Workshop: irrational decisions we all make ... solutions with your new behavioral economics knowledge”

Workshop: “How do your users' make decisions? Learn about the
irrational decisions we all make and practice designing innovative
solutions with your new behavioral economics knowledge”
Duration: 4 hours
Number of assistants: 30 people
Conducted by: Kristen Berman
Assisted by: Bella Rozenkrants
This workshop will change how you think about developing products and services that
impact people’s lives. At the end, you will be able to take a problem and design solutions
for it that are in line with human psychology and behavior change research.
Step by step, this workshop will walk you through the core elements of behavioral
economics and how to apply these principles to new and existing products and services.
We will start with an introduction to behavioral economics that covers why we should
not trust our intuitions, how small details (surprisingly) matter and why our preferences
are never finite.
After understanding basic user psychology, you will learn a framework that will help you
build more innovative products by focusing on increasing benefits and reducing barriers
to usage. Within the workshop, we will challenge participants to use this framework to
solve real problems.
At the end of the workshop, you will have tools to:
• Optimize product adoption and growth.
• Build engaging products that people want to use.
Grow a base of loyal customers that love you.
Increase the perception of value for new and existing products.
Throughout the course of the day, we will cover the science of behavior change and
allow participants to get hands on practice in this new way of thinking. Prepare for a
hands-on workshop with a lot of fun interaction and practical application.
Kristen Berman: Co-founder of Irrational Labs. She leads the behavioral economics
group at Google. She hosts ones of the top behavioral change conference
globally, StartupOnomics. Kristen just released a series of workbooks called “Hacking
Human Nature for Good: A practical guide to changing behavior”, co-authored with Dan
Ariely and Jason Hreha. These workbooks are being used at companies like Google,
Intuit, Neflix, Fidelity for business strategy and design work. She is an advisor for Loop
Commerce, Code For America Accelerator and the Genr8tor Incubator. She was a senior
product manager at Intuit and camera startup, Lytro.
Bella Rozenkrants: She is Irrational Labs Lead Behavior Researcher. She strives to apply
the methods and principles of behavioral economics to industry products and services.
Her interests are in product and service development and technology inspired by
research insights from behavioral economics, neuroscience, and psychology. She is also
currently, a fourth year PhD student in Marketing at the Graduate School of Business at
Stanford University, as well as an advisor on behavioral economics at XSeed Capital. She
holds a Bachelor in Psychology Science from UC San Diego and an Master in
Neuroscience from the University of Southern California.
About Irrational Labs
A non-profit behavioral consulting company with leading behavioral economist and
bestselling author Dan Ariely in 2013 to help companies understand and leverage
behavioral economics – how and why people make the decisions they do. Kristen is
dedicated to bringing the insights on human judgment and decision-making (or our lack
thereof) to companies looking to make a positive impact on the world.
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