I’m a software developer with experience in frontend web and Android development.
In my spare time I experiment with creative code and data visualization.
School for Poetic Computation
Fall 2013 • Brooklyn, NY
10 week residency/school exploring the intersection of art and code, culminating in a final
show at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.
Carnegie Mellon University
2007 - 2011 • Pittsburgh, PA
BS in Computer Science, additional major in Human-Computer Interaction
GPA 3.75
University College London
Spring 2010 • London, UK
Affiliate Student in Computer Science
Software Engineer, Google
2011 - 2014 • Mountain View, CA
Worked on frontend features for the Google+ homepage, including a major redesign of the
desktop web experience. Made updates to the stream on the Google+ android app.
Mobile Apps Lab
Worked with the newly acquired Punchd team through their integration with Google.
Made changes to getpunchd.com and worked on the mobile web frontend for a hybrid
android app.
Software Engineering Intern, Google
Summer 2010 • Mountain View, CA
Product Ads
Implemented an experimental feature for the search results page meant to help users
narrow down a product search by category.
Software Engineering Intern, Google
Summer 2009 • New York, NY
Google Search
Made UI improvements to local business results in an accessible version of Google search,
for blind and low-vision users.
Languages • Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, Python, C
Platforms • Android, Processing, Openframeworks, Arduino, D3, node.js
Tools • Git, Adobe Illustrator
On the internet
[email protected]
228 Diamond St. Apt 103
San Francisco, CA 94114
(302) 252-1884