Major Marketing Events MARKETING CONTACTS Marketing Incentive Program “Awesome Achievers”

Major Marketing Events
Marketing Incentive Program
“Awesome Achievers” (AA / MIP)
May 4-10, 2015 | San Francisco, California
This program is in its 19th successful year, providing
quality product selection, increased distribution,
increased supplier support and building retailer
relationships. Take advantage of this opportunity to
showcase premier products for a 21-week period
(October - February).
Suppliers may participate at various levels.
Vendor Exhibit & Trade Show (TS)
February 26-27, 2015 | Grand Rapids, Michigan
The SAS Vendor Exhibit and Trade Show is your guide
to defining convenience. This show offers a full array of
promotional products attractively displayed and
merchandised to assist our retailers with store layout.
This is your biggest opportunity to display the newest
and best items to our customers.
$2,800 /booth for our 2016 show
SAS Business Exchange (SBX)
George Bennett, ext. 6220
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
EMAIL: [email protected]
Kaye Powell, ext. 7324
Vice President, Trade Relations & Event Planning
EMAIL: [email protected]
Gary Dietrich, ext. 6526
Senior Category Manager
EMAIL: [email protected]
Deb Shaffer, ext. 6527
Senior Category Manager
EMAIL: [email protected]
Brenda Francisco, ext. 6598
Sr. Manager Retail Pricing
EMAIL: [email protected]
Christa Verrier, ext. 6528
Administrative Assistant, Marketing
EMAIL: [email protected]
Bonnie Reineer, ext. 6521
Product Movement Specialist (Spaceman)
EMAIL: [email protected]
Dates & Location TBD
This one-on-one meeting with key customers gives you
an opportunity to enroll in manufacturer annual
rebate programs, discuss new programs, new items,
and “hot” deals for the next year.
Invitation Only - $3,000 for our 2015 event
Foodservice Showcase (FSS)
Dates & Location TBD
Regional food show, focusing on convenience foods
and the fall/winter “hot-to-go” season. New
equipment, products and programs will be displayed.
$1,300 / booth
Fall / Winter Catalog Presell (FW) Annually - June Products from the Fall/Winter selling season are
featured in a catalog, with promotional pricing for
retailers. Format and pricing for this program will be
communicated mid-year.
Marketing Events
Supplier Services
*marketing & promotional fees are subject to change
Corporate Office / Distribution Center
4001 Three Mile Road NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49534
Phone: 616-453-6358 | Fax: 616-453-9259
Distribution Center
6579 West 250 North, Suite E
Greenfield, Indiana 46140
Phone: 317-891-7752
SAS—Leading the way in Innovation
Delivering Solutions—Exceeding Expectations
Supplier Services
New Product Administrative Fee
This service provides implementation into our
system, publication, and introduction of the
item by SAS Sale Reps. $750 per SKU
S. Abraham and Sons, Inc. is a proud
distributor of groceries, tobacco,
general merchandise and
convenience foods.
Corporate Sales Meetings
These business meetings are held throughout
the year and are an ideal opportunity to discuss
market trends, present new items or programs,
provide merchandising ideas, and network with
our sales management.
Cost is $1,000 /meeting.
Our principal philosophy is based
upon a commitment to understand
our customers and meet their needs.
Thank you for your continued support,
which enables us to present product
diversity, customized programs and
services to SAS customers.
Regional Sales Meetings
These meetings are available for you to present
pre-authorized products, programs, and
promotions; an ideal opportunity to access SAS
Sales Reps and Managers. Eight regional
meeting locations monthly.
No Charge. Contact Kaye Powell for scheduling
and to coordinate your attendance.
As we begin 2015, we will continue to
exceed all expectations and deliver
solutions to our customers. From
promoting your products with social
media, to arming our Sales force with
the latest technology, we want to
continue our strong partnership with
our suppliers and retailers to mutually
build a successful business for us all.
Pacesetters provides a “fast track” to distributing
your product to our customers who have signed
up for immediate shipments of those items
designated as “pacesetters.”
Cost is $900 /item.
Planograms are developed to meet marketing
needs through the software of Spaceman. These
planograms provide orderly placement of the
top selling products, proportionate to their space
in selling popularity.
Cost of the Planogram is $100 per item. Seasonal Catalogs
Seasonal catalog, featuring confection and
general merchandise items. $200 per SKU.
vendor info deadline 01/30/15
vendor info deadline 02/27/15
vendor info deadline 04/24/15
vendor info deadline 05/29/15
Monthly / Special Bookings
This booking program is your link to enhancing
distribution and introducing new products to the
retailer. Published with Monthly Marketing
Program, dates below. $600
Monthly Marketing Program
This promotional program assists our customers in selecting promotional items,
featured in a 16-page brochure, for a six-week period. $1,500 /ad feature
Monthly Marketing Promotional Dates
January 12.22.14 ‐ 01.30.15 July 06.22.15 ‐ 07.24.15 February 01.26.15 ‐ 02.27.15 August 07.20.15 ‐ 08.28.15 March 02.23.15 ‐ 03.27.15 September 08.24.15 ‐ 09.25.15 April 03.23.15 ‐ 04.24.15 October 09.21.15 ‐ 10.23.15 May 04.20.15 ‐ 05.29.15 November 10.19.15 ‐ 11.28.15 June 05.25.15 ‐ 06.26.15 December 11.23.15 ‐ 12.26.15