This fundraiser is very important to our parish and your participation is crucial. No job is too small - please consider what you can do to help as there are many volunteer spots available. Thank you to those of you already hard at work. We
appreciate you!
Sunday, October 26th is the feast day of our church and the Parish Council will be preparing a special luncheon for the occasion.
I hope you will join us to celebrate our beloved Saint Demetrios Church and its rich history.
As your Parish Council president, I join our Parish Council members and officers in service to each member of our parish. We are a
resource for you and we hope that you will contact us so that we may be of assistance to you.
George Tsantilas, Parish Council President [email protected]
lease submit your nominations for the Citizen of the Year award to be announced at St. Demetrios Feast Day on October 26th,
2014. Please send your written nominations to the Church Office (attn.: Parish Council), by October 19th.
Our Stewards…
(continued from Page 7)
Harry and Alethea Platis
George and Diana Plumis
Kristina Plumis
Paul and Pamela Plumis
David and Toula Poletti
Theologia Polizos
Andonios and Evangelia
Nikolaos and Charekleia Poulias
Lia Preftes
Anna Prineas
Eleftheria Proios
Christos and Tammy Psichos
Nicholas and Anastasia Raissis
Robert and Despina Read
Susan Reichmann
James Retelas
Harry and Evie Rigas
Erik and Nicole Rolfness
Sorin and Maria Rotar
Cathy Rottle
Adele Rottle-Williams
Chris Roumeliotis
Kary Roumeliotis
Kayla Roumeliotis
Christina Routos
Ted Routos
Emanuel and Marilyn Rouvelas
Gordon and Katina Ruh
Brad and Renee Russell
Mark and Angelique Saffle
Chris and Dina Saites
John Sakas and Paris Johnson
Dena Sakelaris
John and Penelope Sakellaris
Pantazis and Katina Samolis
Katherine Sampson
Philip and Barbara Sancken
Arthur Saridakis
Angelos and Penelopi Savranakis
Patrick and Ioanna Schmidt
Alexandra Schwenke
George Seal and Alithia Squires
Alexandra Serpanos
Iyad and Christina Shahwan
Mike and Elaina Shemeta
Annette Shepherd
Simoni Shirland
Tanya Shirland
Stella Siamatas
Page 10
Our Stewards…
Memorials and Vigil Lights
Holy Altar Candles from last month
(Continued from Page 10)
Christos and Agapi Siskos
Demetrios and Stamatina
Nikolaos and Brenda Skokos
Alexander and Vassie Skoulis
Sofia Smetheram
Irene Sotirhos
John Soudas
Alicia Sourapas
Steve Sourapas
Jeff and Angela Sourapas Jones
Stavros and Aimee Sourelos
Audrey Southas
Gus and Nancy Spiropulos
Pauline Spyridis
George and Joanna Staikos
George and Thalia
George and Zoe Stamolis
Gregory and Vicky Stamolis
Vasilike Stamos
Thelma Stasinos
Alexi J. Stavros
John A. and Dimitra Stavros
Peter A. and Maria Stavros
Vlasi J. Stavros
Phyllis Steen
Kevin and Georgia Steenis
Andy and Joann Stergachis
Andrew Stergachis and Emily
Michael and Christine Stollings
Chris and Heidi Stoumbos
Eugene and Cleo Supernaw
Marco and Christina Tapia
Linda Tavernarakis
Bryan and Stacy Taylor
Kevin and Angela Taylor
Stephen and Georgia Teodosiadis
Demetri Themelis
Perry and Billie Jo Therson
Vance and Alexa Thompson
Brian and Mary Thurber
Spyros and Niki Todoulos
Christto and Dorothea Tolias
Irene Tolias
Kegan and Nichole Tosto
Evangelia Tountas
Antonios and Antonia Touras
Nikolas Touras
Harry and Angela Tourikis
Athan and Cindy Tramountanas
Emmanuel and Peggy
George and Dana Tramountanas
James and Barbara Trehearne
George and Thelma Treperinas
Sam and Elly Treperinas
Steve and Cindy Treperinas
Vasilios and Dionisia Tsafos
Sam and Stephanie Tsakonas
George and Eftihia Tsantilas
Stavroula Tsantilas
Stavros Tsitsis
George and Susan Tsoukalas
Michael and Jodi Tveit
Dometios and Georgia Tziotis
Ourania Tziotis
Yiannis and Katerina Tziotis
Liz Valauri and Ivan Orton
Jordan and Emily Vardell
John and Karin Varlamos
Kosta and Judy Varlamos
Nick and Eleni Varlamos
Vasilis and Nina Varlamos
Peter and Maria Vassiliou
Irina Visintainer
Demetrios and Aspasia Voltsis
Evangelos Voltsis
Darlene Vyzis
Mia Vyzis
Mia (Efthemia) Vyzis
Elliott and Demetra Waldron
J. Robert and Effie Walker
John Walker
Rob and Katherine Watson
George Webb and Anastasia
William and Darlene Weigle
Joann West
Brett and Yvonne Willard
Vivian Williamson
Edmund Wood and Cathy
Melissa Wyatt
Demetra Xenos
Emmanuel J. Xenos
John Xenos
Spiros and Voula Xenos
John and Andreanna
Anthony Zardis
Nicholas and Lizabeth Zardis
Arvid and Sophia Zervas Berg
John and Mary Ellen Zoulas
Two Holy Altar Table Vigil Lights were offered on
September 7th for Good Health for Chris Legeros, by Demetra Xenos and Glen and Georgine Looney.
The Eight Holy Altar Table Vigil Lights and a donation to
the Dance Group were offered on September 21st in loving
memory of Helen Falangus (forty years since her passing), by
her children, Anna and Paul Dremousis, Peggy and Manuel
Tramountanas, Michael and Elaine Falangus and their families.
A Holy Altar Table Vigil Light was offered on September
28th in loving memory of Kyriakos Krikris (in honor of his
nameday), by his wife, Helene Krikris.
Memorials and Holy Altar Candles for October 5th
A Memorial Service, a Holy Altar Table Vigil Light and a
donation to the Dance Group (in lieu of the Coffee Hour) are
offered in loving memory of Costa Christothoulou (twenty
years since his passing), by his wife, Tula Christothoulou, and
his sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren.
A One-Year Memorial Service and a Holy Altar Table Vigil
Light are offered in loving memory of Diana Gikas Dorough,
by her parents, Michael and Wanda Gikas, her brother Michael
Gikas and niece and nephew, Lean and Adam Gikas.
A Holy Altar Table Vigil Light is offered in loving memory
of George Malevitsis, by his wife, Helen Malevitsis, their
children and grandchildren.
Two Holy Altar Table Vigil Lights are offered in loving
memory of Constantine and Jennie Milonopoulos (forty
years and twelve years since their passing), by their daughter
and son-in-law, Nicoleta and Jerry Courounes and Family.
The Eight Holy Altar Table Vigil Lights are offered in
loving memory of Constantine and Jennie Milonopoulos
(forty years and twelve years since their passing), by Tess Andrina and Family.
Memorials and Holy Altar Candles for October 19th
A Four-Year Memorial Service is offered in loving memory
of Theophania Bonanno, by her sister, Diaconissa Michelle
Triant and Family.
The Eight Holy Altar Table Vigil Lights are offered in
loving memory of Demetrios (Jim) Mitalas (twelve years
since his passing), by his wife, Kathy Mitalas and their children, Vickie and Jeff Stenfors, Stacy and Bryan Taylor and
grandchildren, Katherine and Michael, Jimmy and Jake.
A Holy Altar Table Vigil Light is offered in loving memory
of Efthemios Kollias (twenty-seven years since his passing),
by his wife, Vivie Kollias, their children and grandchildren.
Holy Altar Candles for October 26th
A Holy Altar Table Vigil Light is offered in loving memory of her beloved yiayia, Carry Kyreacos (thirty-one years
since her passing), by her granddaughter, Bettye DeLappe and
A Holy Altar Table Vigil Light is offered in loving memory of Peggy C. Moore (nine years since her passing), by her
daughter and son-in-law, Vicky and Ron Christianson and
grandsons, Andrew and Nicholas.
A Holy Altar Table Vigil Light is offered in loving memory of Peggy C. Moore (nine years since her passing), by her
sons, John and Jim Xenos.
Page 11
The Orthodox Way (USPS 600-160)
Published Monthly
by St. Demetrios Church
2100 Boyer Ave. East,
Seattle, WA 98112
Postmaster send address changes to:
The Orthodox Way
2100 Boyer Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112
The Greek
Monastery of
St. John The
Forerunner in
OCTOBER 10, 11, 12
Friday: 12 p.m.—9 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m.—9 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m.—7 p.m.
Authentic Greek Food &
Live Greek Music and
Dance Performance
Taverna with Greek Wine
& Beer
Shuttle Park Services from
Seattle Prep & Montlake
Elementary School
Large Tent—Come Rain or
Please set aside: Saturday, November 1, 2014
for “A Saturday Retreat for Families”
with Archimandrite Demetrios Carellas
Fr. Demetrios will be speaking once again on:
"Come let us go to the Mountain of the
Part III
The Third and final Part of a Patristic Journey into
the Beatitudes
10:00 am Session 1 The Beatitudes
11:30 am Session 2 The Beatitudes
** 1:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Session 3 The Beatitudes
3:15 pm Clean up and visit the monastery
*** 6:00 pm Great Vespers at the Monastery
Cost: The cost will be $20 for adults 18 and older; $35 for a
family. You may pay when you arrive. But... please do not
allow cost to deter you from coming!
Directions: The sessions will be held at the monastery
guesthouse next to the Gift shop/Deli, about 10 miles north
of Goldendale, Washington just off Highway 97.
** Lunch will be included. Please call (509) 575-0145 so
that we may estimatethe number to prepare lunch for.
"Yes, I am a Christian; and in the spirit of my life, I will
strive so that the Beatitudes, given to us by our Lord, will
become - as it were - the beating of my heart."
Archbishop Andrei (ROCOR)
The Above are Contributed Announcements to The Orthodox Way
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