Document 375969

ume 67 No.2
er 2014
Dearr Brothers in
n Christ,
Many things are happening
at the Knights off Columbus
pus Christi Council.
mmer is over and things
are b
becoming bu
Septtember is tw
wo thirds of
the w
way through and we had
our Installation of
o Officers on
n September 18, 2014.
nk you for making
the installation ev
vent very
succcessful. We have a grou
up of Officers
s who will
help our Councill surpass its goals.
Septtember 14th we
w had the Mineola Stre
eet Fair.
ay we had th
he Williston Park
Street Fair. Thank
you tto all the Bro
other Knightts who helpe
ed us work
these important events as we
w sold a goo
od deal of
B Books to he
elp support the
t State ch
harities and
our C
On S
September 28
2 th we have
e our blood drive
Msgr. Kiernan Hall
H at St. Aid
dan’s Parish. Our local
od Centers are
a in desperrate need of blood.
her Knights have always
s come forw
ward to help
this w
worthy caus
k your calen
ober 11 is Ita
alian Night at 8:00pm. Tickets
$45 which coverrs a delicious
s buffet dinn
ner, music,
en bar. To re
eserve you seats
danccing and ope
up of seats, please
e reservation
ns with
her Bill Kess
Rafflle tickets forr Italian Nigh
ht can be purrchased
ugh PGK To
om Kelly. Ple
ease purcha
ase several
ets to win cas
Eve ryone likes ccash.
ober 16th is o
our Social M
Meeting. This meeting
will b
be replaced with a Distrrict wide 1st D
whicch will be sp
ponsored at o
our Council. If you have
holic friends or relatives interested in becoming
a me
ember, plea
ase contact m
me at 631-23
35-9589 or
ail at [email protected] We w
will schedule
an in
nterview and
d they can b
be ready to b
become a
ght on the 16
6th of Octobe
ober 24 is F
Family fun n
night. The fe
startt at 7:30pm in Tulley Ha
all. Bring you
ur kids and
invitte your neigh
hbors, relativves, friends and their
kidss down to the
e Hall. The children will have a
d time and e
enjoy hotdog
gs and treatss plus win
es for winnin
ng at the racces.
Thu rsday, Nove
ember 20th, iss our Memorial Mass.
ase join us in
n the Main H
Hall to celebrrate Mass
for o
our fallen bro
others who h
have passed
d over the
pastt year.
Deccember 13th iis the Memb
bers Christm
mas party
ng held in Tu
ulley Hall and
d the bar. D
Details will
ow when the date comess more close
Deccember 14 ,iis the Childrren’s Christm
mas Party.
Thiss is a great d
day for the children.
5 Planned e
entine’s Dayy Brunch
pus Christi C
Council Flea
a Market
Pastta Night
Tell me what oth
her things yo
ou would like
e to see
pen at the K
Knights. Plea
ase contact me: Ray
anuy, 631-23
35-9589 or e
email me at
[email protected] I w
would like to
o hear from
Fratternally Yourrs,
Rayymond Ardan
nd Knight
Page 2
The Clarion
Published upon request, or visit our web site
[email protected] Corpus Christi Council #2502,
Knights of Columbus, PO Box 243, Mineola NY 11501
NYS 17th District – Thomas Chojnacki, DD
Corpus Christi Council Officers
Chaplain – Msgr. Robert J. Batule
Grand Knight – SK Ray Ardanuy
Deputy Grand Knight – SK Paul Kelly
Chancellor – SK Rex Jonas Bofill Chuachingco
Warden – Tim Clarkin
Financial Secretary - SK Nick Pennacchio, PGK, FDD,
Treasurer – William Kessler
Recorder – Jude Ohrtman
Outside Guard – SK Meynard C.Cosico
Inside Guard— Jack Grafing
Advocate – Bruce Chester
Lecturer – OPEN
Trustee 1 YR— John Macejka, PGK,
Trustee 2 YR-- Danny Lynch, PGK
Trustee 3 YR— SK, Jim Corrigan PGK
Council Director – SK Ray Ardanuy, GK
Program Director – SK Paul Kelly, DGK
Church Directors - Tony Donnelly (CC),
Dan Lynch, PGK (St.A)
Community Directors -- Ed Pappalardo (WP, EW),
Ken Lyons, PGK (M)
Public Relations Chairmen – SK Tom Kelly, PGK
Pro-Life Chairman - Tony Donnelly
Vocations Chairman – Tony Donnelly
Parade Chairman – Tim Clarkin
Interim Insurance Agent -- Dan Garcia
Membership Chairman – Recruitment Chairman
Admissions Chairman – SK Rex Jonas
Bofill Chuachingco
Retention Chairman – SK Nick Pennacchio,
Eagle Scout Chairman – SK Marcel Chaillol, PGK
E-mail Chairman – SK Tom Kelly, PGK
Delegates to Nassau Chapter
SK Ray Ardanuy GK
SK Jim Corrigan PGK, SK Mike Raso, PGK
Delegates to Nassau Conference
SK Ray Ardanuy GK SK,Jim Corrigan, PGK
Steve Driscoll, PGK, Alt. to GK Mike Murtha, DGK, DD,
Alt. to PGK
Financial Secretary
SK Nick Pennacchio, PGK, FDD, FS
241 Columbus Pkwy, Mineola
(516) 742--8379
Fraternal Chairman
(To be notified in case of sickness, death or need)
October 2014
Anthony Donnelly (516) 741-3788
John O’Shea, President, Charles Ribando, VP
Denis O’Sullivan, Secretary,
Sam Donato, PGK, Treasurer, Bill Gyves,
Bob Morrison, Dan Lynch, PGK,
John Mulrooney, PGK, John Macejka. PGK
Danny Donovan, President; Nick Passarella II, VP
Jude Ohrtman, Secretary, Bob Redmond, Treas.
Danny McWeeney, Bill Kessler, John Mucella
Ken Lyons, PGK, Dave Redmond,
Nick Passarella III Joe Conlon, (PP)
STEWARD - Tom Doherty Fax # (516) 746-2141
Council Telephone (516) 746-8643
The Clarion
For information on ads contact
Bill Gyves, Business Manager at (516) 742-0344
Ken Lyons (516) 746-8643
Deadline for submissions—20th of the month
V.I.P. Dates in October
Oct. 1 -- DD Meeting St. Joseph’s Council
Oct. 2 -- Business Meeting 8:30 PM
Oct. 4 – St. Francis of Assisi
Oct. 7 – Our Lady of the Rosary
Oct. 8 -- Wilmin Meeting 8 PM
Oct. 9 -- Officers Meeting 8 PM
Oct. 12 – 4TH Degree Exemplifications
Oct. 13 – Columbus Day
Oct. 16 – Social Meeting 8:30 PM
Oct. 17 -- Nassau Chapter Fr.O’Connell Council
Oct. 21 -- CWV Meeting 8:30 PM
Oct. 22 -- Squires Meeting 7:30 PM
Oct. 25 -- 2502 Assoc. Meeting 8:30 PM
Oct. 31-- Halloween
October is the month of Our Lady of the Rosary.
“When you say your Rosary, the angels rejoice, the
Blessed Trinity delights in it, my Son finds joy in it too,
and I myself am happier than you can possibly guess.
After the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, there is nothing in
the Church that I love as much as the Rosary.”
Our Lady to Blessed Alan de la Roche.
“What a joy to remember that she [Mary] is our
Mother! Since she loves us and knows our
weakness, what have we to fear?”
--Saint Therese of Lisieux
October 2014
Monthly Planner
DD Meeting
St. Joseph’s
8:30 PM
St. Francis of
Outside Rental
Outside Rental
Football Sunday
1 pm
in the Columbian
4th Degree
@ Melville
Football Sunday
in the Columbian
Lounge 1 PM
Outside Rental
Football Sunday
in the
Lounge 1 PM
Football Sunday
in the Columbian
Lounge 1 PM
8 PM
8:30 PM
Italian Night
Our Lady of the
8:30 PM
Columbus Day
St. Ignatius of
Nassau Chapter
8 pm Meeting
Fr. O’Connell
CWV Meeting
8:30 pm
Squires Meeting
7:30 pm
8:30 PM
Outside Rental
Outside Rental
Outside Rental
St. Luke
Page 4
Chaplain’s Report:
Public ceremonies strike us in different ways,
of course. We remember some things and we
forget others. We’re impressed with some gestures;
we’re unmoved by others.
At the installation of officers on Thursday,
September 18th, the chairs were arranged in the
form of the Cross, as the Knights of Columbus
protocol requires. And the text we used at the event
even adverted to this configuration also.
When we were very young, we were taught
how to make the Sign of the Cross. And by the time
we are 70 years of age or older, we’ve probably
traced the Sign of the Cross on ourselves
thousands of times. It’s not easy appreciating the
deep significance of something we’ve done that
much in the course of our lives.
Whether it’s entering or leaving church on a
Sunday morning or praying the rosary, we recall
how the Lord saves us – by dying for us on the
Cross. Imagine what it was like for the Blessed
Virgin Mary and the Apostle John to have been
there. When we attend Mass, it’s as if we are on
Calvary with Our Lady and Saint John. We behold
in faith the Pierced One!
In this Columbian Year, I encourage all the
members of our council to be faithful to the binding
obligation we have to participate in the representation of the sacrifice of Calvary by going to
Mass each Sunday and Holy Day. We are a
stronger council when we are committed to the
Holy Eucharist weekly. We are “practical Catholics”
according to the Knights of Columbus, that is, we
practice our faith. Let’s never forget that.
Msgr. Bob Batule,
Council Chaplain
Please meet Our 2014 Italian Couple of the
Nick and Valerie Passarella
At the age of 9 Nick’s parents moved from Corona
Queens to Mineola on Emory Road. There he was
raised with his sister Anne and brothers Richard
and Michael.
Nick started dating his wife Valerie in 1966 as
classmates at Mineola High School. In 1968 he
enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After a
tour in Viet Nam he returned to the states in July,
October 2014
Within a few weeks Nick and Val were engaged
and planning a wedding. They were married at St
Aidan’s church on March 7, 1971 and lived for the
next year and a half in Virginia Beach, VA where
Nick was stationed at Little Creek Naval Base.
Although they loved Virginia Beach they missed
Mineola and their families. In 1972 they moved
back to their hometown and started a family.
Kimberly was born in 1973 followed by Kara in
1976, Nicholas III in 1979 and Daniel in 1981.
The house they settled in on Latham Road was
Valerie's family home which was built by her father
in 1955.
They have two wonderful sons—in--laws, Eric who
is married to Kim and Steve who is married to
Kara. Last year they were blessed with a beautiful
daughter in law, Holly who married Nick III last
August. They are still waiting for Danny to get
married and hope the wait is not too long.
Big blessings came with five grandchildren, Hunter
age 17, Maximillian age 6, Anna age 4, Leia age 4,
and Alyssa age 2. They look forward to more
grandchildren in the coming years.
Nick became a member of the Knights of Columbus
on March 1, 1981.Througout his 33yrs of service in
the council Nick has found time to serve as an
officer in the council, was an Director of the Wilmin
Corp., he also found time to help out with Bingo,
Vegas and the Big Band committees.. But his real
niche in the council was when he joined the 2502
Association as a director in 2001 and later became
Vice President, an office he still holds to the
present day. Nick is a New York State Court Officer
working in Queens County Civil Court.
Valerie retired from her job as a Court Clerk for
Mineola Justice In July 2013.
But wait a minute I seem to remember the topic of
this article was to induce to you
The 2014 Italian Couple of the Year:
A generation ago, a vocal women's movement
argued there was no reason they couldn't have it
all: fulfilling careers, rich family lives and the
freedom to make their own choices.
Valerie graduated from Mineola High School in
1969. Following her early engagement to Nick in
1970 and a future wedding to plan for early 1971
the last thing on her mind would have been
prominent roles in politics and business.
For the first nineteen years of marriage Valerie was
a wife, a mom, a cook, a maid, a nurse, a taxi
a personal shopper, a referee and my favorite a
personal sex therapist (for her husband ONLY).
Continued on page 5
Page 5
Continued from page 4
All that changed when in 1990 Valerie entered the
workforce by becoming a parking enforcement officer
for the Village of Mineola. In 1997 she succeeds Vilma
Doherty as the Village of Mineola Court Clerk, a
position she held until July of 2013.
Becoming a couple is one of the most complex and
difficult transitions of the family life cycle. However,
along with the transition to parenthood, which it has
long symbolized, it is seen as the easiest and most
joyous transition.
Do you know what it's like to see two people so much
in love with each other, that you can't see them
without picturing Nick or Valerie? They were, well,
meant to be together. I feel like I have traveled back in
time to the year 1966. Some people spend their whole
lives looking for that one person. I was lucky enough
to have been around when both of them came along.
May God Bless Nick and Valerie
Ken Lyons, Editor
October 2014
Beginning in October and continuing through to
December we will be collecting donations at every
Council event.
Together we will ease the burdens of those in need.
Our Council is open everyday between the hours of 9
AM –12 PM Monday thru Friday.
Remember by helping people who are less
fortunate than you is to look into the face of God.
Ken Lyons, PGK,
Editors Note # 1
Council’s Annual Baseball Game Up-date:
To Joe and Marge Wood who will be celebrating their
50th Wedding Anniversary in September, 2014
To PGK Carl and Rosemary Marchese on their recent
Commitment, a pledge, an obligation or a vow, they all
mean the same when it comes to making your
intentions known. Yet in our council there are
individuals that use those words and fail to follow up
their promises. Commitments were made to attend the
METS Baseball game, but fell through at the last
minute. As a result the Council lost money for the first
In an age of electronics, where we have access to emails, texts and cell phones we always wait to the last
minute before we send in our regrets.
Promises mean everything.
But after they are broken,
Sorry means nothing.
Ken Lyons, Editor
Belmont Race Track Trip # 2:
Pope Francis, speaking mostly off-the-cuff and smiling
often, made his comments in an audience for journalists
where he explained why he chose to take the name
Francis, after St. Francis of Assisi, a symbol of peace,
austerity and poverty.
He called Francis "the man who gives us this spirit of
peace, the poor man”.
Life is short, what are you doing to fulfill it?
Helping others fills our souls - true happiness begins
when other people’s hearts and needs are fulfilled.
There's no best thing as giving freely! Giving and
expecting to receive - that's trading.
You can choose not to give but you will miss a lot in
your life and no one wants that, right?
Go outside and just begin to give smiles, then you will
understand the beginning of the tremendous blessing
we received from Him.
The scope of fighting local hunger in our community
often makes people believe that one person’s action
cannot be effective in helping. This is not true! Do not
believe it for one minute! Every one of us can do
something to help ease the burden of hunger of our
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Come join in our crusade to fight hunger.
Let’s make a God-honoring difference in their lives by
portraying the first principle of our order, Charity in
action in our own backyard.
Sunday, September 7, 2014 turned out to be an
absolutely beautiful day down here at the Belmont
Race Track Temperatures would be reaching around
75 degrees, there was a slight breeze in the air and
the skies were clear and sunny!
It would be the perfect day for a trip to the track!
We were returning to the Belmont Race Track to make
an effort to retrieve our past betting losses. We all
hoped that this day would be a joyous, pleasurable
event, or something you will endure and hope for the
best. When it comes to placing your bets people use
various methods to handicap the races and you will
hear arguments or jokes about others' choices. And
understand that this is how it all got started, long ago..
Although the bettors for our second annual trip to
Belmont Race Track were smaller their dreams of
winning were astronomical. Brother Nick Passarella
excelled on the cooking grill, brothers Tom Hayden
and Ken Lyons were effective in picking some winners
that day. But alas, it was brother Andy Morris who
came away the big winner by picking correctly the
triple in the seventh race.
There is just as much horse sense as ever, but he
horses have most of it.
Kudos goes to Danny Donovan for running another
successful run event.
Ken Lyons, Editor
Congratulations are in order:
Page 6
Italian Night Dance:
On Saturday, October11, 2014 we will hold Our
Annual Italian Night Dance at 8pm. This year’s
honorees will be Nick and Valerie Passarella.
Featured are a full Open Bar, Antipasto, a Multi
Choice Buffet, Dessert, and A Live Band for your
Dancing Pleasure and Prizes all for the low price of
$45 per person. For additional information please
contact Billy Kessler at 746-8643 or 662-5576.
Work Party Report:
At 9 AM Brother Lou Librandi arrived with his two sons,
Squires Nick and Mike Librandi, a few minutes later
Brother Anthony Quinn arrived.
With help from Brother Lou Librandi, his two sons and
Brother Anthony Quinn, we were able to remove brush,
cut overhead branches and cleared out more debris which
had been left from a previous activity. We were also able
to mow the lawn. I wish to thank the Librandis and
Anthony Quinn. The next work party will be Saturday,
October 18, 2014, when we will clean the Council’s
kitchen and all that entails.
SK Tom Kelly Squires Service Counselor and PGK
Squires News:
All boys between the ages of ten through eighteen are
eligible to join our Squires Circle.
The Squires next meeting will be on Wednesday,
October 15, 2014 at 8pm.
SK Tom Kelly Squires Service Counselor and PGK
Catholic War Veterans Post 1949:
This year the Post will have a Veterans Day brunch at
the council on Nov. 8, 2014 at 1 pm. Cost will be
$20.00 pp. Food lovingly prepared by Peter Augello.
Bill Kessler, Post Commander
Memorial Mass:
We will honor all our members who died this past year
at our Annual Memorial Mass on Thursday, November
20, 2014 at 8PM Mass at the Council. A lite repast will
be serve following the Mass. All Brother Knights
should make every effort to attend.
Fraternal Corner:
Please keep in your prayers the following brother
knights and their families., PGK, John P. Mulrooney,
PGK Bill Mara, Tommy Hayden, PGK Danny Lynch,
Mary & Arline Cavanaugh, Jody Lindeman , Vilma
Doherty, Helen Melvin, John O’Shea, Jerry Della
Corte, Paul Libassi, John Spellman, Danny Donovan,
Joe Conlon, Danny McWeeney, Richie Ryan, PGK,
Kitty Sullivan, James Woop, Donna Andanuy,
October 2014
James Farley, Jim Corrigan, PGK, Jane O’Callaghan,
Ann & Kathleen Kenny, Robert Kelly, Bill Cassidy,
PGK, Clare Dent, Maryann Ribando, Frank Corrigan,
John Rubalcaba, the souls in Purgatory, and the souls
of Tommy Volpe and Paul Senft and an end to
abortions. Let us also pray for a safe return of all our
soldiers in harm’s way.
We’re Fighting Back Fundraiser:
Friends & loved ones,
Thank you for your continued support of We’re
Fighting Back. Together we have risen over
$100,000.00 in the past five years! We have used
those funds to both help fund the American Cancer
Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” and
to give support to our friends and neighbors who are
suffering through breast cancer treatment. We hope
the Making Strides will find a cure while we give
comfort to those affected.
Our Sixth Annual Charity event will be another great
party! In addition to all of the great raffles
(Highlighted by Ray Romano’s generous donation of a
trip to Vegas!), dinner, dancing and fun.
The party will be on Friday, October 24th from
7:00 to 11:00. At the Knights of Columbus in Mineola.
Book early as we expect a sellout! The evening will
include a buffet dinner, all the beer, wine and soda
you can drink. We request a donation of $50 per
person for the evening.
We’re Fighting Back, Inc. is a family charity started by
Michelle Pagano over fourteen years ago. We raised
money through raffles, donations and sales which is
entirely donated for breast cancer research and to
help families affected by this dreaded disease.
Please visit our website at
your seat, or if you wish, make a donation. You can
pay by credit card or PayPal. If you prefer you can
write a check payable We’ve Fighting Back, Inc.and
send it to 44 Dorsett Ave. Albertson, NY 11507. If you
have any question or comments please e-mail us ay
[email protected] or call Norbert (516) 582-6671
Thank you all for your support,
Michelle Pagano
Norbert Gerstner
On Friday, October 24, 2014 Court Immaculata #444
Catholic Daughters of the Americas is sponsoring
Nite-At-The-Races at Fitzgerald Hall. Post time is
7:15 pm. All are invited to join us for this fun-filled
evening of meeting and greeting old friends and
making new ones. A donation of $15.00 includes
admission ticket, light refreshments, soda, coffee, tea
and cake. For further ticket information call Gloria at
(516) 742—8077.
Page 7
Supreme News:
Gathering in New Haven, Conn., for the 2014
College Council Conference, more than 200
Knights from over 87 campuses across North
America were challenged to provide an authentic
Christian witness throughout their schools and
After hearing from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson
and author Kevin Coyne on Friday evening, Knights
spent the weekend reflecting on their mission and
purpose as college council members.
Thomas Perretta Jr., manager of College Councils
and Young Adult Outreach, spoke about the future
of the College Council Program.
“This conference is about looking forward to new
heights of charity, new levels of fraternal
cooperation, and discovering the practical tools that
will help us each to be successful,” “Successful as
council leaders, intentional and evangelical
Catholics and college councils.” Perretta said
“This talk is titled the Future of College Council,”
“Our future for the next year should be the support
and recommitment of each of our councils to
growth. Growth in spirituality in charity. and in
fraternity. So let us now commit to our work of
realizing the potential impact of Father McGivney’s
vision on each of our campuses.”
After the opening session the college Knights
attended a series of breakout sessions, where they
explored the topics of council management and
leadership development, membership recruitment
and growth strategy, running effective charitable
programs, and best practices in social media.
Simultaneously held with these breakout sessions,
was a meeting of the 13 attending college
chaplains and a training session for the 18 financial
secretaries in attendance.
In the early afternoon the college Knights split their
time between sessions geared at various types of
college councils. Moderated by the advisory board
members, these sessions were then followed by
panel discussions concerning communications on
campus and in the community, spiritual
development, alumni networking and membership
With the conclusion of the workshops and
discussions, the college Knights traveled to the
nearby Supreme Council headquarters building
where they visited the chapel, the Fraternal Service
Department and the executive offices. Afterward,
the participants also had the opportunity to tour the
Knights of Columbus Museum.
Ken Lyons, Editor
October 2014
NYS Council Corner:
October 7, is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.
The Pope invites all families to pray the Rosary for
the intentions of the Pope, the mission of the
Church and peace. "It is as if every year Our Lady
invited us to rediscover the beauty of this prayer, so
simple and profound." The Rosary, a
"contemplative and Christocentric prayer,
inseparable from the meditation of Sacred
Scripture," is "the prayer of the Christian who
advances in the pilgrimage of faith, in the following
of Jesus, preceded by Mary," said the Pontiff.
This program, brought on board this year, was a
great success. Thousands of rosaries were hand
made and given out to hospitals, schools, CCD
programs, youth groups, foreign mission and our
military overseas to mention a few. The response
from councils from around the state was
outstanding and this program will continue again
this year as we bring attention to the Rosary of Our
Lady and the importance of saying it daily.
Ken Lyons, Editor
Fourth Degree News:
My Brother Sir Knights
We are still looking for a few good men for our
Color Corp. The Color Corp. Commander will be
going to Council meetings to speak to the
membership regarding the Color Corp.
On Sunday, October 12, 2014 the 4th Degree
Exemplification @ Melville Marriott will take place
Some of the Councils have not sent a
representative to our monthly meetings. I want to
see that change. Grand Knights should designate a
4th Degree Brother from their Council to attend our
meetings...The position of Faithful Scribe is still
open, any one interested should contact me or any
of the officers.
The next Assembly meeting will take place at the
Holy Family Council in Hicksville on Monday,
October 27, 2014
The Installation of Officers will take place on
Monday, November 17, 2014 at 8pm at Corpus
Christi Council. Let us remember in our prayers the
men and women in the armed forces.
Fraternally and Patriotically, Yours in Christ
FN Phil Baumgartne
The most virtuous of all men, says Plato, is he
that contents himself with being virtuous without
seeking to appear so.
Page 8
Insurance News:
What if your last paycheck was your last paycheck?
Statistics tell us that 10% of North Americans
between ages 18 and 64 have a disability and that
there is a 33% chance of a person entering the
work force today being disabled before they retire.
As people earn more, the financial risk posed by a
disability becomes more significant. Unfortunately,
very few people have insured this risk. Seventy
percent of employees in the private sector are not
covered by any type of long-term disability
Ask yourself: “What is my largest asset?” Most
people will say it’s their home. But, the fact is that,
it’s usually their ability to earn a paycheck. Without
this, all other assets are in jeopardy. If you lose
your ability to work, what would you do?
Income Armor® from the Knights of Columbus can
pick up where your paycheck leaves off.
Our Income Armor product is offered to members
and their wives ages 18-61 (subject to underwriting
requirements). Coverage cannot be cancelled as
long as you pay your premiums when they are due.
Premiums are not guaranteed and increases are
possible, but only on a class basis.
Your base policy premium provides a
comprehensive list of benefits, including:
• For Total Disability
• For Partial Disability
• Waiver of Premium
• Organ Donor
• Rehabilitation & Retraining
For additional information, please contact.
Dan Garcia
(516) 358—1817
[email protected]
Pro-Life Corner:
There is overwhelming scientific evidence showing
life begins at the moment of conception. That being
said, to abort a pregnancy is to end a human life
and should not be legally permitted at any stage of
Some would say it’s too harsh to equate abortion
with literal murder. Others would say the
government should not tell a woman what she can
and can’t do with her own body. And some will
insist that the fetus should not be considered
“human” when it hasn’t even been born yet.
The Church opposes abortion rights because
abortion poses a threat to the sanctity of human
life, which, according to their own propositions, was
intricately woven together by God Himself.
October 2014
We Catholics, Both Clergy and Laity, Need To
Do More….Much More!
Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, more than 55 million
innocent children have lost their lives to abortion.
Clearly, abortion is the human right's issue of our
The Catholic Church remains the most vocal voice
on behalf of the 3,500 innocents, made in God's
image and likeness, who every day lose their lives
in our great nation
Sadly, only a very small percentage of Catholics do
anything to prevent the slaughter. Even some of
our clergy deem the subject "too political" or
controversial or find some other reason to excuse
themselves from taking any action.
The famous Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a founder of
the abortion industry who later became pro-life (and
converted to Catholicism) said that he and his proabortion allies would never have gotten away with
what they did if the clergy had been more
outspoken, united, and purposeful. This certainly
applies just as much (if not more) today than it did
in 1973 when abortion was legalized.
We would do well to heed and keep foremost in our
minds the wise words of Mother Teresa when she
said, “We cannot fight credibly against other social
and moral evils, including poverty and violence,
while we tolerate mass killings by abortion.”
So on our judgment day, Christ might well ask
us, "what did you do to prevent the holocaust in
your society?"
We remind you of the Life Chain on Sunday,
October 5th on Route 110 in Melville. It takes place
between 2:00 and 3:30 pm. To participate in this
public witness affirming the dignity of pre-born life.
Ken Lyons, Editor
Men join the Knights of Columbus for many
reasons: they want to get involved, meet people,
make new friends, explore interests, develop
leadership skills and have fun. Councils need new
members because they bring new ideas and
talents, in addition to replacing old members.
Get everyone involved. Be Honest! Have your
current members identify people they know who
may want to get involved and personally invite them
to attend a meeting. Word-of-mouth is the best and
least expensive type of publicity that you can use.
Recruitment drives at your local parishes, open
house and hosting a first degree are vital tools in
every Council.
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After you've successfully completed your
recruitment, spend time getting to know your
membership and let them get to know you too.
Don't forget your old members since, without them;
you wouldn't have had a group for your new
members to join. Talk to all new members about
their skills, interests and previous experiences.
Once you have this information, it will be easy to
get them involved in your Councils projects.
Above all, have fun together. Make time to socialize
and celebrate your achievements. If all you do as a
group is work, it will become a burden to participate
and your members will quickly lose interest. After
all, what is an organization without members? What
good is a recruitment campaign if no one stays?
Ken Lyons, Editor
Nassau Chapter News:
Fraternal Assistance:
This program was established to provide
assistance to members of the Nassau Chapter
Knights of Columbus, Columbiettes, Ladies
Auxiliary, or their Spouses, Squires, or Squirettes.
Fraternal Assistance is available and cannot
exceed $750 in a six month period. Repeat
requests can be made in subsequent six month
periods, with a lifetime limit of $2,500. All requests
for assistance are held in the strictest of
confidence. To apply for assistance contact Michael
Murtha. Vivat Jesus!
Steve Driscoll PGK, Chapter President
Fr. Michael J. Mc Givney:
‘Venerable’ Does Not Mean ‘Old’
When Father Michael McGivney was declared
“Venerable” in March 2008, many asked what
exactly that means. We know the title “Blessed” or
“Saint,” but “Venerable” sounds like a way station
for old souls, sort of a limbo for those hoping for
canonization. Nothing could be further from the
truth; so we need to look at the title a little more
We don’t use the word “venerable” often in daily
speech, and when we do it is usually in reference to
a practice that is kept more for its age than its
relevance, as in “venerable tradition,” or a
“venerable old man” who is respected more for
longevity than activity.
Yet these dusty concepts are not what the Church
means when it uses the title “Venerable” for
Servants of God.
October 2014
In the Catholic context, Venerable means not
something antiquated or past it’s prime, but
something bold and dynamic, and worthy of respect
and even veneration. Far from the notions of “old
and dated,” Venerable denotes “heroic and
virtuous.” When a Servant of God, whose cause for
sainthood is being studied by the Vatican, is given
the title “Venerable” it means that the candidate’s
“heroic virtue” has been recognized by the Holy
Father, based on the best information on the
person’s life and reputation. The Venerable person
has lived a life of virtue above and beyond the
normal Christian calling, and is a model for others
today, with a way of life that should be studied and
emulated by all, and in a special way by the the
Far from old and stodgy, Venerable Michael
McGivney is a man for our times, a priest worthy of
imitation, and a visionary ahead of his time in terms
of empowering the laity to take leadership positions
in the Church.
Ken Lyons, Editor
Pope Francis met with seminarians from the
community of the Pontifical College 'Leoniano de
Anagni', and warned them not to fall into the trap of
thinking that they are preparing to exercise a
profession, to become the employees of a business
enterprise or a bureaucratic entity.
“You are becoming 'good shepherds', in the image
of Jesus, to be like Him, in the midst of His flock, to
care for His sheep. Before this vocation, we can
answer like the Virgin Mary to the Angel: 'How is
this possible?'”
“Becoming good shepherds in the image of Jesus
is something very great, and we are so small”, he
continued. “Yes, it is true, it is too great; but it is not
our work! It is the work of the Holy Spirit, with our
collaboration. … I no longer live, but Christ lives in
me”, said Francis, emphasizing that only in this way
is it possible to be deacons and priests of the
Church. … If you are not willing to follow this path,
with these attitudes and these experiences, it is
better to have the courage to seek another. There
are many ways, in the Church, to bear Christian
witness”. Before concluding, the Pope encouraged
the seminarians to reflect on this theme and
emphasized that following in Christ's ministry
allows no place for mediocrity, who always leads to
using the holy people of God to one's own
Ken Lyons, Editor
Page 10
A vocation to total consecration as a religious is a
gift beyond our greatest imaginings – If the Lord
has whispered such a desire into your heart, be not
afraid! You are not alone in this experience of His
love – His will for your life, and to encourage you to
embrace whatever that is, for “in His will is our
A religious vocation is about being so filled with the
love of Christ that only giving oneself totally and
exclusively back to Him will suffice. It springs from
a relationship of love with the Lord, who initiates a
deep interior call that beckons, “Come, follow Me.”
He asks a person to allow themselves to be set
apart, consecrated, that he or she might become an
echo of His life on earth. With the call comes a
mission, a specific participation in Christ’s
redemptive mission.
As is seen in Scripture, the Lord calls different
types of people, with different backgrounds,
personalities, life experiences, and idiosyncrasies.
The Lord chooses people from among His people.
He chooses people both as representatives of His
people, and He also calls a particular individual
made in His Image and Likeness very personally,
as if to confirm that each life is infinitely valuable in
His sight and to His Heart.
A vocation is not, contrary to what we sometimes
hear, a career that one chooses; neither is it about
our plans to do good, or to serve others as
efficiently as possible. It is important to distinguish
a desire to do good work or to grow closer to Jesus
from a life-calling that demands our very essence
given in love to the Lord.
So, how does one know if the Lord is calling? In
varied ways, all Disciples of Christ are called to
love without limits, to give the gift of our very selves
to others. Those called to religious life are called to
live this “more” in a radical way, a way that would
be impossible without the grace given by Him to
carry it out.
Ken Lyons, Editor
Bits and Pieces:
The Annual St. Anne’s Golf Tournament will
be held on Friday, October 3rd, 2013 at
Douglaston Golf Course at 8 AM. It is a shotgun
start format. If you are interested, contact the
committee at the council (718) 343-2630.
October 2014
The Jewish Quarterback:
The coach had put together the perfect team for the
Chicago Bears. The only thing that was missing
was a good quarterback.
He had scouted all the colleges and even the
Canadian and European Leagues; but he couldn't
find a ringer who could ensure a Super Bowl win.
Then one night while watching CNN, he saw a warzone scene in the West Bank.
In one corner of the background, he spotted a
young Israeli soldier with a truly incredible arm. He
threw a hand-grenade straight into a 15th story
window 100 yards away.
He threw another hand-grenade 75 yards away,
right into a chimney.
Then he threw another at a passing car going
90 mph.
"I've got to get this guy!" Coach said to himself. "He
has the perfect arm!"
So, he brings him to the States and teaches him
the great game of football. And the Bears go on to
win the Super Bowl. The young man is hailed as
the great hero of football, and when the coach asks
him what he wants, all the young man wants is to
call his mother.
"Mom," he says into the phone, "I just won the
Super Bowl!"
"I don't want to talk to you, the old woman
says.”You are not my son!"
"I don't think you understand, Mother," the young
man pleads. "I've won the greatest sporting event in
the world. I'm here among thousands of my adoring
"No! Let me tell you!" his mother retorts. "At this
very moment, there are gunshots all around us.
The neighborhood is a pile of rubble. Your two
brothers were beaten within an inch of their lives
last week, and I have to keep your sister in the
house so she doesn't get raped!" The old lady
pauses, and then tearfully says,
"I will never forgive you for making us move to
Pop Quiz:
Name me (2) days in the week that follow each
other and begin with the letter T?
How many seconds in a year?
What is God’s first name?
All answers will appear in next month’s clarion.
Ken Lyons, Editor
Nick & Valerie Passarella
Saturday, October 11, 2014
At the K of C, 186 Jericho Turnpike
8:00 p.m. 'til Midnight
Live Band for Your Dancing Pleasure
Eat, Drink, Sing, Dance & Celebrate
The dinner is a buffet, Antipasto, Wine
Open Bar Desert and More...
Billy Kessler 746-8643 or 662-5576
$45.00 Per Persons
Your Name________________________________________
Your Address________________________________________
Your Telephone #___________________________________
Write the names of the people for the # of persons shown:
Send payment to: K of C c/o Italian Knight PO Box 243, Mineola, NY 11501
Amount enclosed: $_____________
Christmas Party
Sunday, December 14, 2014
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Member families
please leave message with AGE, and GENDER of
Children 1 to 10 years of age.
December 1, 2014
Call Rob-Rom 516-873-1909
AT (516) 742-0344
Knights of Columbus Hall
Available for Rentals
For Details and Reservations Call:
Tom Doherty, Steward K of C
Tel: 746-8643
Fax: 746-2141
436 Willis Avenue, Suite 1
Williston Park, NY 11596
Phone (516) 294-4071
Fax (516) 294-4023
Pager (516) 245-5599
Thomas F. Dalton
Funeral Homes, Inc.
412 Willis Avenue
Williston Park, New York
(516) 354-0634
Brother Timothy J. Dalton
George E. Dalton
Attorneys at Law
185 Willis Avenue
Mineola, N.Y. 11501
Tel: (516) 747-7500 Fax: (516) 747-7543
Mike Curley
Exclusive Agent
McGowan-Curley Agency LLC
TELEPHONE: (516) 249-6600
CELL: (516) 967-6239
FAX: (516) 249-9204
Corporate, Legal and Financial Printing
Allstate Insurance Company
215-27 Jamaica Avenue
Queens Village, NY 11428
Phone: 718-468-8000
Fax: 718-479-7068
Email: [email protected]