Prayer Needs

Prayer Needs
October 22, 2014
Please notify the OBC office at 737-2511 or email Mary Ryscuck ([email protected]) if there are additions or changes.
Barbara Sousa – In Christiana in rm
Collette Kopay – Severe Multiple
Mark & Susie Hammitt – Athletes In
Jim Logan – In Christiana in rm 3D15.
Holly (friend of Ruth Owen) – 23 years
old and totally handicapped with serious
medical problems.
Ana Kempner – Adventures in Missions to
Jonathan Owen. – At home
recuperating from major surgery.
Howard Hamm, Jr. – Leukemia. He is
having chemo treatments.
Aarne Harju – Battling cancer.
Sandy Shufelt – Pray about issues
related to her battle with cancer.
Jen Sorrell - Family prayer request
Glen Doherty, Rose Franzone, Willie Mae
Mills, Margaret Webb, Collette Kopay,
Barbara Sousa, Martina Rebert
Elizabeth Houser – Southeastern Baptist
Joe Buday – Complications from
diabetes. Much pain involved.
Tom Morris, Jr. – Young Onset
Parkinson. Pray that the medications will
help and not have strong side effects.
Nancy Demers – Continue to pray for
complete healing from migraines. Also,
physical healing for pastor John (a dear
friend) and mending of a broken heart
since his wife passed away to glory.
Carson (friend of Nancy Demers) – 15 yrs
old. Pray that he gains weight and regains
his health after being very ill.
Ed Moseley – Cancer.
South America until December 2014
Curtis Hill, Senior Pastor
Champ Thornton, Associate Pastor
Evan Collier, Associate Pastor for
Childrens Ministry
Chris Morris, Minister to Students
Al Demers, Campus Coordinator
Sara Lose, Collegiate Ministry Coordinator
Katie Hall, Communications Coordinator
Sanya – recently diagnosed with diabetes.
Sharon Templeton – Cancer.
Action (Campus Crusade)
Ray Clark, Matt Hall, Larry Jester, Zach
Mellinger, Stanley Merritt, Derek Minker,
Brian Parkinson, Chris Rainey, Adam
Richwine, Wayne Robinson, Les Spade
Church Office Staff
OBC Task Force
Sunday Worship Services
Sunday School
Benevolence Ministry
Deacon Ministry
Preschool, Children, and Student Ministries
Mike & Jennie Houser – West Africa
College Ministry
Jeff & Bethany Bracht – Christian
Music Ministry
Veterinary Mission, Nicaragua
Audio / Visual Team
Blake & Jenny Hardcastle – Baptist
Bible Study Ministry
Student Ministry at U of D
Special Adult Ministry
Colleen Walsh Caskey – Intervarsity at
Adult Singles
U of D
Joy Fellowship
Cody & Maria Whittaker – Reaching and
Women’s Ministry
Teaching International Ministries in
Men’s Ministry
Bernie Twitchell – Hepatitis C. Having
months of treatments.
Vern and Pam Wittenbach – Translators
Overall Church Finance
for Wycliffe
Marvin Ford (former pastor at OBC) –
On dialysis 3 times a week.
WMU Missions Outreach
Andy & Amy Haynes – Collegiate Director
Celebrate Recovery
Gene Graham – Bronchial and lung
Tracy & Christi Manno – Narrow Road
Justin Feliciano – Muscular Dystrophy.
Lara Echerd – Campus Minister at Penn
Otis Doherty – His Parkinson’s Disease
is worsening. And pray for Evelyn, his
wife, as she cares for him.
in MA
Ministry in PA