Smart-School Mobile Print Solution Education Industry Solution; Samsung Smart-School Mobile Print solution

Education Industry Solution;
Smart-School Mobile Print Solution
Convenient mobile printing without a PC
Samsung Smart-School Mobile Print solution
for Educational Industry
Samsung Smart-School Mobile Print solution consists of a
mobile printing app, SecuThru™ Lite and SyncThru™ Admin, enabling both instructors and students to conveniently
share documents, pictures, and web pages directly to their
mobile devices. They can also send and scan the files to
printers for output directly without any security concerns.
Need to access and print information anytime and anywhere to meet the trend of students using advanced
mobile devices
Samsung Smart-School Mobile Print solution featuring
easy-to-use and authenticated printing
1. Directly print from a mobile device with the Mobile Print
Digitized learning environment through user-friendly
printing and swift file sharing speed
Able to monitor multiple print jobs from a central location
2. Increase document security with authentication with
SecuThru™ Lite and Secure Release Printing
3. Manage permissions and print costs for each job and
compile individual usage reports stored with LDAP and
SyncThru™ Admin
Print from a smartphone or tablet without a PC
Industry trend
The Samsung Mobile Print application enables users to print
and scan documents and pictures stored in smartphones or
tablets directly to Samsung laser printers. This mobile printing tool connects the mobile device to a Samsung wireless
or network printer.
As technology continues to evolve, teaching and learning environments are also changing fast. New, innovative instructional aids, such as smart phones and tablets,
make the learning experience more efficient and interactive
engagaement for teachers and students. With the need for
anytime access to information, educational instituitions are
trying to evolve quickly by adopting mobile devices as the
prefferred way to share information.
Students can print documents such as Microsoft Office
documents with Google docs, digital photos, web pages,
PDF files, Twitter, and Facebook, they have downloaded and
scan reading material to read on their device or print. Even
web pages, emails and Microsoft® Office documents can
be printed directly from a smartphone or tablet. Access to a
desktop PC is no longer needed to print or scan documents
or pictures. A touchscreen command on a mobile device
sends the information directly to a Samsung printer.
Industry Challenges
One key area that educational institutions are lacking in mobile communication is printing. Much time and attention in
teaching and learning is devoted to preparing and processing class materials, which are mostly paperwork. In addition,
emailing files or connecting to a desktop PC to print or scan
documents is a tedious and time-consuming task for teachers and students.
Save time and effort by printing almost
anywhere from a mobile device.
Facilitate communication with the file-sharing
Designed for ease of setup and use with various mobile
operating systems and devices
Enabling the printing function on a mobile device requires
a simple driver software installation. Users can install the
Samsung Mobile Print application and the mobile device
automatically detects compatible Samsung wireless or
network printers. The mobile print function is compatible
with AndroidTM, iOS and Microsoft Windows®-based smartphones as well as the iPod touch®, MP3 players, the iPad®
and tablet PCs.
The Samsung Mobile Print application ables document
sharing from a mobile device to a PC or email address, and
is available for iOS and Android platforms. Teachers and
students can share educational content more quickly and
efficiently without wasteful paper document printouts and
time-consuming distribution. Files can also be transferred to
SNSs for information sharing with fellow students.
Help ensure printouts are received by authorized users with Samsung SecuThruTM Lite
Save valuable time and reduce costs with
direct-to-mobile scan feature
To help prevent unauthorized access to printouts, Samsung
SecuThruTM Lite solution requires the user to enter a proximity card or Personal Identification Number (PIN) code before
the documents are printed.
Students can also scan documents directly from a Samsung
multifunction printer (MFP) to a smartphone or tablet. When
the information is no longer needed, the materials can be
simply deleted, saving paper and resources on photocopies. Scanning from network-connected or wireless Samsung
MFP is supported by Android and iOS mobile devices.
Scanned materials can be saved in JPG, PDF or PNG format for viewing on the mobile device.
Samsung Secure Release Printing feature holds the electronic file in the printer’s hard drive until the authorized person arrives at the printer. Upon arrival at the printer location,
the user must enter the proximity card or PIN for authenti-
Figure 1. Smart-School Mobile Print Solution Features
Control printing permissions and costs
with SyncThruTM Admin.
Monitor and manage printing cost with LDAP
and SyncThruTM Admin
cation. When authorization is verified, the documents are
printed in the user’s presence. This feature not only helps
secure documents from retrieval by unauthorized persons, it
saves resources. This eliminates the need to reprint a document that might have been lost or discarded by accident,
reducing paper and toner waste.
With the integration of LDAP and Samsung SyncThruTM
Admin, school administrators can more easily monitor and
manage permissions of each job printed by each device.
Print costs can also be appropriately allocated across the
educational facility. Because each user’s job log is stored on
the SyncThruTM server, the administrator can create individual
usage reports from a PC using SyncThruTM Admin.
Increase security and save unnecessary
printing with Samsung SecuThru™ Lite and
Secure Release Printing features.
The ability to monitor printing permissions of students and
key personnel helps learning institutions reduce printing
waste and better manage costs.
Features and benefits
Mobile File Sharing
Enables document sharing from mobile devices
Mobile Printing
Detects compatible network of Samsung printers and securely print documents from
mobile devices
Provides document security with authentication before printing
Secure Release Printing
Stores print jobs on the printer’s hard drive until they are authenticated
Easy Monitoring
Monitors permissions and print costs for each job processed by a device
Usage Report
Stores users’ logs for creating individual usage reports
Mobile Print Application
SecuThruTM Lite
SyncThruTM Admin
Compatible Printer Models
Product line
Model Name
Color Multifunction Printer
CLX-9201N, CLX-9250N, CLX-9251N, CLX-9252N, CLX-9301N, CLX-9350N, CLX-9352N
Mono Multifunction Printer
SCX-8030N, SCX-8040N, SCX-8230N, SCX-8240N
Color Multifunction Printeripset
CLX-8385NX, CLX-8540NX, CLX-8640N, CLX-8650N
Mono Multifunction Printeripset
SCX-6545NX, SCX-6555NX, SCX-5835NX, SCX-5935NX
A3 Device
A4 Device
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