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Knights of Columbus Meeting Agenda for October 6, 2014 “God Bless our Council and its Officers and
Part One of Meeting – Business Segment 7:00 GK Call to Order GK Warden’s Report – Brother Sandy Ritchie GK The Lord’s Prayer GK Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Council Singing of “God Bless America” God Bless America/Land that I Love Stand Beside Her/And Guide Her Through the Night with a Light from Above From the Mountains/To the Prairies To the Oceans/ White with Foam God Bless America/My Home Sweet Home God Bless America/My Home Sweet Home Recorder Roll Call of Officers – Worthy Warden Responds for Officers. GK Reading of previous meeting minutes, corrections & approval 7:10 Membership Chair -­‐ New Member Report –Membership Blitz on 10/18-­‐19 -­‐ Brother Bob Clark – 3 minutes 7:13 Chaplain – Fr. Larry – 2 minutes Financial Secretary -­‐ Financial Secretary’s Report – 2 minutes Treasurer -­‐ Treasurer’s Report; Brother Joe Volk – 2 minutes 7:20 DGK -­‐ Reports of Service Program Directors • Community Program Director – Brother Ed Daus 1. Blood Drive – Brother Ed Daus next drive 10/26/14. 2 minutes 2. Pancake Breakfast – Brother John Elofson – Brother John will be away for the next two breakfasts (Oct/Nov); also there will be a display of Quilts at the breakfast together with the sale of chances. We are told there will be a drawing at one or more of the pancake breakfasts -­‐ 5 minutes 3. Pasta Dinners – Rosary Dinner October 10 & regular Pasta Dinner November 1 -­‐ Brother Hal Dieterlie– 4 minutes 4. Newspapers – Need to man the table, Captains & workers – Discussion of a stand for the Sunday papers for in front of church instead of a table -­‐ Brother Joe Santos -­‐ 4 minutes 5. Football mania – Brother Verne Boynes – 2 minutes 6. PWID update – Brother Tony Benigno – 6 minutes 7. Disabled member assistance update – Brother Bob Mariani – 4 minutes 8. Christmas Party – Brother Verne Boynes &/or Brother Jim Weston for Brother Ed Eckel – Wednesday, December 10 at Heritage Highlands, $25/person, Salpointe High School Alumni Band. • Church Program Director – Brother Paul Darcy 1. Adoration/Church – Will that include one on Christmas Eve?? Brother Stan Lasota -­‐ 3 minutes 2. Vocations – Brother John Halligan 3 minutes 3. Memorial Mass 11/6/14 at 10 a.m. in Church – Brother John Harrison – 2 minutes • Council Program Director – Brother Jim Weston 1. Next 1st Degree Exemplification 10/20/14 –Brother Paul Darcy -­‐ 2 minutes 2. 4th Degree update – FN Al Tucker -­‐ 5 minutes 3. Sickness & Distress – Brother Maurice Weis -­‐ No Change 4. Social Luncheon – Brother Steve Newlon -­‐ 2 minutes • Pro-­‐Life Program Director – Paul Darcy/David Stevens 1. Our Lady of Life statue, update; Brother Paul Darcy -­‐ 2 minutes 2. Pro-­‐Life Prayers to be added to Intercessions at weekend Masses – Bulletin inserts – Requests in other parishes -­‐ Brother David Stevens Report -­‐ 5 minutes 3. Pro-­‐Life Vote signs for yards – Brother Dan McHenry, PGK – 2 minutes Von Clarke – Field Agent’s Report -­‐ 2 minutes Drew Mansager – District Deputy’s Report – 2 minutes 8:15 GK Old Business • Update by PGK Dan McHenry of a plaque naming all Past Grand Knights – 2 minutes • The Fourth Annual Golf Outing report held -­‐ Brother Bill Hooks – 2 minutes • The Trustees have determined the beneficiaries of the Pancake money for distribution. Report by one or more of the Trustees– 4 minutes GK New Business In recent months, we have had a number of conflicts or near conflicts between the
Council and Assembly regarding Parish Rules, especially those applicable to the
sale of tickets, chances or other items at tables after the weekend Masses. In an
effort to eliminate or reduce to a minimum these conflicts, we think it advisable to
review those rules and procedures so that all our members fully understand the
limitations that we operate under.
While Fr. Larry as Pastor is in charge of all operations, he has delegated certain
tasks and responsibilities to members of the Parish Staff. Those we interact with
most frequently are Kim Seales, Office Manager (x103;
[email protected]), Stacey Pincus (x105;
[email protected]) and Pilar Dougall (x109;
[email protected]).
Kim is in charge of scheduling and the use of rooms and locations on the Parish
campus. These include our meetings and events as well as the use of tables in front
of Church after weekend Masses.
Stacey is in charge of things liturgical. These include scheduling of special Masses,
announcements by the Priest from the altar at the end of Mass, presentations before
Mass from the altar and content of any liturgy events, such as songs, readings, etc.
The annual Memorial Mass & Corporate Communion Sundays are to be
coordinated with Stacey. Making a presentation before Mass from the altar is
subject to limitations on time and content.
Pilar is the editor and publisher of the Parish Bulletin. Requests for announcements
to be printed in the Bulletin, the monthly Knights of Columbus page in the Bulletin
must all be placed through Pilar. As with other publications, the Bulletin has a lead
time of at least two weeks.
Often it is necessary for these ladies to coordinate their activities with each other. It
should not be a surprise that a request to one of them might draw a response from
another, combined or independent.
As noted above, in recent weeks and months, the use of tables in front of Church
has been a source of conflict or potential conflict. The general rule since last
Spring has been that the use of one to two tables may be reserved by Parish
organizations for up to 4 weeks. No organization may have more than two tables at
any time. Tables are available to parish organizations on a first-come first-served
basis. The use of a table is limited to a single event or function.
The Knights are provided with one table at each Sunday morning Mass for the sale
of newspapers. That means the Knights may only have one additional table in
addition to the newspaper table if available.
When Knights are selling tickets for an event, such as the Rosary Dinner October
10, they may not sell chances for Football Mania, pancake breakfasts, coupon
books or other events at the same time from these tables in front of Church.
Further, the Parish is treating both the Council and the Assembly as K of C entities.
So if the Assembly has a table for ticket sales, it may not be used for the Council
and vice versa.
As this process will probably create future conflicts, we are recommending that
requests for room space made by Assembly or Council members be through the
Faithful Navigator for the Assembly or the Grand Knight for the Council. If there
is a conflict, then those officers will sort it out and assign the needed priority. In
short, we cannot have any member racing to be first to secure space to the
detriment of the whole.
8:35 Brother Bill Pettit Lecture -­‐ 6 minutes 8:41 DGK – Good of the Order – 1 minute Guards – 50/50 – 2 minutes 8:45 GK Closing Prayer – Serran Prayer for Vocations • O God, Who wills not the death of a sinner, but rather that he be converted and live, grant we beseech you, through the intercession of the Blessed Mary, ever Virgin, Saint Joseph, her spouse, Blessed Junipero Serra and all the saints, an increase of laborers for Your Church, fellow laborers with Christ to spend and consume themselves for souls, through the same Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with you, In the unity of the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever. Amen. Thereafter, we will adjourn to the outer room for snacks, soft
drinks and fraternity.