October 2014
We have amassed a collection of books by people who have studied
the Second World War from many angles. There are books of
photographs from Allied and Axis archives; books on the Holocaust; of
fighter planes and their pilots; on American, German and English points
of view. Those interested in this era are sure to find some nuggets of
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Baxter, Ian. Images of War: Blitzkrieg in the West: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives. These fascinating contemporary photographs from both the
Allied and Nazi sides graphically capture the dramatic action of May and June 1940, leading up to Dunkirk and the fall of France. It was an extraordinary period in
history. Of particular interest are previously unseen images of Rommel's Ghost Division.
144 pp ISBN 9781848843127 R.P $44.95 Now $14.95
Baxter, Ian. Images of War: Hitler's Mountain Troops: The Gebirgsjager: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives. These mountain soldiers were trained
to ski, climb, survive appalling conditions and endure long marches. They fought with distinction in almost every theatre of war. These pictures, supported by
informative text, show them in training and in action in Poland, Norway, France, Yugoslavia, the Eastern Front and the closing stages of the war.
144 pp ISBN 9781848843547 R.P $36.95 Now $14.95
Best, Nicholas. Five Days That Shocked the World: Eyewitness Accounts from Europe at the End of World War II. Provides a clear picture of the varied
events, most of which were tragic and terrifying, some of which were poignant and hopeful. Includes an account by a young Walter Cronkite who parachuted into
Holland with Canadian troops; Mussolini being strung up in Milan; the outrage in London and the USA after the liberation of Belsen; Audrey Hepburn's escape
from a brothel; Henry Kissinger seeks his family; group sex in Hitler's bunker, and lots more. Astoundingly vivid.
369 pp ISBN 9780312614928 R.P $39.95 Now $14.95
Bishop, Patrick. Battle of Britain. The day-to-day progress of the battles - its dogfights, its heroes and victims, its impact on flyers and civilians alike - is
evoked in this richly compelling and moving narrative. An array of feature panels inform us on subjects such as radar, air-raid protection, high-octane fuel, the
WAAF, and Polish and Czech air squadrons. There are many pilot profiles, and of course a huge number of pictures.
542 pp ISBN 9781849162241 R.P $29.95 Now $9.95
Drabkin, Artem. Images of War: The Red Army at War: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives. Contains 200 contemporary photos from the Russian
archives. They give striking insight into all sides of wartime service as a Soviet soldier, from recruitment and the rigours of training to transport, marching and the
ordeal of combat.
128 pp ISBN 9781848840553 R.P $36.95 Now $14.95
Dunning, James. The Fighting Fourth: No. 4 Commando at War 1940-45. A battalion-sized British Army commando unit was formed in 1940 early in the
Second World War. Although it was raised to conduct small-scale raids and harass garrisons along the coast of German occupied France, it was mainly employed
as a highly trained infantry assault unit. Taking part in the Normandy Landings and protecting the beachhead's left flank for 82 days it endured over 50 percent
224 pp ISBN 9780752457093 R.P $34.95 Now $14.95
Favreau, Marc. People's History of World War II: The World's Most Destructive Conflict, as Told by the People Who Lived Though it. These accounts
vividly recall human experiences and include propaganda comics from Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr Seuss); letters from German Jewish refugees; oral histories of
the Japanese war experience; reflections by the historian Eric Hobsbawm; interviews by Studs Terkel; racial tensions in southern U.S. states as black soldiers
mobilised; and reports from witnesses to the dropping of the atomic bombs.
276 pp ISBN 9781595581662 R.P $29.99 Now $12.95
Fest, Joachim. Albert Speer: Conversations with Hitler's Architect. Fest helped Speer to draft his 'memoirs' and the Spandau Diaries. Between 1966 and
1981 they had many conversations and Fest recorded these in writing after the event. These are published here and provide fascinating insights into Speer's
thinking and his role in the Nazi regime. 'A significant document of history.'
180 pp ISBN 9780745639185 R.P $39.95 Now $14.95
Galante, Pierre and Silianoff, Eugene. Operation Valkyrie: The German Generals' Plot Against Hitler. Translated from the original French, it offers a
fascinating re-telling of the generals' opposition to the German leader. It was code-named Valkyrie. A briefcase full of high explosives was taken to the Wolf's Lair,
Hitler's East Prussian command HQ. But things went awry and Hitler was not killed.
328 pp ISBN 9780815411796 R.P $27.95 Now $12.95
Glass, Charles. The Deserters: A Hidden History of World War II. Far from the bright picture found in propaganda and nostalgia, the Second World War
was a grim and brutal affair, much of which has never been fully reported. This is a dramatic and heartbreaking look at men overlooked by their commanders and
ignored by history, men who struggled and were pushed to breaking point. Deals with British and American soldiers only. B/w photos.
380 pp ISBN 9781594204289 R.P $39.95 Now $14.95
Guard, Harold. The Pacific War Uncensored: A War Correspondent's Unvarnished Account of the Fight Against Japan. After he was invalided out of the
British Navy he became a war correspondent working for United Press. He was in Singapore when the Japanese invaded, went down to Java and finally to
Australia, where he was fed and treated very handsomely. He had many more adventures in the war - he flew on U.S. bombing missions, camped with soldiers in
New Guinea and on his return to Britain controversially highlighted the deficiencies in the British defence of Singapore.
288 pp ISBN 9781612000640 R.P $52.95 Now $14.95
Holland, James. Dam Busters: The True Story of the Inventors and Airmen Who Led the Devastating Raid to Smash the German Dams in 1943.
Formidably researched in England and Germany, and with raid veterans in New Zealand and Canada, this covers the pre-war and war time plans for economic
warfare against Germany and the long road to the Chastise raid, Barnes Wallis and all his wartime weapons, the men, including Guy Gibson, and the raid, and the
true damage, cost, and legacy of the raid. A great read.
437 pp ISBN 9780802121691 R.P $49.95 Now $19.95
Holland, Malcolm A. Sweatin' Out the Mission: 8th Airforce Ground Support in World War Two. For every bomber crew of 10 crew members it took at
least another 30 men on the ground to get it into and keep it in the air. Additional staff were needed to operate the British airfields used by USAAF. After the war
these people melted back into civilian life, receiving little recognition for their efforts. This book celebrates them.
224 pp ISBN 9780752457086 R.P $44.95 Now $14.95
Jones, Guy Pearce. Two Survived: The Timeless WWII Epic of Seventy Days at Sea in an Open Boat. When their ship was torpedoed by a Nazi raider,
seven men escaped in an open boat. Only two survived the 70 day ordeal at sea before they finally washed up over 2000 miles away, across the other side of the
Atlantic. Their day by day account of how they made it, is a riveting page-turner.
143 pp ISBN 9781599214306 R.P $24.95 Now $9.95
Langlet, Valdemar. Reign of Terror: The Budapest Memoirs of Valdemar Langlet 1944-1945. He saved thousands of Jews in Budapest in the last two
years of WWII, almost without any official authority or support from his own country. He was Swedish but had lived for many years in Hungary, where he worked
for the Red Cross. He was able to issue 'Letters of Protection', passport like documents with official-looking stamps that frequently saved Jews from deportation to
the death camps.
187 pp ISBN 9781620878095 R.P $39.95 Now $19.95
Longerich, Peter. Holocaust: The Nazi Persecution and Murder of the Jews. An academic history of the Holocaust that focuses on the decision-making
of the Nazis. Longerich contends that the Holocaust developed not from a single high command, but rather had a multitude of drivers and developed a life of its
own as orders from the top would be mediated and interpreted by local commanders and adapted to conditions on the ground. This is a monumental account of a
crime of unimaginable dimensions.
672 pp ISBN 9780192804365 R.P $49.95 Now $19.95
Mallman Showell, Jak P. U-Boats Attack! The Battle of the Atlantic Witnessed by the Wolf Packs. Written by the son of a U-Boat submariner who died
in action, this tells the story of the battle in the Atlantic which raged from 1939 to 1945. He has drawn his information from surviving U-Boat logs, and it is
illustrated with contemporary b/w photos.
224 pp ISBN 9780752461885 R.P $39.95 Now $14.95
Mansfield, Angus. Barney Barnfather: Life on a Spitfire Squadron. From November 1941 flying sweeps over France, flying off USS Wasp to Malta, in
North Africa, the invasions of Sicily and Italy, Anzio, to finally flying over Austria at VE Day, 'Barney' Barnfather's meticulous log of operations plus contributions by
former colleagues and other historical research build into an unrivalled picture of life as an RAF fighter pilot. Engrossing.
242 pp ISBN 9780752455808 R.P $24.95 Now $12.95
Porter, David. World War II Data Book: The Kriegsmarine: 1935-1945. The German Navy (Kriegsmarine) caused untold damage to the Allies during this
period. This describes the exploits of famous and notorious vessels, the battleship Graf Spee, the pursuit and sinking of the Bismarck, Allied bombing of the
Tirpitz and the actions of U-boats, S-boats and manned torpedoes. Includes many photos, maps, graphs and tables.
0 pp ISBN 9781907446085 Now $14.95
Reid, Anna. Leningrad: The Epic Siege of World War II, 1941-1944. A gripping, authoritative, narrative history of this dreadful, dramatic 20th century
tragedy, interwoven with amazing, awe-inspiring personal accounts. These detail the relentless search for food, fuel and water; the withering of emotions and
family ties; looting, murder and cannibalism; bravery, self-sacrifice and indomitable spirit.
492 pp ISBN 9780802715944 R.P $49.95 Now $19.95
Sutherland, Jon and Canwell, Diane. Images of War: Blitzkrieg Russia: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives. The photographs were taken by
frontline German soldiers from infantry, artillery, flak and tank destroyer units and show the Heer on the march, resting, dug in, mixing with the locals, engineering,
with their weapons and equipment, and with prisoners, shot down aircraft, and disabled Soviet artillery and armour giving a most complete portrait of an army in
the field.
176 pp ISBN 9781848843349 R.P $36.95 Now $14.95
Sutherland, Jon and Canwell, Diane. Images of War: Fallschirmjager: Elite German Paratroops in World War II: Rare Photographs from Wartime
Archives. Drawn from the personal photos taken by First Sgt Wilhelm Plieschem of MG Battalion 7 of him and his colleagues deploying through Austria, Romania
and Bulgaria by train to Greece. Astonishingly, he shows the troops inside their Ju52/3s flying to Crete, and from the ground, others still descending by parachute
from the sky to battle the Australians around Hill A. Final photos from Russia complete this revealing collection.
176 pp ISBN 9781848843189 R.P $44.99 Now $14.95
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