tuesday, october 21st
7.30 pm american film festival
opening ceremony + screening of
whiplash dir. by Damien Chazelle
new horizons cinema/ kino nowe horyzonty,
19a-21 kazimierza wielkiego str., Wrocław,
theatre 1
followed by a cocktail in the theatre hall
and a reception at
nietota, 50 kazimierza wielkiego str.
wednesday, october 22nd
8.45 Am departure for the
field trip in lower silesia
(including lunch at Książ Castle)
from puro hotel
6.00 pm welcome drink
6.30 pm introductory panel
european film market vs american
with participation of Whit Stillman (director,
Indie Star honoree), Sydney Levine
(Sydneysbuzz.com), Leah Meyerhoff, Mike Ott,
Shawn Telford and Michael Tully (alumni of US
in Progress) and Adeline Monzier co-organized
by FilmPro, moderated by Gosia Sandecka
(Neseser Consulting)
puro hotel, avi conference room,
6 włodkowica str.
7.30–8.00 pm welcome drinks &
snacks ctd.
puro hotel, 6 włodkowica str.
8.00 pm welcome dinner
gospoda wroclawska restaurant, 6 sukiennice
(rynek/ market square)
aff happy hours
nietota, 50 kazimierza wielkiego str.
thursday, october 23rd
all us in progress screenings take place at
new horizons cinema/ kino nowe horyzonty,
19a-21 kazimierza wielkiego str., theatre 6
9.30 am registration and coffee
9.45 am opening remarks
10.00 am screening 1:
the homefront (80 min)
presented by Fidel Ruiz-Healy and Tyler Walker
(directors/ producers)
11.30 am partner presentation 1
(Chimney, poland)
10.40 am screening 2:
god bless the child (100 min)
presented by Robert Machoian, Rodrigo OjedaBeck (directors) and Rob Thomas (producer)
1.30 pm lunch
gospoda wroclawska restaurant
3.00 pm screening 3:
friday, october 24th
9.30 pm screening 5:
nakom (95 min)
presented by Kelly Daniela Norris (director),
Travis Pittman (writer/director)
11.10 am screening 6:
pangea (80 min)
presented by Malcolm Murray (director) and
Liz Tran (producer)
12.30 pm polish and european
projects seek american coproducer, project pitching
1.30 pm lunch
gospoda wroclawska restaurant
3.30–7.30 pm one to one
meetings attendance obligatory
as everybody meets everybody!
puro hotel exe conference room,
6 włodkowica str.
take me to the river (85 min)
presented by Matt Sobel (director/ producer)
3.30 pm jury meeting
4.40 pm partner presentation 2
(maciek zieliński & soundflower)
4.50 pm screening 4:
6.00 pm Whit Stillman masterclass
stinking heaven (75 min)
presented by Nathan Silver (director)
and Rachel Wolther (producer)
6.10 pm partner presentation 3
(Wroclaw Film Commission and
Film Commission Poland)
7.30 pm film fatales panel
with participation of women filmmakers
attending us in progress and the aff
kino nowe horyzonty, theatre 4
8.30 pm dinner
zlota restaurant, 6 rynek/ market square
11.00 pm aff happy hours
nietota, 50 kazimierza wielkiego str.
puro hotel lobby, 6 włodkowica str.
kino nowe horyzonty, theatre 8
8.00 pm dinner and awards
sofitel old town hotel, 67 św. mikołaja str.
aff happy hours
nietota, 50 kazimierza wielkiego str.
saturday/ sunday,
october 25th/ 26th
departures (or further festival
Please note the complete program of the
American Film Festival including other
screenings by former US in Progress
participating films:
Paris 2012:
desert cathedral (Travis Gutierrez Senger,
director and producers Barbara Norris and
Sabrina Norris attending)
Paris 2013:
b.f.e (Shawn Telford),
i believe in unicorns (Leah Meyerhoff), ping pong summer (Michael Tully),
directors attending
Wrocław 2013:
lake los angeles
(director Mike Ott present),
summer of blood,
sun belt express,
wild canaries;
as well as the previous Nathan Silver’s film
uncertain terms in the festival
directors: Fidel Ruiz-Healy & Tyler Walker | genre: war / drama /
satire| producers: Sofia Rosenzweig, Fidel Ruiz-Healy & Tyler Walker |
key cast: Rachel Povse, Gerry Eddins, | production company: the
American Standard Film Co. | production stage: post production |
to be finished: 2015 | budget: $15,000 | shooting format:
R3D RAW | intended length: 80 minutes | missing budget
or services: sound mixing, color-correction, distribution, sales rep,
directors: Robert Machoian, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck | genre: narrative |
producers: Robert John Thomas, Laura Heberton, Robert Machoian,
Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck | key cast: Harper Graham, Elias Graham, Arri
Graham, Ezra Graham, Jonah Graham | production company:
Four Thirty-Three Pictures, 3R Pictures | production stage: post
production | to be finished: 12/15/2014 | budget: $166,215 |
shooting format: digital | intended length: 100 minutes |
missing budget or services: $52,025.
the homefront
god bless the child
Years into the invasion of the United States, a family stays at
home. The Mom and Dad stretch rations as far as they can.
The son sits in his room and talks to his radio girlfriend. The
daughter plays alone. Their only visitor is a strange old general
who barters for their belongings with ration cards. A decade
inside the house, their conversations have become limited.
They change the radio dial when the war comes up, but a
dead rat, a lack of cherry bombs, and a missing picture frame
threaten to tear the family apart. Unannounced, their uncle
arrives with two suitcases and the oncoming rumblings of
enemy soldiers.
Harper, thirteen, is put in a situation to care for her four
younger brothers: Elias, the wild one, Arri, the sensitive one,
Ezra, the strong one and Jonah, the baby. What should be just
a normal day for five kids turns into one of fantasy and chaos.
The film starts with the mother driving off at dawn. The eldest
discovers a letter from her saying she cannot handle things
anymore and won’t be coming back. Harper goes through the
day looking after the boys, being the the big sister but also
being a teenager herself. Her brothers get up to all sorts of
antics but the bond between all five of them grows stronger
with each passing hour. Harper knows the mother is probably
not going to return, but for the most part the boys do not and
the weight of her absence hangs heavy over the story, like
depression itself.
Fidel Ruiz-Healy is a Mexican-American writer, cinematographer and
director. He grew up in Texas not knowing who to root for when learning
about the Alamo and with a strong fear of guns. He relocated to New York
to study at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where he founded The American
Standard Film Co. with Tyler Walker and Jordan Michael Blake.
Tyler Walker is a director and writer from Pipersville, Pennsylvania.
Named after president John Tyler, he studied filmmaking at NYU’s Tisch
School of the Arts. He subsists mainly off John Ford films and single-malt
scotch, despite this he’s a committed leftist.
director’s statement:
The Homefront is a parody – the nuclear family forced under occupation.
It’s an American Nightmare: locked in a house with your family for years,
running out of things to say. We wrote the film in a 14th street diner
with war coverage on mute behind us and Buddy Holly humming from
a jukebox. A guy waddled in and said “What is this shit?! Put on the
Yankees!” And like that, war abroad became a national pastime. The
Homefront is about not being able to change the channel, but trying
The American Standard Film Co.
was founded by NYU alumni Jordan Michael Blake, Fidel
Ruiz-Healy & Tyler Walker. Their films have screened at
festivals around the world, including Raindance, Austin
Film Festival and Oaxaca. They are a Brooklyn based
production company specializing in producing unique,
artistic narrative content.
Tyler Walker, 215-262-5914
[email protected]
present at us in progress:
Tyler Walker (co-director/writer)
+1 215 262 5914, [email protected]
Fidel Ruiz-Healy (co-director/writer)
+1 210 557 4701, [email protected]
Four Thirty-Three Pictures, 3R Pictures
company came out of them working together over the
past six years, and in that time have produced over 80
films ranging from short narrative, short documentary, and
short experimental. as gone on to play major film festivals
around the world, such as Sundance Film Festival, BFI
London, Los Angeles Film Festival and Locarno.
Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda Beck have been making
films over the past five years by any means possible. Their second short
film, Charlie and the Rabbit premiered at the Sundance Film festival
in 2010. Three years later, they returned to Sundance with two short
films. Their feature, Forty Years From Yesterday premiered at the LA
and Locarno Film Festivals in 2013. Robert and Rodrigo were chosen for
Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 new faces in 2010.
directors’ statement:
Robert wanted to tell the story of his depressed grandmother, who
apparently would often abandon her five children. While many films look
at depression from the adult’s point of view, few look at it entirely from
the children’s perspective.
Robert Machoian
[email protected]
Laura Heberton
[email protected]
present at us in progress:
Robert Machoian (director), +1 831 233 4554
Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck (director)
[email protected]
Rob Thomas (producer), +1 952 250 2036,
[email protected]
director: Matt Sobel | genre: drama | producer: Matt Sobel |
key cast: Robin Weigert, Josh Hamilton, Logan Miller, Richard Schiff |
production company: NA | production stage: sound mix
completed | to be finished: dec 2014 | budget: $600,000 |
shooting format: red epic | intended length: 85 minutes |
missing budget or services: color correction, dcp, and publicity
director: Nathan Silver | genre: black comedy | producer:
Rachel Wolther | key cast: Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Eleonore
Hendricks, Tallie Medel, Keith Poulson | production company:
Stinking Heaven Inc. | production stage: post production | to be
finished: early 2015 | budget: $50,000 | shooting format:
video | intended length: 80 minutes | missing budget or
services: seeking $15,000 in finishing funds or the commensurate
amount in post production services. We must complete the sound design,
sound mix, color correction and titles, to conform the film to 23.98 fps
and High Definition, and to create a DCP.
take me to the river
stinking heaven
Ryder, a naive Californian teenager plans to remain above
the fray at his Nebraskan family reunion, but an unexplained
bloodstain on his young cousin Molly’s dress makes him the
suspect of foul play.
His mother urgently tries to calm everyone, insisting the blood
must have come from a first period. Ryder swears he didn’t do
anything wrong, but questions lead to suspicion and distrust.
Molly’s father Keith tells Ryder to stay away from his daughter
and the accusation of abuse hangs heavy in the air.
But the following day, nothing is as it seemed…
Uncle Keith unexpectedly invites Ryder over for lunch. Ryder
arrives prepared for another confrontation, but finds Keith’s
family strangely welcoming, as if yesterday’s incident never
happened. Ryder is placed next to Molly at the table, and after
lunch, even invited back into her room alone. Ryder decides
to play along, but as Keith’s strange gestures of good faith
turn increasingly bizarre, Ryder finds himself caught in a dark
psychological game that began when his mother was a child,
and will forever change his understanding of himself and his
family. How well do we know our own blood?
Married couple Jim and Lucy (Keith Poulson, Deragh Campbell)
run a commune for sober living out of their suburban New
Jersey home. The motley members eat, bathe and work
together, selling homemade “health tea” out of their van.
Although there’s constant bickering and plenty of fires to be
put out, Jim and Lucy have managed to establish a haven for
these outcasts. But the harmony is interrupted when Ann
(Hannah Gross) arrives. A recovering addict and the ex-lover of
one housemate, Ann’s insidious presence sends the members
spiraling out of control, resulting in fighting, paranoia, drug
relapse and eventually death.
Production company
Matt Sobel is 28, and has been an active filmmaker for the past
twelve years. He graduated from UCLA’s Department of Art and currently
lives in Los Angeles. His first feature Take me to The River was developed
at Binger Filmlab’s writing and directing labs in 2012, and participated in
IFP’s Narrative Filmmaker Lab in 2014. In the same year, Matt was named
one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film. His short
X to Y was the Audience Choice Award winner at Cinequest 2009.
director’s statement:
My family is a complex web of secrets and unspoken feuds, the origins
of which no one can even recall. Once a year however, my relatives call a
truce and return to the farmhouse where they grew up, carrying cold cuts
and casseroles as peace offerings. We speak about the weather, about
weddings and funerals, artfully sidestepping the palpable tension. This
conspiracy of silence, where a glance can incriminate, and psychological
warfare plays out beneath a veneer of cordial nicety, was the inspiration
for Take me to The River. How well can we ever know another person?
Even those closest to us?
Matt Sobel, +1 408.829.1719
[email protected]
present at us in progress:
Matt Sobel (director)
Nathan Silver graduated from New York University’s Tisch School
of the Arts in 2005. Since then, he has written and directed five feature
films: The Blind (2009), Exit Elena (2012), Soft in the Head (2013),
Uncertain Terms (2014), and Stinking Heaven (2015). His films have
screened at festivals around the world and been released theatrically in
the United States. Recently Silver was profiled in the New York Times, and
Filmmaker Magazine named him “one of the most interesting emerging
directors in U.S. indie film.”
director’s statement:
I’ll never shake the quote: “Hell is other people”. Every movie I make is a
wrestling match with this statement. A movie about a commune in the
early 90’s seemed like the perfect arena for the latest match. My cowriter and I outlined the story structure; the actors and I developed the
characters; and the cinematographer improvised along with the actors.
The point was to create an environment that would allow chaos and life
to rule the movie. In the end, it’s a documentary of a fictional world – one
that deals with the need for family, love and humiliation.
stinking heaven Inc.
was founded by Rachel Wolther. Based in NYC, Rachel
has produced four feature films including See You Next
Tuesday (Drew Tobia, 2013), and Josephine Decker’s
two films, Thou Wast Mild and Lovely (2014) and Butter
on the Latch (2013). She is the Executive Producer at
National Headquarters, a boutique production company
that focuses on original storytelling and branded content.
Rachel Wolther, +1 347 946 2378
[email protected]
present at us in progress:
Nathan Silver (director), +1 347 786 3329
[email protected]
Rachel Wolther (producer), +1 347 946 2378
[email protected]
director: Kelly Daniela Norris & Travis Pittman | genre: drama |
producer: Isaac Adakudugu | key cast: Jacob Ayanaba, Grace
Ayariga, Abdul Aziz, Justina Kulidu, Shetu Musah | production
company: Rasquaché Films | production stage: post production |
to be finished: jan 2015 | budget: $150,000 | shooting
format: HD | intended length: 95 minutes | missing budget
or services: approx. $50,000. Missing postproduction services: color
director: Malcolm Murray | genre: drama / adventure | producer:
Liz Tran | key cast: Bill Wise, Jordan Warren, Slade Barnett |
production company: Here Is This | production stage: final
stages of post | to be finished: not yet color corrected / music not
cleared | budget: $400,000 | shooting format: red | intended
length: 80 minutes | missing budget or services: We need
color correction/finishing ($25,000). We also need to clear the music we
are using ($25,000). We need distribution / marketing assistance.
correction, dialogue editing, sound design and mastering, titles, and
subtitling. Missing marketing/distribution services: international sales,
publicity, marketing materials.
pangea (formerly flycatcher)
An intimate and starkly different narrative from Africa, Nakom
follows Iddrisu – a Ghanaian medical student forced to return
to his home village after his father’s sudden death. To repay
a family debt – and for their basic survival – Iddrisu delays
his study to turn the family farm and fortunes around. He
struggles to confront tension between his father’s two wives,
the forces of nature and climate threatening the family crop,
and the tragic consequences of his brother’s illicit affair with a
young cousin. But as the rainy season arrives and transforms
the landscape, Iddrisu’s hard work begins to pay off, and a
romance with the chief’s daughter pushes him to reassess the
life he was trying so hard to leave behind. In the end, Iddrisu
faces a stark choice: leave and pursue his image of a modern
future, or stay and embrace the traditions of his home.
In an attempt to reconnect with his dysfunctional dad, Dan
signs on for a poorly planned trip into the Thai jungle. They
lose their food, they lose the path, and Dan begins to wonder
if any of his father’s adventure stories are actually true.
Rasquaché Films
has worked for the realization of socially and personally
relevant narrative films since 2008. Sombras de Azul, the
company’s debut feature, premiered at the Austin Film
Festival and has since screened at over a dozen domestic
and international venues. In 2013, Rasquaché filmed
Nakom over the course of 4 months in rural Ghana, setting
out to tell a little-seen story with broad appeal.
Travis Pittman lived and worked in the village of Nakom for 2 years
with the US Peace Corps, and scripted the film with the close collaboration
of Producer Isaac Adakudugu. As the co-founder of Rasquaché Films,
Travis previously produced and edited the Cuba-set narrative feature
Sombras de Azul. Kelly Daniela Norris wrote and directed Sombras, winner
of the Audience Award at its premiere at the 2013 Austin Film Festival,
weaving together memory, narrative, and travelogue as an exploration of
grief and resilience.
director’s statement:
director’s statement:
I grew up in the desert and often fantasized about heading off into the
jungle, though I’d never seen one in real life and wouldn’t until decades
later. Pangea is perhaps best understood as an extension of that:
a fantasy, a fairytale of sorts.
Nakom aims to challenge and broaden ideas of what it means to be
African. We see family dynamics play out – sometimes serious, sometimes
playful. We see the contrasts between village-life tradition and city-life
ambition. We see gender politics, tired hierarchies, dorm room romance,
and so much more that humanizes; that lays bare the universal.
It’s that desire to reveal commonalities that lifts Nakom beyond the
village that’s its namesake, to tell a story taking place right now in villages
across Ghana and the entire developing world; a story about human
contentment and the yearning for more.
Travis Pittman +1 415 601 35 39
[email protected]
present at us in progress:
Kelly Daniela Norris (co-director)
+1 760 420 52 23, [email protected]
Travis Pittman (writer/co-director)
+1 415 601 35 39, [email protected]
Malcolm Murray’s commercial projects, including the acclaimed
Stella Artois film Up There, have garnered awards at Cannes Lions and
the One Show. His narrative feature debut, Bad Posture was named one
of the Ten to watch: Best of IFFR 2011, and one of Hammer to Nails’
Top Ten Films of 2011. Cowboy, a narrative feature in development, was
a Cinereach Development Grantee in 2012. Malcolm’s latest feature,
Pangea, will premiere in 2015.
Dan’s journey is something that many of us can relate to. He sets off in
search of one thing (which he doesn’t get), and ends up finding something
even better. Something he never even knew existed. So often life doesn’t
quite work out as we plan. Pangea celebrates the unpredictability and
strangeness inherent in being alive.
here Is this
is a Brooklyn-based production company that produces
TV commercials, web content, and feature films.
Producer Liz Tran joined the film world after a vibrant
career in tech startups. Liz believes we’re entering an
incredibly opportune time for filmmakers and is excited
to help develop the business model that will allow
independent film to sustain itself.
Liz Tran, +1 917 371 7845,
[email protected]
present at us in progress:
Malcolm Murray (director) , +1 505 227 5826
[email protected]
Liz Tran, Producer (producer), +1 917 371 7845
[email protected]
mobile units, cameras, lighting, grip, dressing rooms, power generators
Alvernia Studios
Nieporaz, Ferdynanda Wspaniałego 1 St,
32-566 Alwernia, Poland
e-mail: [email protected]
member of KODAK IMAGECARE Program
film editing, digital intermediate, visual effects
scoring studios, sound design, editing and mix, Dolby printmaster
Warsaw Office
Dobra 56/66 St,
00-312 Warsaw, Poland
e-mail: [email protected]
polish projects
For the first time, US in Progress presents Polish and European projects
seeking American co-producers or investors. Please have a moment to
listen to the pitches (on Friday, October 24th) and consider working with
those directors:
ahead of bill
directed by Paulina Gawęcka
produced by Tomasz Gaj, Karolina Kołtun
His name wasn’t Bill, his name wasn’t Steve; his name was Jacek and,
against all odds, he built one of the world’s first PCs in communist Poland
of the late 60s. A film essay exploring the life and work of computer
scientist Jacek Karpiński.
contact: [email protected]
deliver us from evil
directed by Agnieszka Łukasiak
produced by HOB AB, Peter Kropenin
Summer camp goes out of hand when students experience intolerance
and discrimination in Holocaust exercise.
contact: [email protected]
directed by Bartek Bartos
produced by MANIFIESTA film
The story of Catrina, Jana and 700 drawers from New Orleans.
contact: [email protected]
directed by Maciej Cuske, Marcin Sauter
produced by Wajda Studio/ HBO, Marta Golba
This is a story of daydreaming and friendship. An inside view of what
happened to the boyhood fantasies 25 years later.
contact: [email protected]
maya + theo & others
directed by Filip Kasperaszek
produced by Before My Eyes, Magdalena Sztorc, Przemysław Miękinia
A couples’ tumultuous marriage is explored and paralleled in the
burgeoning affairs and disintegrating relationships of their family and
contact: [email protected]
directed by Max Sturgeon and Adam Wojtek Joyce
produced by Burymisfilms, Max Sturgeon, Agnies Cynkowska, Adam
Wojtek Joyce
Three people, each with their own dark secrets, lives spiral out of control.
When their paths collide it will either lead to their ultimate downfall or
unexpected salvation.
contact: [email protected]
post-production jury
us in progress awards
Alicja Gancarz
ale kino+
Joanna Łapińska
new horizons association board member
Alicja Gancarz is the manager of Ale kino+ and MGM HD movie channels.
In 2008 she started working for Ale kino+ as production manager and
three years later she joined the acquisition department. Before Ale kino+
she was product manager in Onet.pl, where she was responsible for
cultural web services.
Joanna studied psychology and film. She has been involved in the
T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival, the largest film
festival in Poland, since 2002. Currently she is its artistic director. She
is one of the founders and a member of the board of directors of the
New Horizons Association, the main organizer of the festival. She heads
the New Horizons Studio and Polish Days, industry events of the festival
focused on presentation of latest Polish films to an international industry
audience. Joanna also acquires films for the Association’s distribution
program. During her career she has been helping numerous Polish
directors to plan the international strategy of their marketing. Joanna is
also a member of the European Film Academy.
Wojtek Kabarowski
head of art & entertainment chimney Poland
Member of Polish and European Film Academies. Wrocław Polytechnics
graduate (electronics and economics) and Visiting Scholar at Stanford
University. From 2009 till 2012 Wojtek was Deputy Director and Head
of Production at KADR Film Studio, where he produced (with Jerzy
Kapuściński) the following films of acclaim: Suicide Room (directed
by Jan Komasa), Chics Are Just Different (by Marek Koterski) and You
Are God (by Leszek Dawid). Wojtek was also responsible for digital
reconstruction of dozens of Polish film classics, seven of those were
included by Martin Scorsese in his Masterpieces of Polish Cinema tour in
the USA and Canada. Prior to that, Wojtek worked at top management of
Polish Television TVP S.A.
Sydney Levine
journalist, indie wire blog & consultant
Sydney has been active in the film business for 35 years. She established
FilmFinders in 1988 – a service for buyers, sellers and programmers.
She began at IFA when it merged into ICM and was the first woman
in international distribution – at 20th Century Fox Amsterdam and
then at H. Ross Perot’s start up video company Inovision, ABC Video.
She established a profitable video division of Republic Pictures as VP
Acquisitions and then worked at Lorimar, acquiring rights to feature
films ranging from specialized foreign features, such as My Beautiful
Laundrette, Tampopo, Barrio Cuba to other genres. Has con­sulted with
producers and governments including Chile and Macedonia on film
placement in markets and festivals.
Maciej Zieliński
ceo, soundflower
Maciek is one of the most outstanding Polish composers of his
generation. His compositions encompass classical music, film music,
theatre music, songs and original television music. His works have
won many awards, including two international. He has written music
for 14 feature films and 7 TV series. Many of them enjoyed significant
commercial success. His music has been released on nearly 30 albums.
Films with his soundtracks boast an audience of over 10 million, while his
released soundtrack albums have achieved golden and platinum status.
In February 2012 he received a nomination for the Frederic 2012 award
in the category “Best Composer of the Year”.
post-production awards
post-production services up to the value of 10.000 € (excluding
processing of camera negative and/or digital intermediate negative,
35 mm filmout) from chimney poland, based in warsaw, part of
chimneygroup (e.g. colour grading or conforming, master DCP, master
HDCAM SR, master Blu-ray, master DVD)
other awards
free registration at producers network during 2015 cannes marche du
film for one producer
television rights offer from ale kino+
promotion within europa distribution and cicae networks
sound design made by head of postproduction in alvernia studios,
Michał Fojcik, mpse (worth 10.000 €)
audio post-production services at the warsaw-based soundflower
studio or soundtrack composed by maciej zieliński – each service worth
3000 PLN allowance for travel to Poland in 2015 for post-production
awarded by film commission poland
list of participants
name company
Adeline Monzier Marie Zeniter Ula Śniegowska Chantal Lian Rafał Bubnicki Małgorzata Sandecka Monika Bednarek Alicja Gancarz
Wojtek Kabarowski Dana Pohl
Maciej Zieliński James Lattimer Leo Soesanto Sarah Boughedaoui Claire Charles Gervais Tanja Meissner Alexandre Moreau Xavier Rashid Oda Schaefer Alec Schulmann Cynthia de Souza Quentin Worthington Wojciech Diduszko Stefan Hałabiś Małgorzata Kuzdra Joanna Łapińska Jakub Mróz Jan Naszewski Sydney Levine Ashley Clark Steve Dollar Black Rabbit Film [email protected] organizer
Black Rabbit Film
[email protected] organizer
American Film Festival [email protected] organizer
Sophie Dulac Distribution/
[email protected] partner/ buyer
Champs-Elysees Film Festival
Odra Films/ Wrocław Film Commission [email protected] partner/ organizer
Neseser Consulting
[email protected] consultant
Direct Link (MIPTV i MIPCOM Poland) [email protected] consultant
Ale kino+ [email protected] partner
Chimney Poland
[email protected] partner
Film Commission Poland [email protected] partner
Soundflower Studio
[email protected] partner
Berlinale Forum
[email protected] festival
Semaine de la Critique Cannes
[email protected] festival
Reel Suspects [email protected] buyer
Urban Distribution [email protected] buyer
Memento [email protected] buyer
Versatile [email protected] buyer
Film Republic [email protected] buyer
K5 [email protected] buyer
Picture Tree Intl [email protected] buyer
The Works [email protected] buyer
Under the milky way [email protected] buyer
TVP Kultura [email protected] buyer
Hagi [email protected] buyer
GoToFilms [email protected] buyer
New Horizons Association/ [email protected] buyer
New Horizons Film Festival
[email protected] buyer
New Europe Film Sales [email protected] buyer
[email protected] media
Sight and Sound/ [email protected] media
Filmmaker Magazine
The Wall Street Journal/
[email protected]
The Washington Post e-mail status
organizers and useful contacts
Roman Gutek – president, festival director of
the 5. aff, head of nowe horyzonty cinema
Ula Śniegowska – artistic director of the 5. aff
+ 48 602 316 900, [email protected]
Filip Grabowski – guest services,
+ 48 513 232 527, [email protected]
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Liliya Feduniak, Kinga Lewandowska
– hospitality
Michał Weksler, Ania Kaczmarzyk
– marketing
Adeline Monzier – black rabbit film
+33 607 657 040 or +1 646 422 93 48,
[email protected]
Adeline Monzier, Ula Śniegowska,
Marie Zeniter, Chantal Lian – selection
graphic design
etNova: Majka Gronkowska
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the organizers wish to thank
the following people that made
us in Progress possible
Rafał Dutkiewicz – mayor of wroclaw
Rafał Bubnicki, Natalia Sysło – wrocław film
Paweł Potoroczyn, Monika Woźnicka, Iga
Zawadzińska – adam mickiewicz institute
us in progress partners
Stanisław Tyczyński, Ewa Szkudlarek
[alvernia studios],
Wojciech Kabarowski, Ewa Otwinowska
[chimney poland],
BenoÎt Calvez, Detlef Rossmann [cicae],
Sophie Dulac [champs-elysées film festival/
sophie dulac distribution],
Jakub Duszyński [europa distribution/ gutek
Tomasz Dąbrowski, Anna Dziedzic
Dana Pohl [film commission poland],
Irena Gruca-Rozbicka,
Ola Wojtaszek [filmpro],
Gosia Sandecka [neseser consulting],
Julie Bergeron [producers’ network],
David Cumming, Wendy Mitchell, Nadia
Romdhani, Ian Sandwell, Günter Zerbich
[screen international],
Donata Stosyk,
Maciej Zieliński [soundflower studio],
Chantal Lian, Eric Vicente
[us in progress paris],
Inge de Leeuw
us in progress is part
of the 5. american film festival
stowarzyszenie nowe horyzonty
new horizons association
1 zamenhofa street
00-153 warsaw
polska/ poland
tel. +48 22 530 66 40
fax: +48 22 831 06 63